Living in Disneyland

Living in Disneyland

by Mustang

No, I’m not talking about Goofy; he’s living in the White House.  I’m speaking about the average Joe, John Q. Citizen, Susie Doe, and everyone else who is not living within the confines of Bunkerville, U.S.A.

Disneyland 13

Anyone who’s been to Disneyland knows that it’s a fantasy park.  There really is no Micky; it’s really someone fighting drug addiction dressed in a costume who spends their day making four-year-old’s pee their pants.  That’s what America has become, as well.  Masks on — to save lives; Masks off — because masks don’t matter.  Covid-19 inoculations — to save lives; steadfast refusal to get a Covid-jab, because after nearly everyone got one, the CDC announced that the vaccine doesn’t prevent Covid infection.

Border walls — because illegal aliens constitute a prohibited assault upon our economy; borders open, because illegals are people, too, even if they pose a significant health risk to everyone in South Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Southern California — and, um, Chicago.

Also, you know all that money Congress set aside for Covid-19 assistance programs?  Well, Biden is spending it elsewhere.  Why?  Because he can, that’s why.  How dare you even question it.

Here’s a very clever leftist idea.  To prevent a dangerous psychotic from entering a school and shooting students to death, let’s have magic-marker printed signs placed on the palms of all students that read “Don’t” (on the right hand) and “Shoot” (on the left hand).  That should do it.  Now, of course, with reference to the Parkland shooting in Florida, it was the abject stupidity and cowardice of the School Board and a lily-livered deputy sheriff that let that horrific event happen, but of course, we don’t allow reality in Disneyland.

If we did allow reality, then we’d have to conclude that were it not for Democrats, dangerous psychotics sitting in our publicly funded classrooms would be identified, removed from general populations, and confined in an institution suitable for psychopaths (other than Congress).  But no … in Disneyland, we blame the problem on inanimate objects.

We’re also doing a good job keeping refrigerants out of the atmosphere and let’s not forget how grateful the environment is — evidenced by the fact that the recent five-day rainy period has moved on.  Overall, most Disneyites believe refrigerant control is a priority over a justice system that gives all of us confidence.  Not to worry, though, because in taking the lead from the 2002 Tom Cruise film Minority Report, we can prevent crime by reading the minds of conservatives by borrowing their DNA from Ancestry dot Com and then taking appropriate action, such as placing barbed wire fences all over Washington, traffic barriers, and increased personal security for members of the Congress Mob.

Some other key benefits to living in Disneyland (with a hat tip to Ed Bonderenka) include: putting oil and gas employees out of work so that they can draw state and federal unemployment benefits; reduce energy production so that all Disneyites can pay more for gasoline; an economy designed to increase the cost of goods and services while diminishing the value of the dollar; embracing Critical Race Theory as if it were an undeniable fact, and last (but not least) increasing the cost of admission to Disneyland.

In conclusion, don’t forget the Disneyland Parade.  You’re paying for it.  It is a small world, after all.

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