Obama’s says he wishes for a third term – ‘Needs a front man’


Obama in an interview says he wants a third term but needs a front man. Well congrats you pulled it off. Anyone wonder where the candidates for a Biden team are coming from and who is making the picks? Look no further. Biden can’t even pronounce some of their names.

President-elect Joe Biden on Friday introduced five top picks for his new administration, drawing on leading names from the Obama White House while also tapping an Ohio congresswoman and a congressional committee veteran.

Appearing at the afternoon event were Biden’s choice for director of White House Domestic Policy Council, Susan Rice, who served as President Barack Obama’s national security adviser and U.N. ambassador; and Denis McDonough, Obama’s White House chief of staff, now nominated as veterans affairs secretary.

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Obama has no shame.  We shall see how long this stays up.

The best of the swamp.

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