Fauci uncensored – Which version of his opinions are we to believe?


Fauci flushes with the excitement of his resurrection to be front man for Biden’s covid response.

Science, he says… Science will rule. Let’s take a look at a couple of clips from yesterday’s roll out of Fauci and team.

The last clip has to be the best summary of the infamous 80 year old Dr. Fauci’s various positions taken regarding the “best” Covid policies.

No wonder the Donald got fed up with him and moved on to others and gave up on the daily wisdom of Fauci.

Oh the excitement of being center stage once more. Oh joy!

Let’s do the setup with a couple of clips.


Reporter once again confronts Dr. Fauci with a hard hitting question. Fauci swoons with excitement… after all he takes no pleasure in what he is about to say….




Now the punchline. We discover the emperor is wearing no clothes……of course no reporter will ask him about his movable opinions on the matter and why it no doubt drove Trump nuts and left Trump with the bag. Why Fauci was relegated to the third string in the end. (I can only hope this tweet stays up….here is hoping.)



Looks like Biden and Fauci will be the perfect match. Biden announces with a scowl and proudly indeed that the goal is a million shots of vaccine in arms in a 100 days. Unfortunately Biden’s new Covid savant Fauci failed to tell him that it is about where we are now.

Twitter is ablaze that Biden finally has a plan for distribution.

a quote:

“Last week, we had two days when we vaccinated one million people a day

Why is Biden planning to SLOW DOWN vaccination? we were already on track to EXCEED 100 million doses in 100 days. Biden‘s target should be 200 million will Dear Leader media call him on this scam?

13 Responses to “Fauci uncensored – Which version of his opinions are we to believe?”

  1. Henry Triplett Says:

    Nice blog post.🌞 ⚡ 2021-06-21 05h 27min


  2. geeez2014 Says:

    Can’t comment on the pipeline cancellation; FAR too upset. I needed a battery charge today and talked to the AAA guy a little….I Mentioned the pipeline stopping and he said “WHAT?” People DO NOT KNOW what is going ON!!! ugh.

    I can comment on FAUCI…..except I need Pepto Bismol with me…hold on. OKAY :)… HE IS A PATHETIC TOOL, a SELF AGGRANDIZING PUTZ WORM and the say he talked about how great it was to be able to tell the truth and not make things up……………..I guess I can’t really respond to this post, either !! HAAAA!!! OY

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    • bunkerville Says:

      We may be in for some fun……except for the impeachment…. but perhaps its was meant to be… the swamp is in a feeding frenzy… I got an emaill from the GOP and asked me if I would support the GOP….. I told them I will go where Trump goes… there is no GOP as far as I cam concerned….get rid of Liz Cheney.


  3. Steve Dennis Says:

    When he talks about science I just want one person to ask him how many genders science says there is! Just one time…

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  4. Mustang Says:

    If Tony graduated first in his class from Cornell Medical School, then we should worry about the quality of our general medicine doctors and surgeons. Either that or a beaker full of stupid fell on his head a few years back.

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  5. GP Cox Says:

    What happened to his opinion that we Americans couldn’t handle the truth last year? He has jumped on the bandwagon like so many others.


  6. nrringlee Says:

    We are to believe nothing coming from him nor are we to believe anything coming from the mouths or pens from the likes of Redfield. They more than clearly lost all veracity during the HIV wars. They are simply unreformed, unrepentant bureaucrats struggling to maintain the preferred teat on the budge sow. Nothing more.

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  7. markone1blog Says:

    Flushed Fauci kiss this!

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