Sunday’s Reflection – Freedom isn’t Free


We are disheartened and discouraged. As Adrienne at  Adrienne’s Corner 

titles her post:

This is The Great Awakening – Not The Great Reset…

it’s a fight for our way of life and freedom.

And she is right.

We are tempted to give in, to give up.  We need to recall that we have our freedoms because there were tens of thousands of young men and women willing to sacrifice their young lives so that we may be free this last century alone.

At this time of anxious concern for our Nation, as concerned as we are, consider the anxiety of the 56 men and what they were willing to do for us so many years ago during our Independence.

Together “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.” 

The ages of the signers ranged from 26 (Edward Rutledge) to 70 (Benjamin Franklin). Many of them probably expected to die.

They signed anyway.

This video captures the terrible price so many have paid so we can be free. What energy and price are we willing to offer?

These are American Cemeteries around the world and the number of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. I suggest watching this in full screen to appreciate the enormity of it all. Staggering.

“Hymn to the Fallen” by John Williams is the background music



Adrienne  continues:

This is a battle between good and evil and you must choose your side.  Not “sort of” or “maybe”, but a firm declaration of truth.  Beyond even good and evil is the fight for humanity, as God intended it to be.

What can you do?
That’s both a real question and a rhetorical question.
It’s up to each of you to probe your psyche for your purpose in life. Each of us has an individual role to play.  Due to physical, age-related, or cognitive differences, our strengths and weaknesses are not the same, and we aren’t going to have the same purpose. Your purpose right now is to find your purpose.
Please spend some time in quiet reflection, discuss the present and the future with those you trust, and decide accordingly. Don’t be spewing your plans all over Facecrap, or your blog if you have one, or even with most of your neighbors.  Behold I send you as sheep in the midst of wolves. Be ye therefore wise as serpents and simple as doves (Matt 10:16)  You may want to take a few minutes to research that verse.

And  – don’t forget to pray!



God Bless Donald J, Trump and God Bless America.


11 Responses to “Sunday’s Reflection – Freedom isn’t Free”

  1. Baysider Says:

    This morning in his sermon John MacArthur talked about the clarity this whole mess has brought. They opened their church back up months ago and have been the target of the retribution of the wicked even more than ever. But … they’ve added a lot of new members. God is still working His purposes. It is time like no other for the people of God to be in the word of God, submitted to the will of God, doing the work of God. And, yes, continue to pray for President Trump.

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  2. Ed Bonderenka Says:

    My pastor used to say, “So it’s come to this: We have to pray.”
    Which of course should have ben our first recourse :).
    You and I posted similarly at Z’s.

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  3. Adrienne Says:

    I’m honored. Thank you, Bunk. It’s do or die for us and I certainly lean toward “do.”

    I was heartened to see the Italian restaurants open in defiance and the ordinary citizens chasing the police away. All part of the great awakening. We have the numbers and the truth on our side!

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  4. lgbmiel Says:

    On my way to NY! Gonna be with my sweet Lucy and as yet unborn Henry!!!

    I’m living my life free of hypocrisy!

    No more taking temps or wearing masks!!!

    I won’t live a lie or be a slave!!!

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  5. Linda Says:

    Keep in Prayer…at this point that is all we have. It is going to pretty scary, it already is…

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