Sunday Respite – Peace Prayer

Wonderful music with beautiful photography offering a Peace Prayer for a Sunday Respite. Music by Greyhawk done in English, Arabic, Farsi and Hebrew. The translation follows the video. Best viewed in full screen.

Featured Vocalists: Ofir Engel (A.K.A. Queen Ofir) – Hebrew & Arabic lyrics (c) 2018 ASCAP Bahman Mojallal – Farsi Darlene Koldenhoven – English Randy Crenshaw – English 

Hebrew Lyrics (English Translation) Magical sight pure from birth, The inner world of humankind. A Prayer for Peace throughout the whole World. From the heart and soul A call for love, friendship and compassion! Throughout the whole World.
The wonder of love!
The next segment of “Peace Prayer (Short Version)” is performed in Farsi and Arabic simultaneously as the English lyrics continue and repeat.
Farsi (English Translation): An end to fear and horror is the dream. I dream. Peace for the entire world is the dream. I dream of peace for this world. The end of fear and horror in this world is the dream.
Let go of all blood and bloodshed. Love for love for this entire dream is the dream in all reaches of this universe, in any corner of this world, let go of blood and bloodshed. I dream of love for the world. I dream. In every reach of this universe, in any corner of the world let go of blood and bloodshed. I dream of love for this world. I dream.
Arabic (English Translation): Peace is a butterfly that lands in people’s hearts. Love is the most beautiful thing in the World! Appreciation for the beauty of the World! Peace to the whole World! Freedom!
Wishing you a wonderful day with much Peace.

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