Liz Cheney: ‘We really had a terrific vote tonite’ upon remaining in leadership


Only the GOP would keep someone in leadership who has a 13% approval rating among her own voters.

91% of Republican voters would vote for President Trump again today.
Only 13% of Wyoming Republicans would vote for Liz Cheney again.
Republican lawmakers could not care less.

Liz Cheney:  We really had a terrific vote tonight, a terrific time this evening.  Laying out what we’re going to do moving forward as well as making it clear that we’re not going to be divided and that we’re not going to be in a situation where people can pick off any member of leadership.

Liz Cheney

She spoke to reporters after selling out our orange man. McCarthy and McConnell very happy. The vote was 145-61. Wow. It really is a death cult as opposed to us Trumpsters.

And thus a third party was born.



And that indeed is the very best the swamp has to offer.

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