Biden Snubs Erdogan, Refuses To Answer Phone Call In Rare NATO Cold Shoulder


Sounds like this should make Liz Cheney very happy since there never was a war she didn’t like. I am no specialist in the Middle East and others can opine on the matter. But common sense tells me picking up the phone by the incoming US President sounds like a great idea to me to avoid tensions that may lead to a war,

The bigger question is whether Biden is up to handling a phone call from someone that requires some finesse at the least. Great to get congratulatory phone calls. Something else when it requires some amount of acumen. My guess the latter for his rudeness.

VP Joe Biden with Erdogan in Ankara in better days

Easy to forget Trump did not start one war. Here we go:

A week out from Joe Biden entering the White House, few countries are on edge more than Turkey. Despite US-Turkey relations generally deteriorating over the past years, especially over the Russian S-400 issue and blocked F-35 sales, it was widely perceived that Erdogan and Trump had a ‘special relationship’ which never allowed things to get to breaking point. This is likely why the administration never pulled the trigger on significant sanctions targeting Turkey over the S-400 issue.

Biden, however, has vowed to ‘stand up’ to Erdogan, and already it appears the Turkish president is being left out in the cold, as he’s being reportedly snubbed by the Biden camp. “With just seven days until Joe Biden assumes office, the US president-elect is yet to respond to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s offer of a phone call, an unusual snub for a powerful Nato ally,” Middle East Eye reports Thursday.


McGurk has been both a major supporter of the Kurds while at the same time dubbing Turkish-backed Sunni militants in Idlib as al-Qaeda terrorists.

As Axios notes of McGurk, he’ll “be responsible for coordinating U.S. policies not only in Syria, but also in Iran, Iraq and Libya — all of which are of importance to Turkey.”

More at Zero Hedge

46 Responses to “Biden Snubs Erdogan, Refuses To Answer Phone Call In Rare NATO Cold Shoulder”

  1. Biden loads his administration with Obama’s old warriors | BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades! Says:

    […] Snubs Erdogan, Refuses To Answer Phone Call In Rare NATO Cold Shoulder… […]

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  2. annie Says:

    Biden was out of commission that day. Lucidity comes and goes.

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  3. Steve Dennis Says:

    Donald Trump is the first President in how long not to start a new war? And not only that but he brought most of the troops home, which was something the left has been promising to do. Now it is going to be back to business as usual in the Middle East and all the progress made in peace over there will fall by the wayside by the side that claims to be anti-war.

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  4. geeez2014 Says:


    I may have to get my money out of the bank and put it under my mattress…OMG!!!

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  5. markone1blog Says:


    Have you heard about the executive order that President Trump sent to Pelosi? If so, what have you heard?

    I head about this through a few sources. First, I ran into Lou Dobbs from 14 January 2021 (interviewing Mr. Solomon) — where Lou mentioned this developing news. Then I found a source that had a link to the executive order.

    This sounds like a bombshell and it will be exploding all over the Democrats.


  6. Mustang Says:

    A caption for the photo in your post might be, as Biden leans across the table to speak in a low tone of voice, “Tell you what, Erdogan, if you’ll hire my son as …”

    My guess is that if you were aghast at the amount of corruption in Obama’s administration, and particularly that of Hillary’s State Department, you haven’t seen anything yet. Biden is a deeply flawed man, who besides having what I think are serious psychological problems, will redefine the concepts of unscrupulousness, avarice, and dishonesty. I saw a video once of Biden in a bar setting, no doubt campaigning, orally attacking someone who had either asked a question or expressed some doubt about Biden … and he was really out of control telling this poor chap how great Biden is, about all his accomplishments, and following that up with castigating whoever it was he was ranting at. This didn’t surprise me, since I’ve always had Biden pegged as a blowhard — but I was amazed that the fellow he was talking to failed to slap Biden silly.

    And so now, the American people, in mustering all of their wisdom, chose Biden to lead this country — and lead it he will … right into oblivion. Biden is somewhat reflective of far too many past US officials who knew far too little about the people they were dealing with, unjustifiably self-confident to the point of insufferable arrogance — and you are correct to suggest that this is exactly the sort of thing that leads to irreparable diplomatic difficulties.
    I’m no fan of Erdogan, so I question why anyone should imagine Turkey is a reliable ally. I don’t understand why the Turks were offered membership in NATO, for example. Turkey’s decision to send Syrian mercenaries into Azerbaijan (against the wishes of NATO) seems to have illustrated that Turkey’s NATO membership was more intended to reap the organization’s benefits than its obligations.

    Turkey’s primary danger is that it seeks to reestablish an Ottoman-type influence over the Middle East and, I believe, competes with Iran to dominate the Muslim world. There could be a positive aspect to this vis-a-vis US strategic diplomacy, but (a) not as a NATO member, and (b) only if the morons at the foggy bottom were smart enough to use it to our advantage. I’m not holding my breath. In fact, I will be surprised, owing to Biden’s gross ineptitude, if NATO even exists in four more years.

    As a matter of protocol, since Biden has yet to assume office, he may have been advised “not to accept the phone call,” particularly since Biden doesn’t have all his handlers in place and who knows what the moron would say. And there may be an issue of the Logan Act (1799), although since the law doesn’t apply to the political elite, that question may never have come up at all.

    US diplomacy has been a “keystone cops” comedy since 1913, so my advice is to everyone who shudders to think of four years with Biden at the helm — enjoy the show. At least it isn’t Obama (unless Biden dies).

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  7. nrringlee Says:

    We need to be packing up and getting out of Incerlik and our other shared facilities in Turkey.

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  8. kidme37 Says:

    My guess is that Turkey was unwilling to deposit the 300 million in a numbered account that would qualify them to talk to Biden.

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  9. markone1blog Says:

    You know, it is not as if Erdogan wasn’t supplying ISIS in Syria. That would make Turkey the one rogue state that we didn’t really have a plan to deal with. Therefore, it would be perfect that Biden would set this guy off.

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  10. markone1blog Says:

    Now that Trump has gotten the Saudis and most of the rest of the Middle East to play nice, maybe Biden will pull at the one loose string.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Biden will figure out a way to heat things up so we can get our military out there.. Susan Rice is now back in town. That should work.

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    • Mustang Says:

      Let’s all reflect, too, on the fact that the Saudis are a dangerous player inside the sandbox. It was the Saudis who created and benefitted most from the Syrian civil war. Ah, secret alliances and dalliances. No danger to that, is there?

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      • markone1blog Says:

        Maybe this can counteract Biden’s promised banning of fracking. If the Saudi, Syrian, and Turkish fields are all shut down due to flying bombs, that might benefit the Cheney oil sector as well as the “military-industrial complex.”

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      • bunkerville Says:

        Frankly my dear… to coin a phrase… at this point I don’t give a damn. At the right time if they are enough of a headache .. Blast away to eternity… I for one am sick of it. Its been going on forever…

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      • Mustang Says:

        Biden hasn’t even been sworn in yet, and already the gas-at-the-pump prices are going up. Look for more of this because Hunter will be in charge of the Dept of Energy, and Cheny will increase her net worth by gazillions. We should ask Kid about Liz … he knows here intimately.

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      • bunkerville Says:

        Liz and her “Institute for the Study of war”. — I almost trotted out a post of it for the 20th time… but I restrained myself…all of the war machine players contributing huge bucks to her…and her “Institute.”

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      • markone1blog Says:

        Calling the Saudis dangerous could be an understatement.

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