Israel opposition parties agree to form new “unity” government

Consequences?  Consequences?  We don’t need no stinking consequences!

by Mustang


There is one thing that (on the surface) mostly effects self-loathing Jews who run the Eastern seaboard corporations, all of Silicon Valley, and 92.4% of the American media outlets: Joe Biden intends to take over the government of Israel now that Netanyahu is no longer Israel’s prime minister.

 Mr. Netanyahu (his friends call him Bibi) has been in office for around twelve years now.  He’s one of those tightly focused Israeli leaders who radical Islamists know better than to piss off — mainly because no one knows what Netanyahu will do in response to Islamic attacks upon innocent women and children.  But now Israeli politicians representing several parties have decided that it is time for Netanyahu to retire. 

They formed a coalition strong enough to force Bibi from office.  Not because the Israeli economy is falling apart, but more likely because some other politician wants to become prime minister.  Politicians, as you may recall, are egotistical enough to sacrifice the nation’s welfare for their own advancement.  It’s the same no matter where you go.  So, in a nutshell, that’s the deal with Israel at the beginning of June 2021.


Biden, when he isn’t fondling little girls on national television (without objection from anyone in the communist media) is looking forward to reigning in those damn Israelis.  Now, honestly, I am at a loss to imagine why any American president thinks that they have a right to dictate to the Jews what they should or should not do in their own country … but Biden and the Democratic Party (up front about hating Jews and loving Islamists) are just plain giddy about Netanyahu having to step down. 

Two things to think about: If Obama/Biden hate Netanyahu so much, surely, he must be one of the “good guys.”  Secondly, if Biden treats Israel the same way he treated Ukraine — you know, to get his way about how things are done in Israel — how many Israelis will have to die at the hands of a re-motivated PLO?  How many US servicemen and women will be placed in greater danger during their middle eastern assignments because of Biden’s inept foreign policies?

David Cameron at the Knesset in Israel

Knessett in Israel


The new Israeli guy’s names are (and I’m not making this up) Yair Lapid and Naftali Bennett.  Lapid and Bennett have put together a coalition calling itself (I’m not making this up, either) the Rainbow Coalition.  It’s enough to make one wonder if Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are honorary members, or if half the membership is sexually challenged.  I wasn’t aware the Israelis had a sexual confusion problem. 

The thing about coalition governments, of course, is that they all work just great until its members can’t agree on something.  When a cat fight breaks out, coalitions don’t do quite as well.  How likely is this to happen?  Well, the coalition invited the United Arab List party to join them.  Should work out okay, right?

 Mr. Lapid formerly served Netanyahu as finance minister; Bibi fired him in 2014.  Mr. Bennett was Bibi’s chief of staff and quit his post when he didn’t get what he wanted in terms of cabinet posts.  Well, one thing the coalition agrees on for now is that they are all not liking Bibi.  Left unanswered is whether they will enjoy the political sex with Joe Biden.  I mean when Joe isn’t having fantasy sex with adolescent girls.

 Meanwhile, en route to the United States (right now) is the Israeli Defense Minister who will ask the US Secretary of Defense (Lloyd Austin, who used to play Token on South Park) for one BILLION for American made interceptors.  Biden couldn’t be happier about this because of the Israelis want our stuff, they have to play ball according to our rules.  Biden’s head is right now the size of a watermelon (without any red stuff, of course).

So, for all you folks out there who voted for Biden, give your kids an extra hug when they leave for boot camp because you’ve likely seen them for the last time.  Also, you might want to call your bank and see if they’ll increase your credit line so that you can afford gas at the pump.

Many of us keep wondering about the consequences of voting for X as opposed to Y in America.  If American mothers are tired of burying their children in national cemeteries because presidents and their incompetent appointees keep getting us involved in stupid wars, why do American mothers overwhelmingly vote for Democrats?  Yes, it’s true that Republicans have gotten us involved in foreign wars, but that depends on whether one considers either of the Bush’s conservatives.  They may have been Republicans, but not the American-loving kind.

What else results from our usual dismal decision about whom to vote for?  Oh, right … significant increases in unemployment because oil workers have all been laid off — to save the planet, of course; increases in the consumer price indexes, decreases in disposable income due to tax hikes on such things as gasoline, and food shortages.  The list is exhaustive.


Yes … there are consequences.  Don’t the communist voters ever get tired of them?


Good job, America (rolls eyes).

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