Biden Fauci Vaccine Town Hall starts out with a bang – Man asks about skin care

Joe Biden and Dr. Fauci held a YouTube town hall on Covid-19 vaccination Monday. No one watched. The first question though is worth tuning in for a moment. Better yet we get to hear from Karine Jean-Pierre. Originally scheduled to be Kamela’s Chief of staff, apparently she has landed in the communications department as “Principle Deputy Press Officer.” Why should you care? Previously, Jean-Pierre, served as national public affairs officer for “progressive” policy advocacy group

Billed as a Haitian Lesbian political powerhouse.

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She fits more boxes as well. Jean-Pierre, a Lesbian, a Haitian-American political campaign organizer, activist, political commentator. Once again, we get one of the tired and poor, more of the huddled masses not yearning to be free. She rails about her plight and Haiti but then is more than happy to turn our little piece of heaven into the same cess pool she came out of. I had my eye on her since day one. Let’s take a look again at her but first the star of the show. Manny Mua. Try to hang for a couple of minutes of it. He asks the important question of the day. Skin care.

Now our gal.

For a refresher on Moveon, lest we forget, back in 2016:From Jewish Business News

George Soros Founded Moveon.Org Takes Responsibility For Violent Donald Trump Protest – Promises More Protests Are To Come

Sources:  Lgbtq Nation

MoveOn praised the selection.

“Karine is a talented and fiercely intelligent individual who has worked to advance progressive values, candidates and policies throughout her entire career,” MoveOn Executive Director Rahna Epting wrote in an email to the Bay Area Reporter. “Her appointment as chief of staff to our next vice president during this campaign is a testament to her level of skill and dedication. MoveOn members are proud of Karine and confident that she will make the Biden and Harris campaign to be the best it can be.”

Notes from the clip from the way back machine:

Karine Jean-Pierre MPA ’03 is the chief public affairs officer for MoveOn, an NBC and MSNBC political analyst, and a SIPA lecturer. Her memoir, “Moving Forward,” chronicles her experiences growing up in New York’s Haitian community to working in the Obama White House.

Don’t cut her short. We just got 100k plus new Haitian neighbors. Anyone want to bet no one is going back? No doubt one of her achievements and George Soros.

Biden administration grants humanitarian protections to Haitians in the US
CNN) — The Biden administration on Saturday granted humanitarian protection for Haitians in the United States, allowing an estimated 100 thousand.

BuzzFeed was the first to report on the decision.

The decision was met with praise from advocates and applauded by Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Bob Menendez.


“As Haiti passes through an acute political and security crisis and faces enduring humanitarian challenges, this decision provides urgently needed protections for eligible Haitians in the United States,” the New Jersey Democrat said in a statement.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the move “welcome news” in a Saturday evening statement and pushed for immigration reform.


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