Where did all the workers go?

Why are we having so many shortages ranging from workers to supplies? We are led to believe that it is our  benefits here in the United States that has caused people to sit home preferring to receive our generous government “benefits.” In an interesting piece written over at Zero Hedge we find these issues are not just limited to the United States but rather world-wide. We are not use to seeing empty shelves and difficulties obtaining services.

Container ship in the Straits of Singapore

Here is a post for your consideration. What are your thoughts?

Normally, global supply chains run as smooth as butter, but now they are in a complete and utter state of chaos.

And the biggest reason why they are in a complete and utter state of chaos is because there simply is not enough workers for them to operate as they usually would.

On a very basic level, we need people to make stuff, pack stuff, ship stuff, transport stuff, unload stuff and sell stuff.

Every step along the way, shortages of workers are causing major headaches, and now we are being told that this supply chain crisis “will last well into next year”

Zero Hedge:

Why are companies all over the world suddenly desperate for workers?  In my entire life I have never seen anything like this.  When the labor shortage started in the United States, a lot of people blamed overly generous government handouts, but that doesn’t explain why the exact same thing is happening in nation after nation all over the globe.

There aren’t enough factory workers, there aren’t enough truck drivers, there aren’t enough port workers, there aren’t enough employees to properly staff our stores, and the shortage of doctors and nurses is becoming a major crisis in some areas.  During normal times, we were always told that the global economy was not producing nearly enough jobs for everyone, but now for the very first time we are facing an enormous worldwide labor shortage.  It is almost as if millions upon millions of people suddenly disappeared from the system.

Earlier today, I was stunned to learn that a new survey has discovered that 69 percent of global companies are having a hard time finding enough people to hire…

A survey of nearly 45,000 employers across 43 countries showed 69 percent of employers reported difficulty filling roles, a 15-year high, according to employment-services provider ManpowerGroup Inc. At the same time, 15 countries — focused in Europe and North America — reported their highest hiring intentions since the survey began in 1962.

Just a few years ago, any company that was willing to pay decent wages would be absolutely flooded by job applications.

But now everyone can’t stop talking about the “shortage” of workers.

So where did all the people go?

In all the years that I have been writing about the economy, finding enough workers has never been a problem.

Yet here we are in the middle of 2021, and all of a sudden there are millions and millions and millions of empty jobs all over the globe.

Once again, there is a question that I must ask.

Where did all the people go?

This is a question that everyone should be asking, because the people that are currently running things are not telling you the truth.

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32 Responses to “Where did all the workers go?”

  1. Bill H. Says:

    The biggest employer in the US is small business – companies with 25 or fewer employees. Government shut them down in the name of public safety due to the pandemic. They did not survive and are not reopening. Their employees did not survive either. They are no longer in the work force. Doing “gig jobs” and working underground. Employment, as the government defines it, is not coming back. A lot of things about our former way of life are not coming back.

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  2. Linda Says:

    I can tell you from personal thought that the supply chain is more of a demand chain. As soon as our warehouse supplies come in; food and dairy come in, out it goes. Shelves are looking bare. My employer has not made a peep about the vaccine and nor will I until it happens (they are dead set against forcing this issues). Let’s see, the fear porn is real. I had a talking too today by my boss, one of my coworkers who I work closely with, his daughter tested positive from school, negative from the dr. but both/all have to remain quarantined for 14 days. Fear porn. Nothing more…now, listen, I never said covid wasn’t real, I am just saying the government is keeping the fear porn going. PLUS, The truck drivers are raging about more taxes and the gas prices. OH and my employer can’t keep people either. Now, my employer is not a big store or big business, (although they are quickly opening more grocery stores along the Eastern seaboard), they pay well, benefits etc. What’s the problem? The government, plain and simple. This mask mandates and the vaccines…most folks here in western NY have had enough, period. Fear porn.

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  3. Mustang Says:

    If we go back in time to the initial outbreak of Covid, you will recall entire shopping malls shutting down, small businesses closed. Then the government shut down imports from Asia, which meant that there would be no new inventory. This was probably a good thing because with employees sent home, there was no one to offload ships, transport goods to warehouses, sort the goods, or ship them further along to retailers.

    Fast forward to today.

    All the inventory stuck inside retail backrooms that couldn’t be sold due to Covid remain in those same backrooms today. There is still no new inventory arriving from Asia, so retail stores are discounting the inventory they’ve been stuck with for the past 20 months. All of this stuff is now “on-sale” at 60% off. Go into a retail store now, you’ll find wall-to-wall clothing racks. Everything’s got to go. But retailers aren’t hiring new employees or rehiring old employees. With everything on sale at 60% off, retailers are simply looking to break even or a small profit; they can’t afford to rehire stock boys and sales clerks. Truck drivers aren’t trucking, Forklift operators aren’t forking, and inventory specialists are working from home, 30 hours per week, maximum. Where did all the workers go? Home, I guess. Do we even know whether restrictions have been eased on imports from Asia?

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  4. Sparky Says:

    My 2 cents (before taxes) concerning the labor shortage is:
    All of the problems in the world are caused by government. Worldwide governments offer benefits that discourage work and punish small businesses to the point of breaking. Also, the Caucasian race is now an aging population and slowly dying out because of … wait for it … the government’s discouraging births by funding wholesale slaughter of innocents and sterilization of the remaining people.
    It appears we Old Folks and pensioners may have to return to the labor force to save the world.

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  5. markone1blog Says:


    Regarding the shortage of nurses, at least in one case in Houston, I can tell you all about it. One of my friends at church was a healthcare worker in the Memorial Hermann healthcare system when that corporate conglomerate decided that all employees must be vaccinated or they would be terminated. At the end of all of the wrangling, 164 nurses and doctors left the employ of the hospital system. Shortly thereafter, five regional Memorial Hermann locations were shut down. Then, after a week or so, at least one disingenuous “news” station had the gall to suggest “an unconfirmed spike in COVID cases suggested by a shortage of beds” (a video report that has since disappeared).

    According to my friend, it was not any spike in COVID cases, but a consolidation of human resources after their management chose to go down the “vaccinate or get fired” route.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      I suggest just part of the plan to cause the ultimate chaos….pressure is being put on the hospitals to go along with the government mandates… or else… if I am being clear enough?

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      • markone1blog Says:

        By the way, in my post today, I mention how our good friend Dementia Joe has decided to direct a therapy that works against COVID (monoclonal antibody treatments) out of red states and into blue state. Governor DeSantis is having none of it.

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      • kidme37 Says:

        Its been obvious to me for years now they’ve declared war on America. When will most people figure that out. Or will it stay “How about those Cowboys” as they completely take oevr.

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      • markone1blog Says:

        When asked about it, Psaki said that Biden was trying to make the distribution of the treatment “equitable.”

        Never mind that Florida has 10 times the population of Idaho (where Biden is redirecting the treatment to). Never mind that Texas has 20 times the population of Oregon (where the treatments that Texas bought are being redirected to).

        Odd how Texas, Florida, and other Southern states get the lion’s share of illegal aliens and evacuees — both of whom are chock full of COVID-infected louts — but Dementia Joe wants to take the proven COVID treatments that we have purchased.

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      • bunkerville Says:

        The breakdown of a civilized society. Just look at the 10k at the border….but no one is willing to look, and now Biden wants as many Afghans to come as want to…. finis..

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      • markone1blog Says:


        I was reading that it was just 12K Haitians yesterday. That doesn't count Mexicans, Romanians, or Dalmatians.

        If you look at those videos, there is a sea of black people flooding in there. And these are coming because Joe just promised them "we will not send you back."

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  6. Mustang Says:

    Unhappily, Snyder didn’t answer the question. I don’t know where the workers went. There do not appear to be any answers at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, either. I do know that the UK has experienced a shortage of general practitioners in the 50,000 range for at least a decade, so we cannot attribute the current shortage to Covid. The answer to the UK’s shortage in GPs is simple enough: few people today are interested in becoming doctors at poverty line income levels. Well, the truth is that British GPs are about equal in training to American PAs … which means that despite the gazillions of dollars spent by the British Parliament on NHS, few people in the UK are well served by their pathetic health care system.

    In any case, it would have been helpful if Snyder gave us a few hints. Over the past two years, the UK has been in strict lockdown for around 10 months. Within that time, numerous businesses have folded. They won’t be coming back; their employees are either now competing for a limited number of job opportunities, or they’ve simply given up any interest in going back to work. But for the record, within the past 24 months, the British government has paid workers confined to their homes 80% of their salaries, which beats US unemployment benefits by a large margin. It is possible that some number of these people transitioned from great unemployment benefits into the British pension system, so that would account for some of those “disappeared” workers. Beyond this, I haven’t a clue.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      I concur with your sentiments that the “no suggestion was made by Snyder” was less than satisfactory regarding the answer except perhaps “the people running this thing aren’ telling us the truth.” I think we have known for a long time that this whole global interdependence thing was held together by a string. Any breakdown along the way could cause major disruption. Take the oil embargo of the ’70s as an example. Now as technology is driving the whole thing, we are even more at the mercy of that fragile string.
      We that are living in our retirement community are experiencing the reality of “where are the workers.” No one wants to work here. Period.
      I gave up my Bunker all prepped out…..hang on folks, its going to be a rough ride IMO.

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  7. markone1blog Says:

    On the home front, could it be that almost two years of non-stop fear porn from the main stream media have had an effect on the older and more easily persuaded among us?

    Could the older workers have decided to stay home rather than risk catching this virus that the media seems to suggest to be very deadly (although 98% of those who catch it survive).

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  8. markone1blog Says:

    With the initial escape of coronavirus from Wuhan and the sealing of buildings in Wuhan, did the Chinese lose a large part of their experienced (older) work force? With their one-child-per-family rule (and subsequent lack of females and reduction of population), have they further exacerbated their population bomb?

    I know that Chinese men have been getting Christian “mail-order brides” from Afghanistan and Pakistan since 2015 (since articles have exposed the issue since then).

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  9. Dave Stephens Says:

    We are not working for less than a living wage. That’s history. We are not working while wearing a mask. And we are not taking the thing in our right shoulder to get or keep any job.

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  10. kidme37 Says:

    Where did all the people go? – Life is too easy and is allowing millions to not have to work.

    Shortages? – ie. chip shortages. We’re under economic attack by China. Even though chips come from Taiwan, I believe China is behind it. Shortages in general, and high prices, China and various policies from democrats. Surprising we’re not hearing about “the misery index’ which was highest under Carter. Maybe the media doesn’t want to bring that to people’s attention.

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