Cuomo: I’ll Fine Doctors Up To $1 Million If They Vaccinate Someone Who Isn’t Eligible Yet


What was promised regarding the distribution of the vaccine is becoming a mess. Fauci insists that half the vaccine has to be held back in order for the second shot to be available. Meanwhile apparently the expiration date is an issue along with keeping the vaccine at an unbelievable cold temperature for one of the vaccines.

But I do know, threatening physicians is not the way to go.  All seniors should be getting this. They are the ones dying.

Hot Air put together an interesting post on the topic. I suggest having at it:


Just one third of the total doses distributed to New York has been administered so far. A mere 1.2 percent of the state population has received the jab since mid-December. America is jogging along on vaccinations at a moment when the virus, propelled by its more contagious new variant, is beginning to sprint.

We’re only a few weeks into this and yet the calculus has already begun to shift from making sure that rules of prioritization are strictly followed to getting as many doses into arms as quickly as possible in order to catch up to the virus and slow transmission, prioritization be damned.

In other words, true to the form he displayed last spring, Cuomo is already a step behind. By threatening doctors to stick rigidly to the prioritization scheme, he’s destined to slow down the vaccination process at a moment when it desperately needs to speed up.

This series of tweets started circulating online last night as a counterpoint to Cuomo’s logic. Israel is the smash success of the global vaccination process so far for complicated reasons, but a not so complicated one is that they understand their top goal is to get the greatest possible number vaccinated ASAP. Prioritzation is a secondary concern.


In New York those nurses would face a $1 million fine from Darth Cuomo, all because they smartly decided to distribute an expiring vaccine rather than let it go to waste. The vaccinated pizza guy is now one less vector of transmission for the virus, yet Cuomo might revoke someone’s license for making it happen.



Read more at Hot Air

The government at work. The swamp always claims its victims,

14 Responses to “Cuomo: I’ll Fine Doctors Up To $1 Million If They Vaccinate Someone Who Isn’t Eligible Yet”

  1. Steve Dennis Says:

    At some point New Yorkers have to turn against this tyrant, don’t they?!

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  2. Mustang Says:

    There is nothing atypical about Cuomo, which tells us that American politics is shattered as an institution, that no thinking American can take comfort that the Republic is in good hands, or that any of these self-serving scum warrant our support — and the absolute worst of the nabobs are communists disguised as Democrats. Meanwhile, my dentist thinks I grind my teeth too much but won’t give me any morphine. Maybe Peter will share some of his stash.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      This is the new American hero….says it all.


    • lgbmiel Says:

      What we need is a clean sweep starting from one coast of the Country — it would be like a fire spreading — only instead of flames destroying everything, it would be citizens freeing ourselves from the tyranny of our unelected officials. I say unelected because we really don’t elect these people. We are forced by political parties, special and foreign interests to keep putting the same dictatorial people back into office. Voters get no choice, we are told who are candidates will be and who our representatives will be.

      We would replace all ‘elected’ officials with true servants of the People.

      That’s the only thing that will save our Republic.

      A true cleaning out of all of our governments.

      P.S. Mustang, for your teeth grinding…what about a mouth guard for sleeping? My sister wears one to keep from grinding her teeth.

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  3. lgbmiel Says:

    The message people get when they call the pharmacy…

    “The Kroger corporation has been approved to receive a limited number of vaccination doses. That is all the information we have at this time.”

    Of course, people don’t actually listen to the message. Just like they don’t listen to the message about our hours…they skip through the message to get to a pharmacy employee so they can ask us what time we close….

    They skip through the message about the vaccine to ask us about the vaccine.

    We know nothing. Just that we are gonna get some. Don’t know who we will be able to inoculate, though. It might just be our own employees. 🙂

    I’m not taking it!

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  4. markone1blog Says:

    So will Cuomo fine any doctor who inoculates Representative Ocasio-Cortez? Please?

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  5. peter3nj Says:

    The only variable (not really a variable) we can be sure of is Cuomo will be re-elected if he so chooses to run again. In liberal think his “logic” is unassailable. We can see him running against Kamaltoe for the democrat nomination in 2024 can’t we?

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    • bunkerville Says:

      No question that is what this is about…. and he will be embraced as the boy wonder…meanwhile one of the largest nursing homes in PA after being given a date of late December or first week in January is “on hold.” tell me why is it that the CVS and Walgreens and other pharmacies are doing the vaccination? Don’t we have a military?

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