De Blasio Gym stays open while NYC remains closed – tweet of the year


“I’ll take “Definitions of Elitism” for $1000, Alex”

He wants to stay healthy while others can’t ?

“I’ll never understand how democrat voters have not yet said to themselves once, something ain’t right here.”

A wonderful example how very special the Democrats are,

He needs to stay healthy he says because he has to make decisions……



Looking good in the swamp today.

14 Responses to “De Blasio Gym stays open while NYC remains closed – tweet of the year”

  1. Steve Dennis Says:

    I am so sick and tired of these politicians who do not think the rules apply equally to them as they do to us! “Think” is probably a bad word there because the rules do not apply to them as well. They constantly tell us we have to make sacrifices they themselves are not willing to make. We can only hope New Yorkers finally have had enough of this double standard!

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  2. Adrienne Says:

    He needs to stay healthy so he’ll be able to outrun his constituents when they figure out New York is bankrupt. People are leaving in droves…

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  3. nrringlee Says:

    On on that subject here is your headache read of the day. The problem of liberty in the West is in defining liberty. Our “elites” to coin an oft abused word have lost complete grasp on the definition of liberty, whether it be positive or negative and have instead substituted hubris, hedonism, materialism and many other of the deadly sins for a real understanding of liberty. And, as often happens in these discussions we return to Aristotle:

    And this is how the likes of Bill DeBlasio can act as they act.

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  4. markone1blog Says:

    Come on, man. What do you expect from de Blasio or Cuomo? (Or, for that matter, from any high-level Democrat?)

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  5. nrringlee Says:

    I have found over years of experience the best way to deconstruct a progressive, a collectivist or any other form of authoritarian is to simply ask questions. Make no declarative statements. Simply ask questions in calm and engaging manner as if you were inviting them to convince you. They will talk themselves out of their own emotion driven positions.

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