It’s an Invasion: One Million Invade USA Illegally



by Mustang

Beginning on 18 September 1931, the Kwantung Army of Japan began its invasion of Manchuria.  Ultimately, the invasion force numbered 60,000 men.  It was a de facto illegal assault upon the sovereign territory of China.  More recently, ONE MILLION people from Central and South America, India, China, and East Africa invaded the sovereign territory of the United States.  No, they weren’t carrying firearms (at least, most of them weren’t), but an overwhelming number did carry a more lethal weapon: a Chinese manufactured virus.

Japanese troops entering Tsitsihar.jpgJapanese troops marching into Mukden on 18 September 1931

The world turned against the Japanese in 1931.  More recently, Democrats/Progressives have pushed back against using such words and phrases as “invasion” and “illegal alien.”  No, they argue, these people are simply unauthorized immigrants.  Really?  Sixty-thousand is an invasion, but one-million people doing the same thing (that is, illegally invading a sovereign country) is something other than an invasion?  The projection of these invaders through the end of 2021 is around TWO MILLION.


Here’s what else we know: illegal aliens from Mexico are no longer the majority of illegal aliens.  About 4.9 million illegal aliens from Mexico live in the United States, but there are 5.5 million illegal aliens from Central America, South America, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.  These diverse peoples have in common that they all accessed the United States (illegally) through the southern border.


My friend Bunkerville reminds us that if we wish to discover answers, follow the money.  So, let’s do that.  Estimates on how much money is sent south each year ranges between $10 to $30 billion annually.  This is the money 10 million American drug addicts feed to the Mexican/Central American drug cartels.  How much money is being made from human trafficking?  That is, people illegally transported to or across the US southern border (with the tacit support of Joe Biden/Kamala Harris and the US Congress)?  Answer: $150 billion/annually.  The invasion is a money maker.  Best of all, though, from the standpoint of the businessman who makes his money from illicit drugs, decreased drug activity equates to an increase in drug prices.  Less risk/more profit.


The American people are now (and have always been) at the mercy of the junta in this country.  Currently, that is Biden/Harris/Pelosi.  So, the question I have is this: do you NOW understand that elections have consequences?


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Tensions escalate at US-Mexico border

The situation at the United States-Mexico border continues to worsen with new footage emerging of dramatic encounters between drug smugglers and US law enforcement. July 24, 2021



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