Not our History: The National Archives Moves To “Reimagine” The Founding

A little noticed federal task force has big plans for the National Archives. “Reimagining” can include the Capitol Rotunda. If we thought taking out some statutes and renaming streets and schools, your imagination isn’t grand enough. Warnings on our founding documents are now in place. Time to move on to structural issues.

Jonathan Turley gives us the low down and a good read:

We are living in the age of reimagination. We are not reducing police, we are “reimagining policing” … not “packing” the Supreme Court but “reimagining justice” … not embracing media bias but “reimagining journalism” … not embracing censorship but “reimagining free speech.”

Conversely, the lack of such imagination can be a career-ending flaw. As a result, many remain silent rather than question the need for the revisions that come with “reimagination.”

That dilemma was evident as a federal task force recently issued a call to “reimagine history” at the National Archives, including adding warnings to protect unsuspecting visitors before they read our founding documents. We are reimagining ourselves out of the very founding concepts that once defined us. Reimagining the founding documents comes at a time when many are calling to “reimagine the First Amendment” and other constitutional guarantees.

National Archivist David Ferriero created a racism task force for the National Archives after last summer’s protests over the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Such task forces are created with the expectation that they will find problems, and — once recommendations are made — objecting to “anti-racist” reforms can easily be misconstrued as being insensitive or even racist.

For example, for many of us, the National Archives’ Rotunda – containing the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights – is a moving, reverential place celebrating common articles of constitutional faith. That is not what the task force members saw.

Instead, they declared that the iconic Rotunda is one of three examples of structural racism: “a Rotunda in our flagship building that lauds wealthy White men in the nation’s founding while marginalizing BIPOC, women, and other communities.” They called for “reimagining” the space to be more inclusive, including possible dance and performance art. Even the famous murals in the Rotunda might have to go: The task force noted that some view the murals as “an homage to White America.”

The report objected to the laudatory attention given white Framers and Founders, particularly figures like Thomas Jefferson. It encouraged the placement of “trigger warnings” to “forewarn audiences of content that may cause intense physiological and psychological symptoms.”

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Maybe something like this in the Rotunda? Back in the waning halcyon days of Obama

Drag Queen Shi-Queeta Lee live streams performance at the White House

Local D.C. drag queen Shi-Queeta Lee was invited to perform and mother served the kids some Tina Turner tease, performing (and dropping into a split for) “Proud Mary.” Shi-Queeta may have been the first drag queen to perform at The White House, though honestly, who knows what J. Edgar Hoover was doing on the weekends.

The briefing was live-streamed on, but in case you missed it, Ms. Lee shared the video of her performance for the world to enjoy and kick a leg up to


We already have moved on Statuary Hall

The Capitol’s Statuary Hall has Johnny Cash moving in. Replacing Confederate Statute

In another politically correct move, Statuary Hall located  in the Capitol will be having a new look. No doubt in a move to highlight the cultural phenomenon that changed Arkansas. Out go supposedly Confederate Statute fellows replaced with musician types. Johnny Cash is coming to Statuary Hall

Johnny Cash? Really?

National Statuary Hall

The best of the swamp today.

14 Responses to “Not our History: The National Archives Moves To “Reimagine” The Founding”

  1. Terri D. Says:

    God help us.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. nrringlee Says:

    Suicide by University. That is our nemesis.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Mustang Says:

      Exactly. And yet, we somehow expect college students to have already begun thinking for themselves. Public education over the past 60 years has cured anyone of that notion. No surprise, the leftards are in charge of education in this country — the least able of every one among us to do it well. More expletives.


      • bunkerville Says:

        Interesting that “they” seem to be getting “woke” regarding the vaccine mandates.. Every once in awhile the Marxists press to hard…. f*** Joe Biden chant at sporting events a case in point. Take their fun away and force the jab may have done it.


    • geeez2014 Says:

      I almost wrote exactly what you said about UNIVERSITY….YES! Mine might have been “THANKS, Universities…”…yours is better. And I HATE THIS! ANd I don’t WANT change that belittles us, I don’t want a WOKE America….

      Liked by 3 people

  3. Mustang Says:

    For some odd reason, I keep thinking of the Charlton Heston film, Planet of the Apes, where he discovers, in a vast desert that abuts the sea, the half-buried remains of the Statue of Liberty. In another film, I think it was Logan’s Run, the main characters discover the remains of the Library of Congress covered in un-kept vegetation. Archivist David Ferriero is our age. One might imagine that a well-educated, mature career librarian might have strenuously objected to reimagining our nation’s history — even to the extent of resigning. But he is a native of Massachusetts, so …

    You’re right … we are headed full steam into the abyss. When all of our histories are gone, Americans will have nothing left to guide them except the Marxist doctrine that remains. And all those mistakes we made along the way? We’ll have to relearn them, apparently, and suffer mightily in the process. Dr. Kevorkian is in charge now and we are all witnesses to the suicide of America. Some of us know this, most of us don’t.

    Liked by 5 people

    • bunkerville Says:

      Interesting I had a clip of the end of the Planet of the Apes…but it was getting long. Where is the outrage? But then again, one must dig to find these stories. Let’s see what happens in Cali today…. they dug up the Biden to come out.. must be a bit worried.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Mustang Says:

      There can’t be any outrage if 90% of our population doesn’t even know about such things (which is why I applaud your efforts to enlighten us all), and of those, 50% don’t even care. As for the freak in the White House (no, not Biden, that other one), why hasn’t IT changed its last name? These days, who would want to be associated with Robert?

      Liked by 1 person

  4. markone1blog Says:

    How about we reimagine their funding to a level where they have to sell off most of the stuff they keep on display?

    Liked by 2 people

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