Biden limits to 16 entities Putin cannot hack


Biden needed time to prepare his teleprompter to read his comments about the meeting with Putin. He managed to stumble through it. Who on his team of prompter writers decided to include Biden talking about the limit on what Putin could cyber attack? 16 entities? How about the whole of the USA? Then of course he repeats again how he is “told who he can call on for questions.” The so called “I’m going to get in trouble” default position “if I don’t do what I am told” must be really appealing to the male dominated  societies of the world with his lack of  machismo. Can you imagine Putin saying something like that? It may be appealing to those who have empathy toward senility but it doesn’t play well in the world. It sure looked to me that he had an ear piece as well with certain camera levels. 

President Biden told reporters Wednesday he gave President Vladimir Putin a list of 16 critical infrastructure entities that are “off limits” to a Russian cyberattack.

Those entities include energy, water, health care, emergency, chemical, nuclear, communications, government, defense, food, commercial facilities, IT, transportation, dams, manufacturing and financial services.

“We’ll find out whether we have a cybersecurity arrangement that begins to bring some order,” Biden said. Putin, for his part, denied any involvement in a recent spate of cyberattacks that have hit major industries across the U.S. 

“I looked at him. I said, ‘How would you feel if ransomware took on the pipelines from your oil fields?’ He said, ‘It would matter.’ This is not about just our self-interest.” the president said. 

Biden refused to say if military action was on the table if Russia was found to be responsible for a ransomware attack. 

“In terms of the red line you laid down is military response an option for a ransomware attack?” a reporter asked. 


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