Trump administration sued over faster dishwashers by environmentalists


It’s all vintage Trump. Trump won’t go out with a whimper. He gives us what he promises. That is why there is no question that he won re-election. But of course an appeals court will step in and no doubt overturn the concept of “faster dishwashers.”

It sums it all up doesn’t it? Shower heads, lightbulbs, flushers… the government must control it al.

Washington (CNN)A coalition of environmental groups sued the Energy Department on Tuesday in an effort to block a new federal rule that would allow for faster dishwashers, arguing it could possibly lead to “higher household utility bills and more pollution.”

The rule finalized by the department in October would create a product class of dishwashers “with a cycle time for the normal cycle of one hour or less from washing through drying.”

But the Natural Resources Defense Council, Sierra Club and other groups want a federal appeals court to review and set aside the new rule, saying it is unnecessary in part because “most of today’s dishwashers already offer quick cycles, including some that take less than an hour.”

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January 15, 2020


And that is that as far as the swamp goes today.

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