Buffalo New York elects India Walton first Socialist Mayor



This should work out well. I would be remiss in not congratulating the apparent win of India Walton as a Socialist Mayor of Buffalo New York. She has never held elected office before. Mom at 14. All the requisite requirements for public office these days. Good luck Buffalo. Just look south and check out your neighbors in NYC to see how these policies are going.

Walton has promised she will sign a tenants’ bill of rights that would institute rent control and create a tenant advocate; remove police from responding to most mental health calls and establish a new response to mental health calls; and declare Buffalo a sanctuary city that would safeguard undocumented immigrants, all in her first 100 days in office. Her long-term goals include increasing city funding for public schools and expanding neighborhood community development.

In a Wednesday interview with Buffalo’s WGRZ following her victory, Walton emphasized how her platform as a democratic socialist differs from that of a traditional Democrat. “That means we put people first, that means we prioritize the working class, the marginalized, the often unseen, unheard people over profits, corporations and developers,” she said.

She went on to emphasize that she does not consider herself a politician, and that what the people need is someone who understands “the challenges that average people face.”

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I was under the impression that governance, just like a business, requires some sort of skill set to see it operationally successful. But of course I no doubt am mistaken. Just look at what we have now running the federal government in the form of one senile old man with the next in line with the only skill is giggling in response to a question.

It is interesting how the Democrats have allowed the Socialist party to usurp their party. There is little similarity to the Democrat party of an earlier generation.

The best of the swamp today. Coming to your town soon.

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