Anatomy of a city descending into administrative chaos – Brooklyn Center


Daunte Wright is dead, killed by a police officer. Let’s see if we can follow the response of the government officials. Keep in mind it was the police officer who did the shooting. Now for the scapegoats who must put their career necks  on the block as if that will change anything. Rather the city descends into administrative chaos.

Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Gannon and Police Officer Kim Potter resigned from their positions April 13, Mayor Mike Elliott announced at a press conference.

Tony Gruenig, commander of the department’s patrol division, was appointed acting chief of the department.

“As of this morning, we have received a resignation letter from officer Kim Potter and in addition to that, we have also received a letter of resignation from the police chief,” Elliott said.

The council fired former City Manger Curt Boganey April 12 and gave Elliott command powers over the police department. Fired for his remark regarding Due Process would be given to the police officer.

“I am in charge (of the police department) ultimately,” Elliott said. “Obviously the acting city manager has day-to-day responsibilities over the department, so that is the chain of command.” From Home Town Source


This should work out swell. Then we have Jesse Waters giving us some inconvenient facts.

 I will conclude with this… more truth than fiction I do believe.

Babylon Bee: Media Thrilled To Be Covering Good Kind Of Riots Again…

U.S.—Media organizations across the country announced today they are relieved to be covering the good kind of riots again, now that people are looting Targets for justice again instead of protesting their government.

“It was pretty rough there for a while,” said Rachel Maddow. “We had to cover the dark days of the violent insurrection. But now that people are stealing Nikes to protest racial injustice, we can return to feel-good reporting about the good riots that are happening.”

“It’s just the Spring of Love around here!” she added happily.

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The best of the swamp today.

16 Responses to “Anatomy of a city descending into administrative chaos – Brooklyn Center”

  1. MaddMedic Says:

    I know both the now former officer and the now former Chief. Have had them in multiple EMR and EMT refresher classes. Both decent officers and people. This shit show is a tragedy and having Gov. Walz and AG Ellison step in it and throw them under the bus hasn’t helped. My office is in a small city stuck between Brooklyn Center and Minneapolis. Things are a bit tense and I am happy home is 50 miles away. Watching National Guard convoys rolling Northbound while I am heading southbound at 1700 this past week emphasizes that point! The Mayor is an idiot.


  2. hocuspocus13 Says:

    Inspector General Michael Bolton Report:

    Findings that Capital Police were told that they could not use critical riot materials & tactics in preparation for January 6

    …as Nanzi Pelosi’s power shrinks in the House as another R has won a seat & will be sworn in today


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  3. nrringlee Says:

    When government abandons law only the lawless thrive. This is the case in these Progressive Utopias. You will not hear from the home owners, property owners and small business owners who lose everything in these racially motivated shopping sprees. No, their complaints and appeals to state protection fall on deaf ears because it is all about bringing ‘it’ down. What ‘it’ is depend upon circumstances and pigmentations involved at that time but ‘it’ always represents the creative forces of a society. Those who do the ‘bringing down’ and their cheer leaders (Maddow) are the crew who are along for the ride, for their slice, who never build anything. That is what we are seeing. Corporate media will not allow the real vicitms, those who live in, work in, raise children in and create in these neighborhoods to voice their angst.

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  4. Linda Says:

    Jesse and Gutfeld have been spot on…although Jesse is driving me nuts lately…anyways…we, the USA, are quickly descending into the chaos of hell. Sorry for the bad word, smiles.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Chaos it is……hard to recognize our country.

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      • nrringlee Says:

        This is exactly why our Founders found the Second Amendment in our Natural Law foundation and placed it high on our list of state protected, not granted rights. When politicians fail, and through history they have failed regularly it is up to the body of the People to defend life and restore order.

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      • bunkerville Says:

        Clearly sooner rather than later we shall be on our own. The thin blue line grows thinner by the day. How much long will there be men and women willing to serve in the National Guard? They have businesses and jobs. They are suppose to walk away from their families and jobs for months to be abused?

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      • Linda Says:

        yep…and did you see that story about the SC Army dude? Horrible.

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  5. Mustang Says:

    Well, of course, I’m not all that smart, but it seems to me that if a police officer pulls me over, I’m technically under arrest.


    The Do Things
    1. Put both hands on my steering wheel and await the officer’s instructions
    2. Remain respectful toward the officers
    3. Remain calm, centered, and focused
    4. Follow the officer’s instructions to the letter
    5. Live a long life

    The Don’t Things
    1. Place hand where the police cannot see them
    2. Call the officer(s) Emm-Effs
    3. Refuse to cooperate with police
    4. Call my Mom on my cell phone
    5. Start the car
    6. Ignore warning from police that they’re about to shoot me
    7. Put the car in gear
    8. Drive off (otherwise known as escape custody)
    9. Bleed out

    I’ve checked over all the protected rights people have when they find themselves in police custody and couldn’t find any protected rights about ignoring police instructions, breaking arrest, or running away from police. Of course, Mr. Wright was a free spirit, and he can do whatever he wants … it’s just that some of the things he may do, as a free spirit, might have disastrous consequences. Life is about making choices. In many cases, so is death.

    Sad to see someone’s life taken away for something silly like a traffic stop. On the other hand, silliness seems to rule the day in Brooklyn Center. Officer Kim wasn’t sure if she was holding a taser or a handgun, so I can see where that might be a problem, particularly given the fact that Officer Kim had 26-years on the police force. And, of course, Brooklyn Center is the place where, according to the school principal, Mr. Yusuf Abdullah, Duante Wright was just like any other kid, which may explain why residents overwhelmingly elected Keith Ellison and Ilhan Omar to represent them in Congress. Or, maybe this whole thing was one of those “cosmic” events that no one had any control over. You know … a place where unexplained shit happens.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      A***. you nailed it Mustang… back to the trial of the century with Derek Chauvin…. since when was passing counterfeit money a misdemeanor? Had said subject followed your above listed instructions, he would have lived for the day, though no doubt dead by now of a drug overdose. All cosmic events in your parlance.

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    • Bill H. Says:

      I don’t much agree with the “be respectful” thing. I would say to return respect if you are given it, and certainly under no circumstances be actively disrespectful, but police and politicians are public servants, and are due respect only when they offer it.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Bill…. I look at it as sort of who is in control… Just as my boss who questions me, I remain respectful though I have my personal thoughts that I would like to share. Any interaction with the police is stressful…. for both sides….I want it to be as short as possible with a favorable outcome to me… But then again, I didn’t just rob a bank or have an outstanding warrant and have a loaded gun in my car….

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  6. markone1blog Says:

    I like the take of the satiristic Babylon Bee, but how is it that nobody mentioned that Duante was shot by a White female police officer? With the focus the left has on sexism (except when they are trying to destroy female set-asides with transgender initiatives) and racism (except when it has to do with the exceptionalism earned by Asians and Whites), … oh, never mind.

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