Two dozen plus House Democrats ask Biden to give up sole authority to launch nuclear weapons


It’s hard to get a bead on where this is coming from. Its only been a month or so… is Biden so bad off that they really are concerned? Was this the plan right along, move Pops out and 25 him so Harris can move right in? In practicality, how would this work? As China fires their nukes the Commander-in Chief is to call around and figure out if we are going to respond? It’s hard to believe this issue would have been raised without Pelosi’s approval. Maybe Biden has been a bit too cantankerous. Maybe just turn the decision over to Facebook and the Twitter guys.



“We respectfully request that you, as president, review ways in which you can end the sole authority you have to launch a nuclear attack, and to install additional checks and balances into the system,” the letter states.

“As president, you will have the final say on any changes to U.S. nuclear policy. We respectfully request that you, as president, review ways in which you can end the sole authority you have to launch a nuclear attack, and to install additional checks and balances into the system,” the letter states.

The letter notes that there have been multiple possible systems proposed and lists several of them. One proposal involves “Requiring additional officials in the line of presidential succession, starting with the vice president and the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives — neither of whom can be removed by the president if they disagree — to concur with a launch order, and utilizing the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s tracking of those officials to ensure prompt communication.”

From Just the News


Other than this all is well in the swamp.


19 Responses to “Two dozen plus House Democrats ask Biden to give up sole authority to launch nuclear weapons”

  1. Steve Dennis Says:

    I remember during Trump’s lame duck period the Democrats mentioned taking the nuclear button away from Trump or future Presidents and I remember thinking it was odd to mention the future Presidents because it sounded as if they didn’t trust Biden with the button either. I think Biden might even be worse off than we know and the Democrats are probably getting ready to remove him at some point before his term is over.

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  2. Mustang Says:

    My guess is that ZERO people give any thought to presidential nuclear authority on election day. Like you, I don’t understand why this should suddenly become an issue. Since 2016, four articles have been published which focus on the consequences of Trump exercising national command authority: two in Politico, one in the New York Times, and one in the Associated Press (Bruce Blair, William J. Broad, Robert Burns, and Zack Stanton). Herb Abrams sought to explain the Twenty-fifth Amendment in 1994, focusing on presidential assassination, confusion, and disability.

    The term National Command Authority did not exist prior to JFK’s presidency. It does not appear in the US Constitution; it only exists in documents relating to the US Department of Defense and only refers to the ultimate source of lawful military orders. Initially, within these DoD documents, National Command Authority was vested in the POTUS, Vice POTUS, Secretary of Defense, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. This was modified in 2002, specifically vesting NCA to the POTUS and Secretary of Defense. I presume the modification was intended to reflect that if the President was no longer able to exercise his duty, then the Vice President would be certified as ascending to the presidency under the 25th Amendment, so there was no reason to specifically identify the Vice POTUS within DoD documents. NCA was never granted to the Speaker of the House, probably because the speaker would never have National Command Authority unless he or she became president. Currently, if the POTUS is not serving in a diminished capacity (as defined by the 25th Amendment ) — for example, is hunting in the forest and out of contact with the government — then NCA falls directly to the Secretary of Defense (who also exercises chain of command authority over unified combat commanders).

    Presumably, then, the Secretary of Defense COULD direct or authorize a nuclear response in the President’s absence, without consulting with the Vice President. This should not worry anyone unless they’ve been paying attention to those who have served as Secretary of Defense over the past twenty or so years. Remember, elections DO have consequences. The president appoints his cabinet; the Senate confirms those appointments, and only the House can impeach a cabinet official.

    In any case, if you’re curious about why this is an issue, it might be related to former SecDef Ash Carter’s suggested Goldwater-Nichols Act reforms, offered in 2016, during a speech to the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Whether Carter is working behind the scenes now to stir this pot, who knows? Carter was one of those Whiz Kids appointed to a high cabinet post under Obama that should have caused the loss of sleep among the one or two “thinking Americans” remaining in the United States. Everyone else just went to the mall.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Thanks for the background.. this is curious indeed. I wonder if we will ever know who all is behind the curtain and pulling the strings. But then again, there are apparently only a handful of us of curious enough about this…

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  3. comradematrix Says:

    Seriously wonder who is propping up ole Joe.

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  4. hocuspocus13 Says:

    Are we even sure Biden has the “football” as it is so nick named???

    Procedure is the President elect is handed the codes by the previous President

    We all know that didn’t take place

    There are those who believe Biden is not in charge of the nuclear codes & probably does not have them in his possession or knows where they are

    One must not forget what is really going on here in the good olde US of A

    A take over of our Government by enemies both Domestic & Foreign

    It was a stolen election…

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  5. markone1blog Says:

    Ok, Democrats, either he had enough mental capacity just this past fall to run a successful presidential campaign OR he has been so diminished that you could not trust him to do the job he currently has (President, Commander-in-Chief, etc.). You cannot have it two ways.

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