Waiting….wondering…. Just how all of this is going to end




Here they come.

Migrant Caravan pushes through border patrols, police on journey to U.S.

January 17, 2021. Worth watching to the end.




The cult of Trump.


“At least a dozen National Guardsmen have been removed from the mission of guarding the Capitol for Inauguration Day after concerns about threats from within the ranks”

I read one had an expired drivers license.




One if by land, two if by sea.




36 Responses to “Waiting….wondering…. Just how all of this is going to end”

  1. annie Says:

    We get solutions.. thats how it ends. If migrants come through, we convert them. Make them great patriots! We remain calm while the storm approaches and light the lamps. We will come through. This is America!

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  2. geeez2014 Says:

    Worried about the hordes walking NORTH? Don’t worry! Plenty of hospital space for the sick and plenty of hospitality jobs waiting for them! (sarcasm)….Biden will FIND A WAY!! Other countries always come first with him……

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  3. Linda Says:

    As for our household, we will not legitimize the sham of this Inaug. All these fat cats/politicians, turncoats arriving etc, (before we turned the tv off) made me want to throw something…anyways…most of us will be going ‘underground’ for the foreseeable future, especially for those who live in Cuomo land (for the time being).

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  4. peter3nj Says:

    I put on FOX for the first time since the evening of November 4th to watch President Trump’s departure from Andrews AFB; I choose not to see any goings on from the White House soon to be the epicenter of the nation’s destruction. Upon Air Force One taking off I lasted another two minutes of FOX before tuning out and returning to reality. If I was an anchor I would have ended with this advise to Trump in front of what’s left of the FOX audience: President Trump watch your back as the long knives will remain out until you are no longer the threat you remain. Your enemies, our enemies will not stop till they silence you forever. Besides with the massive illegal migrant movement revving up its engine to over run our once southern border, voter registration packets in hand along with applications for a driver’s license all that’s left is to install “immigrant” families in private dwellings with empty bedroom space. Along with open invitations to all third world countries it seems their battle is already won. Being the pessimist that I am my advice to white-landers is to not have white babies who will become little more than cannon fodder in an unwinnable war.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      My sense in watching is that is about the last we shall see much of Trump….with McConnell threatening him again with impeachment I think he has about had it… oh, McConnell told him it is reported if he pardons Assange its game on for impeachment… figures.

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    • Mustang Says:

      Try to imagine a fictional story where one rich guy, seriously pissed off about the rich socialist who destroyed his presidency, concocts a plan to destroy the socialist’s financial empire. You know, con’s him into a series of investments, and he loses all his money. Fictional, of course, because Soros’ (oops … I mean, rich socialist guy) empire is so diversified that it could never be carried off, and a three-hour film drama wouldn’t be enough time to tell such a story. A more satisfying tale would be around twenty pounds of C-4 set to go off at the next rich socialist family reunion. Hey, Peter … give me some slack. It’s still early morning.

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  5. Mustang Says:

    Well — what’s next?

    I suppose we should give credit to the scheme where national guardsmen, who were not federalized, as state militia and technically, private citizens, could be deputized as federal marshals to guard the president-elect during this traditional exercise of “peaceful transition.” I seem to recall that most of Venezuela’s presidents are accorded these same protections. I’m quite sure, given Biden/Harris’ aversion to firearms, that these troops are carrying unloaded shotguns — as a demonstration of their steadfast adherence to principle. Very clever, these Democrats — always able to find loop-holes that suit them best. It’s a gift, you know.

    And speaking of Democrats, let’s all try to recall from recent history how focused they are on civil rights for everyone. For example, we could recall David Karesh and his people who were murdered in cold blood by the FBI on orders of Janet Reno after consulting with Bill Clinton. Since that day, I’m sure that Bill Clinton has lost countless nights of sleep from that episode — or not. And then there was the Ruby Ridge affair. Another murder, same FBI sniper that kicked it off (he remains a free man on his FBI pension). And we all remember the forced grab and snatch at gunpoint in Elian Gonzalez’s house. I’m quite sure the child grew into adulthood without too much trauma … in Cuba.

    And this brings us to what it is that makes Democrats unique in the world’s political structure. They can support (by electing another Democrat to the White House) murder, arson, the slaughter of innocents, kidnapping via federal warrant, burning down inner-cities, and forcing bakers into bankruptcy, opening our borders to drug dealers and cutthroats, increasing the numbers of radicalized Moslems who can pass through our borders, make excuses for honor killings within Moslem communities, giving Sharia Law precedence over the US Constitution and state laws and courts. Still, they positively will not stand for Christians or conservatives voicing their opinions.

    Now you know, at least, the kinds of people who voted for Biden/Harris, as well as the kinds of people who stayed home on Election Day because they could not abide Trump’s tweets. Have I left anything out?

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  6. hocuspocus13 Says:

    CIA Director Gina Haspel resigned/retired yesterday for her cover up of the China Interference in the 2020 Presidential Election I guess that would substantiate it as “proof” it actually took place

    DNI Ratcliffe released his report the other day

    As our CIA is a rogue agency traveling world wide to help commit voter fraud to “install” an illegitimate communist dictator on that Country stealing its wealth & freedom from its people

    America is the only Country left still standing in freedom

    Is “installing” Biden as President the end of the road?

    No … its actually the beginning for you cannot charge someone with a crime until they commit the crime

    Inauguration of illegitimate Biden will seal the deal

    As Nazi Pelosi hides inside the barricades of the Capitol Building she helped to bring down against the American People with her corruption & greed

    Pelosi is the rot of our Government that needs to be washed away forever

    Our Military has been on to these people for quite sometime don’t fool yourself into believing that everyone is corrupt & on the take of the almighty dollar because they are not

    Brighter days lie ahead but first we must battle the dark clouds of the storm that has been perpetrated upon the American People from our very own corrupt politicians

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  7. markone1blog Says:

    So were the guardsmen convicted of soldiering while male and White?

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  8. nrringlee Says:

    Cults are dangerous things. Personality cults in our recent history have been dangerous things. Ideological cults have been dangerous things. When they clash, fake god vs fake god it matters not what tiny morsel of righteousness one fake god may have relative to the competing gods. They remain fake. Our Republic was founded by religious pilgrims, refugees who sought a place where they could freely worship the God of Abraham, the author of all things and creator of all beings in Western Civilization and do so as Text and conscience direct. Natural Law principle and belief is the foundation of our little corner of the world. Should you reject that for any reason or any fake god then you are simply in the wrong place. There are far too many of us who took our oaths before alters and flags to our Creator and Founding Principles for you to change. You can try to flood our shores with apostates but we remain. We remain fearless save one thing: our Creator. Progress your New Left all you want. You shall not change what is in the heart of those who cling to Founding Principles. Make America as great as you wish but if you leave out the living definition of Greatess, All Powerful and All Knowing you do so in vain.To reset our politics, our economy, our communities and our hearts we must first reset our hearts. May God help us in these difficult times.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Indeed. As stated.

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    • Mustang Says:

      The strategy has been to move the country in small, indiscernible steps to the left. No one will notice. This has been going on now since 1913, and giving credit where due, we have to admit that it’s been working just fine. Now more recently, after the “silent majority” stopped being silent, a new strategy unfolded inside the Democratic/Communist tent: continue the small steps, of course (because almost everyone hates change) but wait them out, and soon, all those dinosaurs who support America’s founding principles will die, leaving the county in the hands of metrosexuals who they’ve nurtured, educated, brainwashed, and rewarded with government positions … then they can declare “mission accomplished.” What makes this a hard fight is that we cannot simply focus on the Democrats — that’s simply the car they ride in. We have to fight the crony capitalists, as well … the Liz Cheney’s … who have never seen a war they didn’t like, and the Democrat-run propaganda machine (media moguls who control 90% of the information we get) whose main accomplishment has been to destroy the American press — the destruction of the American presidency was only a by-product. It will be an uphill slog …

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  9. markone1blog Says:

    I am not looking forward to this repetition of the Obama administration.

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    • nrringlee Says:

      Agreed. Let us all be careful in choosing an antidote.

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    • peter3nj Says:

      Only worse…much worse as all safeguards have been removed.

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      • nrringlee Says:

        If you read leftist journals one take away from the Obama regime was regret that Obama was so timid in executing his agenda. In the end, Obama was a typical coffee house Bolshevik: all talk, no fight. Leftists will not allow the opportunity presented by a Harris/Biden regime to pass without massive action. Already we are seeing signs of Stalinist Show Trials headed our way not only against Trump but his elected supporters and medial like Parler who dare advance an alternative narrative. They have four years to crush all opposition. If you think the shock and awe show of power at the coup consummation was impressive you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

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      • bunkerville Says:

        The first few days of Biden’s edicts says it all… why not just disband the congress? I see no use for them at this point.


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