Biden’s lack of acuity is a strategy not a Democrat problem


In what has to be the most clandestine operation ever conceived to achieve the Marxist agenda for the United States, a senile old man made it to the White House. It has succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest expectation. In a wonderfully written piece in Town Hall the author lays out the good the bad and the ugly of it all. A great read and here are some of the points.


It is no secret that Joe Biden is not in charge of the executive branch. Nor does it come as a surprise. The only observable difference between 2020 presidential hopeful Joe and 2021 President Joe, is his change of address. He moved from a basement somewhere in Delaware to a basement at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. In fact, a benign question from a pathetic journalist today as to what type of ice cream Joe is eating would be received with a standing ovation.

What is surprising, however, is how effective and advantageous his non-presidency has been for the Democratic Party. His mental incapacitation has not hindered the left’s sinister Marxist agenda to transform the United States from a Constitutional republic to a totalitarian state, but has helped facilitate it.

Barack Obama also held a Democratic majority in the legislature during his first two years in office. But Barack Obama’s mental acuity was a handicap to the unpopular, radical agenda of the left. When Barack Obama signed a flurry of executive orders and championed questionable and unconstitutional legislation, he still was expected to answer to the American people. While Obama was radical, the American people still remained partially informed. At least some diffusion of knowledge took place as Obama was expected to explain and defend his agenda, and took questions from the press.


Even those of us who are the most vocal and unequivocal critics of Joe’s obvious mental decline must also admit that the very thing we demand — a president, for example — we cannot have. We are living in a nightmare scenario. It’s like trying to cancel some subscription service or seeking answers to some other technical issue and being put on hold, endlessly transferred from one unintelligible party to another, and never getting any answers or resolution.

In the absence of a president, we take our questions and concerns to Jen Psaki, who would benefit from the excuse of dementia. But her challenge is not mental decline, but an unfortunate inability to communicate, a lack of preparedness in part due to her lack of a boss in the Oval Office, and her own limited IQ. Like the worst hotel concierge or IT specialist, her response to everything is, “I’ll circle back on that,” which better translates to, “I have no idea, I’m as unqualified and unfit as my boss, Joe Biden.” It is also damning proof that there is a vacuum in the White House.

What is the upshot? The American people and our country have been plunged into darkness. We have largely no idea what is going on. While we can speculate as to who is actually running the country — Obama? Susan Rice? — we have no access to the one individual “responsible” for the literal decimation of our economy, our safety, and our freedom. America is being run by a shadow government and in the absence of any actual leader. We can’t even rely on the limited defense of pressuring and demanding accountability from the titular leader of the executive branch.

Joe Biden is a strategy for the Democratic Party at this point, not a hindrance or frustration. As the rag known as the Washington Post declares, “Democracy dies in darkness.” We are living in darkness. I regret to say that we would be better off with Kamala Harris. At least if she was president, there would be no unspoken excuse either understood or accepted for this un-American and totalitarian regime. But if the Democrats are smart, they’ll keep Joe around as long as they can.

Full read at  Townhall

14 Responses to “Biden’s lack of acuity is a strategy not a Democrat problem”

  1. Ed Bonderenka Says:

    If someone were going to try for an insurrection and overthrow the “government’, who would they strike at?
    What reigns of power would they grab?
    The evil is so diffused.

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  2. Adrienne Says:

    I’m confused why Odumbo has suddenly reached such heights of power in people’s minds. He’s the ultimate sock puppet – lazy and arrogant. And Biden is following in his footsteps, just as Harris is doing. All of them do exactly what they’re told to do. We must look much higher.

    In the meantime, we must all try and stay somewhat sane which is getting harder to do.

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    • Mustang Says:

      About looking much higher … so imagine a yardstick in two measurements: inches and centimeters. Stop when you get to five inches. In the political world, looking “much higher” would be notching our search up to what … 15.24 centimeters? Part of Trump’s initial popularity was the fact that he isn’t a politician, and for four years, he refused to act like one. Out came the knives and scalpels, and the political framework made damn sure he wasn’t going past four years. So now, as I look around, with the possible exception of Ron DeSantis in FL, I don’t see any “notched up” conservatives. None. Zip. Nada. Zed. But stop and think about this for a moment — the best possible situation for anyone (of either party) who wants to become president is for Biden to turn the Republic into a smelly cesspool. He’s already well on the way in doing that, but what does it say about our political framework when rivals hope for the worst so that they can benefit from it? Forget about the damage to the nation, our society, or real people — all that matters to any politician is the prize.

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  3. Steve Dennis Says:

    I couldn’t agree more and this was their strategy all along. They just needed to get the puppet in the White House so the masters could pull the strings. I think there are many on the top running the show from Obama to Soros and who knows who else.

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  4. Mustang Says:

    The term “plunged into darkness” is an apt description of where we are in this country. Treating the American people like a tray of mushrooms is the intent of the communist state. History demonstrates that nothing good ever comes from junta-controlled propaganda mills, even among those with diminished mental capacity. There is little honesty among politicians — none among the communists, who even lie about what they are by changing their moniker to progressive. A rose by any other name is still a rose.

    We must always bear in mind that honesty and transparency are not the goals of the communist party. Their complete focus is about achieving and maintaining power, and they are willing to do (or say) whatever it takes to reach those goals. The ends justify the means. Stalinism 101 — and even if it is true that we do not have KGB running around arresting people and hauling them off to the gulag, there is no shallow effort on the part of the current regime to discredit anyone who opposes this dreadful far-left juggernaut.

    The people involved in this campaign are the lowest of the low. Not one of these people (you choose any one of them as your exemplar) possesses admirable human qualities. They are educated but not intelligent. There are no worthwhile principles among the lot of them to suggest the presence of character. They are liars and charlatans — nothing is “off the table.” They have no idea how damaging lies are — what lies do to them as individuals and what lies do to the Republic. The worst part is that people such as Jen Psaki are so tightly focused on the prize that much larger issues of character, honor, integrity have no meaning to them. Herein lies the danger to our Republic. If it means flushing the Republic to achieve their mission, they’ll do it without any hesitation — and the people hurt by this campaign of lies and deceit are simply “casualties of war.” It’s the cost of doing business. Besides, if we don’t line up behind communism, then we deserve whatever happens to us.

    Now might be a good time to ask, “What is it about this Psaki woman that warrants her success since around the year 2001?” The answer is that she’ll do whatever it takes to achieve her goals. Psaki is the type of person who would butcher her own children to “get ahead.” She is a Hillary Clinton, not on steroids — a woman with no redeeming human qualities. But hey, she does fit in very nicely with the others … the Harris’s, Pelosi’s, Schumer’s, Media Matters moguls.

    But let us remember this: these low creatures are what the American voters opted for. Which is worse? The prostitute or the John that pays her?

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  5. MaddMedic Says:

    Is worrisome what is happening.
    And one needs to ask…China is________…..???

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  6. markone1blog Says:

    This is why I said we need to start by impeaching Kamala and then use the 25th on Joe. We might as well draw up papers on Nancy. too.

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