Sidney Powell, Lin Wood Oppose Trump, Tell Georgians Not to Vote in Senate Runoff


Et tu, Brute?

Should we be surprised at this twist in this hellish story? More wolves in sheep’s clothes. Sidney Powell and Lin Wood telling crowd not to vote in GA runoff. Trump is on his way this Saturday for a rally and this is what his so called supporters do to him.

ATLANTA — Attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood held a press conference in Georgia on Wednesday, where Powell told the crowd not to vote in the upcoming Senate runoff election, a message that directly contrasts with President Donald Trump’s call for Georgians to turn out to vote for Republican Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue.

Powell, who is not affiliated with Trump’s legal team, told a crowd of supporters, “I think I would encourage all Georgians to make it known that you will not vote at all until your vote is secure, and I mean that regardless of party.”

When a clip of Wood’s Wednesday comments surfaced on Twitter, CNN anchor Jake Tapper retweeted the message, and “Lin Wood” quickly became a trending topic on the platform, with about 141,000 tweets at press time.



Really American, a left-wing super PAC seeking to create divides among supporters of Trump and the Georgia Republican Senate candidates by erecting billboards against the candidates in heavily Republican areas of the state, also chimed in that “Perdue & Loeffler have not earned the vote of MAGA in Georgia. They failed to deliver for Trump” More at Breitbart

Records: Lin Wood Has for Decades Voted for, Donated to Democrats Including Barack Obama and David Perdue’s 2014 Opponent

Georgia-based attorney Lin Wood is getting lots of attention for urging supporters of President Donald Trump to break with the president and not vote for GOP Sens. David Perdue (R-GA) and Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) in the upcoming January 5 runoff elections.

While Wood made his comments purportedly as a self-described supporter of Trump, while donning a red “Make America Great Again” ball cap, the real story here is that Wood is by no means a Republican and there is no record in Georgia of him ever voting for President Trump—in 2016 or in 2020—in the Republican primaries. While Wood did vote in the 2020 and 2016 general elections in Georgia—there are no records in Georgia of him pulling a GOP primary ballot in 2016 or 2020, the two years President Trump was on the ticket.

That’s what is so interesting about these people claiming to support the president’s interests telling Georgians not to back the president’s candidates for Senate in the runoffs. But maybe it is not so complicated when looking at the voting history and political donation history of the chief instigator of this narrative, Wood. Wood has long supported Democrats in the state of Georgia, and now with U.S. Senate hanging in the balance he has positioned himself as a leading voice of the MAGA movement. Republicans currently have at least 50 seats in the Senate going into next year and Democrats currently have at least 48 seats. More at Breitbart

We are really in the very best of the deep swamp with this one.

38 Responses to “Sidney Powell, Lin Wood Oppose Trump, Tell Georgians Not to Vote in Senate Runoff”

  1. geeez2014 Says:

    I can’t read more on this and I can’t read the comments.

    Any comment I made would put me in jail!

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  2. cherylpass Says:

    Listening to the Georgia hearing now and finding they are simply defending and white washing the process in Georgia, as if nothing untoward happened? They are not even allowing the witnesses to the fraud to stand and speak. I totally get what Lin Wood and Sidney Powell are saying…..why repeat the same system? There is ample / preponderance of evidence of the Dominion switching of votes and also the delivery of thousands of fraudulent votes in the middle of the night at each of these hijacked cities and states.
    Apparently, Georgia is doing nothing to clean this up.

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  3. Mustang.Koji Says:

    I am praying our great President Trump has a plan, i.e., let Rudy and Powell get everyone’s attention then blindside the Pelosi Crime Family, Crooked Hillary, corrupt Kenyan Obama and Burisma Joe with charges of treason. This is war with the Left. I hope Scytl servers can be the equivalent of the breaking of the Nazi Enigma machine and Japan’s JN-25… if not an atomic bomb.

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  4. mcnorman Says:

    For your readers…Anyone interested in the 2019 Preparing for a Disputed Presidential Election: An Exercise in Election Risk Assessment and Management document?
    From Loyola Sep 2019

    Click to access 7_Foley%20(309-362).pdf

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  5. markone1blog Says:

    I took up your challenge to blog on instances of fraud, but I know I missed a lot. I got the summary of the Phil Waldron testimony along with several key videos of his words.

    Of course, there is a ton more that is in this post (including the 8 most recent Project Veritas #CNNTAPES).

    I know that I missed at least one guy on the Arizona hearings. I only have the driver on the Virginia hearings. I also need to put in the video from the Democrats offering gift cards to Indians on the Nevada reservation. Otherwise, if something pops to your mind. Let me know and I will try to find it.

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  6. lgbmiel Says:

    This is fake news bunker. They said the election fraud needs to be fixed first.

    They said neither candidate is supporting President Trump’s efforts to root out the fraud.

    No one should be holding elections until this fraud is fixed!!

    How dare they!!!

    We know they cheated!! They will just do it again.

    And again, and again.!!!!!

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  7. kidme37 Says:

    At best, this would be like people voting for 3rd party to protest the fact that politicians are useless. Waste of time.
    Go vote folks if you would have otherwise.

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  8. markone1blog Says:

    Does it surprise me that a female lawyer from the coast might lean Democrat?

    However, there might be something going on here where lawyers are trying to prompt Never-Trump politicians into action. From what I have read, there are a fair number of establishment, Never-Trump politicians in Georgian government.

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  9. peter3nj Says:

    Let’s not lose our perspective here: What’s more important than either Trump or Biden to the forces of evil is getting a Black female Marxist who is already planning her ascension into the Oval office, ready to boot out Lunch Pail and grab the reins of power, a witch who will make Obama seem like amateur hour. Meanwhile she is doing one hell of a job staying out of the spotlight. Before PC wrecked our lives there was an old saying about some one sneaking, ready to strike out and create no good: There’s a n___er in the woodpile. Today that n___er in the woodpile is Cameltoe Harris.

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  10. hocuspocus13 Says:

    Now we know why Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis made a public statement on Sidney Powell not being part of Trump’s legal team

    Neither is Lin Wood

    I wouldn’t make too much of what they said yesterday I believe the people will do as President Trump directs them to do which is GO VOTE

    During Trump’s speech last night he said they are all watching that run off election very very closely

    After it was all over and done with I thought to myself … what was the purpose of this press briefing?

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    • bunkerville Says:

      My same thought exactly…..if some of Sidney’s claims prove false it could hurt the overall effort….Lin Wood is more to be concerned about… I looked at a lot of their little rally and it was bizarre to say the least.. Lin Wood is a self promoter….I agree.. Trumpsters will not desert him,

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      • hocuspocus13 Says:

        It is for me absolutely not comprehensible that this entire situation will be ignored and swept under the rug

        Too many people have come forward who saw way too much

        The USPS subcontractor driver who traveled 288K signed ballots from NY to PA

        How do you ignore that?

        The woman who said the military ballots looked like Xerox copies and all for Biden

        How do you ignore that?

        Those who saw the voting machines on the internet

        This fraud is too massive to be tossed aside it’s probably why Kamala Harris hasn’t resigned from the Senate

        Oh and PS:

        They have the “traffic” on the voting machines going to Germany

        I can’t imagine that anyone would actually let this overthrow of the US Government happen

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      • bunkerville Says:

        We shall soon find out how many true patriots are really out there…

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    • markone1blog Says:

      Hopefully, the Trump voter will be more motivated by Trump when he comes out than they were de-motivated by these lawyers.

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