75 million Americans need re-education and deprograming

Let’s start with a bonus:

The final House vote on an article of impeachment for incitement of insurrection was 232-197.

Every Democrat voted to impeach and 10 Republicans joined in voting yes: Liz Cheney (Wyo.), Anthony Gonzalez (Ohio), Jamie Herrera-Beutler (Wash.), John Katko (N.Y.), Adam Kinzinger (Ill.), Peter Meijer (Mich.), Dan Newhouse (Wash.), Tom Rice (S.C.), Fred Upton (Mich.), and David Valadao (Calif.). Four Republicans did not vote either way.

Back to the post:

They do have plans for the deplorables. And they are getting more vocal. The drum beat starts. Apparently for all 75 million of us. May take a moment to load.

From the 2003 Television docudrama: George Orwell – A Life in Pictures. A reminder from George Orwell.  This is where we are.

All is well in the swamp.

31 Responses to “75 million Americans need re-education and deprograming”

  1. nrringlee Says:

    Clarity in language is clarity in thought. Definitions help. Let’s define politics based upon philosophical perspective:

    Collectivist perspective: Politics is what we do FOR each other.

    Libertarian: Politics is what we do TO each other.

    The ills of our nation have no popularly supported common sense political solutions. Our ills are spiritual and show themselves in the general culture. Politics and ideology only echo that pathology.

    Leftist of all stripes can endure any manner of fact free, reason free exercise in the pursuit of their goal. Their singular goal is the elimination of all opposition to total power. The left/right theater only serves to obscure the true contest. The real contest is between liberty and oppression. The proper metric is not horizontal. The proper perspective is vertical. Liberty resides at the top of human temporal experience. All collectivist solutions, socialist, communist, national socialist or just plain thuggery reside at the bottom of the metric. In hell.

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  2. Many GOPers have lost their minds – ‘need an exorcism’ | BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades! Says:

    […] million Americans need re-education and deprograming bunkerville.wordpress.com/2021/01/13/75-… via @bunkerville #DonaldJTrump… twitter.com/i/web/status/1… […]


  3. Steve Dennis Says:

    It’s pretty scary, isn’t it?! These people are not joking either, this is what they really intend to do, now that the election is over there is no other reason to be talking like this other than really wanting to put it into effect. And these are the people who are talking about unity? Now we know what “unity” means to them.

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  4. markone1blog Says:

    I have read a series of things that seem to line up:

    1. Pelosi controls the Capitol building police.
    2. Certain Capital building police were recorded letting people around barriers, in doors, and leading them up steps.
    3. Rep. Gohmert interviewed with OAN and relayed that the Capitol police had been told to expect Antifa and BLM members to intermix with the Trump supporters.
    4. Trump’s speech lasted well after 1:00 p.m. and, therefore, most Trump supporters were at the speech when Ted Cruz objected to the Arizona electors.
    5. The break-in occurred just in time to interrupt Ted Cruz’s presentation to the Senate for the 2-hour debate.

    Therefore, this seems less like the organic protest by Trump supporters and more like a set-up by Antifa and the Democrats.

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  5. Ed Bonderenka Says:

    I blame the Department of Education for not being Radical Left enough so that the current Education Camps (K-12) worked more in their favor.
    God knows they’ve been trying….

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  6. geeez2014 Says:

    BUNKERVILLE “Pelosi turned down additional security before the rally”….except only conservative news will mention that and if CNN did, they’d come up with a great reason WHY…wait for it. TYpical.

    As for DEPROGRAMMING……who’s going to deprogram thousands of Black and WHite punks who think it’s okay to destroy Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Ferguson, LA, … etc etc? As far as I KNOW, MANY small businesses are STILL boarded up…remember they’d left it up in case Trump won and the Left went VIOLENT again.

    Odd………..Yes, sometimes you hear a Republican allude to that but not on the FLOOR? I haven’t heard the obvious comparisons….they might say BUT THIS IS THE CAPITOL BUILDING WHERE WE ARE! I say THOSE ARE OUR COMMUNITIES WHERE ORDINARY AMERICANS DON’T DESERVE TO HAVE THEIR LIVELIHOODS DESTROYED OR THEIR LIVES ENDANGERED, EITHER….

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  7. Linda Says:

    I was just reading that…you know what I need? Some farmland in the middle of no where and to be just left alone, so take that you Dems and Repubs.

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  8. hocuspocus13 Says:

    Rep NJ Shrill stated in her FB video that she witnessed some of her colleagues the night before January 6 giving surveillance to the rioters inside the Capitol

    Making a very serious accusation

    And of course she gave no names

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Congress is scared. The Praetorian guard could not be counted on…. now they know how the rest of us feel…when the herds try and take our property and threaten out lives.

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      • peter3nj Says:

        Can’t these miscreants in congress merely vote to fund triple or quadruple the number of security agents guarding them? Or is it better strategy for a few members to bite the dust and provide the justification president Harris will need to lock down the country and open the camps? How about deputizing Antifa, BLM, and Hell’s Angels?
        Damn, where did I leave my meds?

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      • peter3nj Says:

        Congress is too stupid and arrogant to be scared.

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      • bunkerville Says:

        There were a few pics of them cowering in the corner with masks on…. I think they got the idea.


      • peter3nj Says:

        Off topic:
        Falling under the category of The more things change the more they stay the same: Following the death of former conservative British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher the 60’s pop song “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead” was resurrected and hit #2 on the British pop charts.
        Surely upon DJT’s passing the headlines worldwide will scream just as they will on 1/20/2020 “You’re Fired”

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  9. hocuspocus13 Says:


    Facebook & Twitter now interfering in the current election process in Uganda

    By shutting down the accounts of the politicians they want to loose

    So Uganda shut them down for at least now until the election is over


    Facebook & Twitter complain they are being censored 😭😭😭

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  10. Mustang Says:

    My advice to the de-program-ers is, be patient. You’re almost there. Some fine tuning in taxpayer funded schools ought to do it, and maybe a few more Apps to keep everyone in a dense fog and voila … you’re there.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      The Japanese during WWII have a lesson for us as to what can/did happen in California.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Plus… I updated yesterday’s post… it is worse than we thought.

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    • Mustang Says:

      I have a good friend in CA … a conservative American of Japanese ancestry. His family was one of thousands rounded up and transported to Roosevelt’s gulags during World War II. His dad, recently passed just shy of his 100th birthday, served as a Japanese language interpreter and translator for the US Army in the Pacific. My friend, who comments here as Mustang-Koji (he does own a Mustang — a yellow one), could be the ONLY conservative Japanese American in CA. It drives him nuts to think that so many Japanese in CA will vote for any Democrat, given what Roosevelt did to them. I agree with him … very perplexing. I guess bribery (stuff for votes) works well within Japanese communities. So easily programmed … but then most Japanese do as they are told. I still haven’t figured out Daniel Inouye …

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      • bunkerville Says:

        I am listening to the nonsense on the impeachment……. unbelievable……..what does the GOP think is going to happen to the 75 million supporters? They want to get rid of Trumo? Bye GOP forever.
        Now reported that Pelosi turned down additional security before the rally.

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      • Mustang.Koji Says:

        Sir… My Mustang is Grabber Orange. Not YELLOW! 😁 You touched on those FDR sanctioned WWII concentration camps. I have seen reports of FEMA camps popping up with Lib media saying they are for targeted folks relating to COVID or as “re-education” camps. I choose to believe they are to house treasonous bastards…

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