Schumer smug about Texas? New York has to import Nat Gas from Russia


Schumer preens about, so full of himself that Texas is in a bad place due to the severe cold that caused the energy crisis this past week. Be careful Chuck. You and your pal Cuomo have put New York in the same boat for a potential disaster. New York and other New England States dependent on Russia for energy.

An excellent example of just what has been allowed to happen that puts Americans at risk by a few nitwits.

Even the Boston Globe opined that “Massachusetts’ reliance on imported gas from one of the world’s most threatened places is also a severe indictment of the state’s inward-looking environmental and climate policies.”

Previous posts on the situation in New York, the latest from the eco-terrorists:

For eight years, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has capitulated to the eco-left. From preventing the construction of needed pipelines to banning fracking, he has implemented an extreme environmentalist agenda.

Now, the consequences of those decisions are hitting New York residents hard.

Earlier, it was reported how New York is facing shortages of natural gas, even though it has plentiful shale reserves and shares a border with Pennsylvania, a state that also has shale reserves. As the Wall Street Journal noted, “The reason for the shortage is obvious: The Cuomo administration has repeatedly blocked or delayed new pipeline projects. As a Con Ed spokesman put it, there is a ‘lot of natural gas around the country, but getting it to New York has been the strain.’”



It seems New York has a partial solution – import liquefied natural gas from Russia.

That’s right, instead of permitting pipelines and fracking to get access to domestic natural gas, New York is importing energy from across the world – and from a geopolitical rival to boot.

Chuck DeVore, Vice President of the Texas Public Policy Foundation explains, “And, while Gov. Cuomo continues to obstruct new pipelines, generating political goodwill from some, his state’s policies, combined with a 99-year-old law that bans foreign vessels from shipping cargo between U.S. ports, result in the importation of liquified natural gas (LNG) from Russia and Trinidad and Tobago—rather than Pennsylvania or Texas.”

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Moratorium on New Yorkers getting more hookups to energy.

The New York Post says lawmakers are confused by Cuomo’s claim they get to decide on the Williams pipeline. In an editorial, the Wall Street Journal says Cuomo blocking the pipeline and then blaming National Grid for the moratorium is “another parable of how the political campaign to ban fossil fuels is detached from energy and economic reality.”

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Yes… this is how it works New Yorkers:

“To add additional service would pose a risk to the integrity of our system and compromise natural gas use for our existing 1.8 million customers in New York City and on Long Island,” said Karen Young, the National Grid spokesperson. The result is that, while existing customers are unaffected, those attempting to get a new hookup are denied new service.

“…Mr. Cuomo has ordered the utility National Grid to resume natural-gas hookups that were suspended after his senseless pipeline veto this spring.”

Guess how this will end. Let’s connect these dots. One doesn’t need to be a Mensa candidate.

What happens when you don’t add any new supply lines?  Taken from an earlier post

New York has to get energy from Russia thanks to Cuomo and the eco-left


The best the swamp has to offer today.

28 Responses to “Schumer smug about Texas? New York has to import Nat Gas from Russia”

  1. Carole Sorell Says:

    Very nice blog.🤑 🌞 2021-06-21 04h 09min


  2. Linda Says:

    sigh…well…as someone who lives in NY and uses Nat. Gas to heat, I can tell you, the price has gone up. Never ending with these yokels.


  3. Steve Dennis Says:

    And yet Trump was the one in bed with Russia?! Trump made us energy independent but these whackos don’t want that, it make no sense but neither do Democrats in general.

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  4. MaddMedic Says:

    Coumo, De Bloviate, New York…what a shit show.

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  5. peter3nj Says:

    First: In order to avoid camping out in front of the one eyed baby sitter I now drive several days a week for Uber, no longer for LYFT.
    Two points:
    As a result I drive in and out of the Rotten Apple, a veritable hell hole for any thinking person resident or not. NY riders, most of whom more than likely voted for Biden, Cuomo and de Blasio, agree the city is gone and never-as in through eternity- never coming back.
    Second point:
    In some towns here across the Hudson River, both urban and suburban, massive condo projects are dotting the landscape to accommodate the coming interlopers as single family homes are not going up in noticeable numbers. It’s only a matter of time before New Jersey’s amateur hour wannabe socialist politicians are squeezed out by New York’s professional anarchist political class. As it is NJ is little more than a suburb of America Central y America del Sur., it’s Hispanic residents cannon fodder for the NY political class moving into the state. Even with Muslims pooping out eight babies per family the Latinos may one day overtake the sand monkeys; all democrat voters.

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  6. geeez2014 Says:

    My take on Schumer and Texas ends there………though you’ve beautiful extrapolated what HE in NY can be anticipating.
    Schumer, to rhetorically SPANK the good people of TX, has nothing to do with the snow…and has everything with “GOTCHA!”

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  7. markone1blog Says:

    Oddly, New York Democrats’ willingness to prostitute the state to possible Russian extortion in the event of a natural gas shortage (aka an extended freeze) matches well with the plan by the Biden Department of Energy to raise electricity prices by 6000% (had ERCOT agreed to those terms to bring on coal-fired plants) during the recent freeze.

    For that, 31 people in the Houston area paid with their lives. Oddly, two days after that became public, some old goat is droning on the TV about remembering those who died of COVID-19.

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    • markone1blog Says:

      What happened to the concept of not wasting a crisis?

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    • markone1blog Says:

      To fill in those points I left out, the DoE wanted ERCOT to raise prices on anyone who received power from coal-fired plants that ERCOT wanted to bring back online. However, rather than implement these prices, ERCOT imposed “rolling blackouts” that lasted 13 hours for me (3 days for one friend and 5 days for another friend).

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    • markone1blog Says:

      I just gathered the nerve to listen to what the old goat had been droning on about yesterday. Did you guys hear Biden admit

      We have to fight this together, as one people, as the United States of America. That’s the only way we’re going to beat this virus, I promise you. The only way to spare more pain and more loss — the only way these millstones no longer mark our national mourning

      Maybe “devoutly Catholic” Slo-Mo-Joe has had a sermon sink in and he remembers

      Whoever then humbles himself as this child, he is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever receives one such child in My name receives Me; but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea. (Matthew 18:4‭-‬6 NASB)

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  8. Mustang Says:

    I have to admit that I detest Schumer; for me, the only question is which of these knaves do I find more despicable: Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, or Nancy Pelosi?

    If we agree that all political behavior is based on self-interest, one cannot help but wonder how the restriction on gas production and distribution benefits politicians or their corporate handlers. I do not believe questions about environmental safety have anything to do with it. Nor do I think the issue revolves around the notion that by depleting foreign energy sources, the US will eventually become king of the energy mountain.

    No — there is more to this story. It is a very odd behavior that places the welfare of communities and businesses at considerable risk. So again, how do political and corporate interests benefit from our reliance on foreign energy? The question isn’t whether they are benefitting — of course, they are — it is a question of how and to what extent their quest for personal riches negatively impacts the rest of us. Boy-oh-boy, could we use a few investigative journalists.

    PS. Remember the film Independence Day with Bill Pullman and Will Smith? I admit, the film is only mildly entertaining, but I do watch it every now and then. I find that the scenes where NYC and DC are vaporized highly motivating.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Something about watching self immolation that I find very unattractive… yet there are only a handful of us that even think about such matters let alone want to do something about it. Ergo Donald Trump warts and all.

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  9. nrringlee Says:

    Here is the difference. Texas can fix its structural problem with its grid management. In New York the political classes are the problem. Across the board. They cannot fix the specifics because on the general level they are on a path to self destruction.

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  10. peter3nj Says:

    No biggie as Cuomo, along with other assorted Democrats, gives NewYork City what its voters ask for. What’s most important to these wannabe commies is BLM painted on the streets and the Trump name purged from edifices and skating rinks in the city he has been instrumental in raising up for the past almost 40 years. Sorry kiddies no tears from me.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Before its over they might just freeze to death… what an ending. Hard to connect those dots Peter.

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    • geeez2014 Says:

      My take on Schumer and Texas ends there………though you’ve beautiful extrapolated what HE in NY can be anticipating.
      Schumer, to rhetorically SPANK the good people of TX, has nothing to do with the snow…and has everything with “GOTCHA!”


    • geeez2014 Says:

      Peter, did you hear DeBlasio is now having some concert in NYC to ‘bring it back’ via THE ARTS? Is that going to bring back small businesses, take off wood STILL on storefronts in anticipation of BLM and ANTIFA, though the gov’t seems more sure something awful will happen again in D.C.?
      I love the arts, but this is like a metaphor for the so-called COVID BILL…half of which has ZIP to do with COVID….maybe DeBlasio ought to have a big concert for the COVID BILL, too? That’ll work! (Sarc.)


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