Sunday Respite – ‘About a lot, remembering..’

Mother Nature is out in all her glory here in my neck of the woods. Redbuds and Dogwoods are at their peak with plenty more varieties to bloom soon. Our tulips are just passing their time.

My selection today is by Edgar Tuniyants – “About a lot, remembering…”


Spring… This melody is like spring freshness… The most beautiful, tender and trembling time, which from year to year will not cease to excite, inspire and delight millions of sensitive hearts. Spring is a real time of change, a time of rebirth, renewal, inspiration, and flourishing… Springtime, like a miracle, revives the love of life, igniting in the souls of hope and faith in something infinitely bright, pure and good… There are new aspirations and desires, a sense of happiness in every new breath, in every new day of this wonderful and unique LIFE.

I suggest watching it in full screen.

Have a wonderful day with much Peace.

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