Norway Criminalizes Certain Hate Speech in Private Homes and Conversations


This is like a bad movie. Speech control leading to thought control. We already are being encouraged to rat out our neighbor if they are not “obeying” the Masters demand for correct behavior. Now to the point of discussions with our spouse? Tell me they have to be kidding. Biden is all in with this:

The move to criminalize speech has led to an insatiable appetite for new limitations and broader prosecutions. Norway is an example of this headlong plunge into speech controls and crimes in the West. This week the legislature adopted (without even a vote) a new criminal law that punishes people for saying anything deemed hate speech toward transgender people in their own home or private conversations.

People found guilty of hate speech face a fine or up to a year in jail for private remarks, and a maximum of three years in jail for public comments, according to the penal code.


Minister of Justice and Public Security Monica Maeland  declared victory because speech regulation must be “adapted to the practical situations that arise.” The “practical situation” includes speaking to your own spouse or family.


The most chilling fact is that European-style speech controls have become a core value in the Democratic Party. Once a party that fought for free speech, it has become the party demanding Internet censorship and hate speech laws. President-Elect Joe Biden has called for speech controls and recently appointed a transition head for agency media issues that is one of the most pronounced anti-free speech figures in the United States.



From Jonathan Turley:

The New York Post reports that Biden tapped Richard Stengel to take the “team lead” position on the US Agency for Global Media, including Voice of America, the Middle East Broadcasting Networks and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. As I previously addressed in a column, Stengel has been one of the most controversial figures calling for censorship and speech controls. For a president-elect who just called for everyone to “hear each other,” he picked a top aide who wants to silence many.  Since it would be difficult to select a more anti-free speech figure to address government media policy, one has to assume that Biden will continue the onslaught against this core freedom as president.  This is not the first Biden aide to indicate a crackdown on free speech in the new Administration and Biden himself has called for greater censorship on the Internet.

Last year, Stengel wrote a chilling Washington Post op-ed that denounced free speech as a threat to social and political harmony.  Like a number of liberal and Democratic figures, Stengel struggled to convince readers that what they need is less freedom:  “All speech is not equal. And where truth cannot drive out lies, we must add new guardrails. I’m all for protecting ‘thought that we hate,’ but not speech that incites hate.”

It is a trend that seems now to be find support in the media, which celebrated the speech of French President Emmanuel Macron before Congress where he called on the United States to follow the model of Europe on hate speech.

More at  Zero Hedge


Other than that all is well in the swamp.

20 Responses to “Norway Criminalizes Certain Hate Speech in Private Homes and Conversations”

  1. peter3nj Says:

    Why are everyone’s shorts in a bunch over free speech being on it’s way to the dustbin of good ideas? As I’ve mentioned more than once in several comments I was in Cuba in December, 1999 and was privy to a people afraid to say anything out of school in reference to Fidel and/or Raul. With spies in every neighborhood-could be your brother, your mother, your best friend-there was peace in the land among the lean and semi-starving people. I mean here in this land where I dare say a majority of the population can’t go more than a half hour without a taco or a hamburger commie/Marxists/socialists have been voted in to ultimately control the means of production and the food supply. Irony? No, just garden variety stupid, out of touch indifferent suicidal morons with the right to vote; dead or alive.

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  2. Norway Criminalizes Certain Hate Speech in Private Homes and Conversations – Freedom Is Just Another Word… Says:

    […] Norway Criminalizes Certain Hate Speech in Private Homes and Conversations […]

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  3. kidme37 Says:

    Joe is down with whatever they tell him to be down with. He has no brain. no original thought. He has spent his entire life as a puppet.

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  4. markone1blog Says:

    This is what I have always thought about the hate speech laws. What really gets me is that there are acts that are taken from a stance of love that others have been construed as being hateful. Additionally, these complaints seem always to come from one thin-skinned community that formerly said that they only wanted equality, but now seem to want to rule with an iron fist.

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    • Mustang Says:

      Loving our neighbor as we love ourselves means that we pray for our neighbors and help them when we can –, but we leave them alone to choose their own religious beliefs. Anything else is no different from what the Islamists are doing, forcing others to believe or behave as they do. There is no shortage of religious zealotry in the world. Extrapolating, the leftist demand that we believe in nothing beyond socialism is no more/no less than non-religious zealotry.

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      • markone1blog Says:

        Agreed when it comes to neighbors; however, when it comes to matters within a family — especially when one person wants out of a particular lifestyle — it is illegal in a number of states to provide counseling to that person on how to leave that lifestyle.

        Mind you, it is not illegal to counsel people on how to quit smoking, quit or reduce the consumption of intoxicating substances, …

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  5. hocuspocus13 Says:

    Because you Bunk are such a good detective and sniff out the facts let me ask you this…

    Have you heard about that fall Joe Biden took?

    Apparently he tripped over his dog and sprained his ankle

    Last night thru a reliable source it was said that Biden had a cat scan

    Wondering why would he need a cat scan for just a little sprain

    Interesting… 🤔

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    • bunkerville Says:

      It made no sense….I had the same thought.. why not an MRI..Cat scans more for a vessel I would think,,,,It was a Sunday… some MRI’s are not as staffed as CAT scans was my only thought… I would have thought an x-ray would have about done it to show a fracture. But I am not a doctor but I play one… 🙂

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    • Mustang Says:

      Very interesting. The 20th Amendment tells us that if the president-elect dies before taking office on 20 January, but after the House tallies the electoral votes, the Vice President shall succeed him as president. If the president-elect dies before the House has counted the electoral votes, the Vice President shall serve as “Acting” president until the House and the States have rectified their electors. If the president-elect dies before the new congress is installed on 3 January, then we have a constitutional crisis —one that couldn’t possibly be worse than either Biden or Harris assuming the highest office.

      As to the speech issue, there were (and continue to be) two kinds of Europeans. Those with a set of balls and those with no balls whatsoever. Those with balls have traditionally migrated to the United States, became Americans, and helped create the world’s greatest country. Those without balls stayed in Europe and did what their monarchs told them to do. They became Muppets. So, for the Norwegians to decide they don’t like the sound of their people’s voices … meh.

      Now it seems there are two kinds of Americans—those with a set of balls and those who vote Democratic. The Republic spirals.

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      • bunkerville Says:

        HP raised an interesting issue that I was tempted to opine as a post……Biden insisted that no photos be taken but I did see one claiming to be one of him on twitter of poor quality.

        Thanks for the update on what more of a hellish a situation could develop if Biden checks out. Yes, our country was founded on the very best of testosterone laden men and women of a brave heart that risked it all to make our Nation,… Good luck America.

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    • peter3nj Says:

      He should have had a dog scan.
      In October, 2017 when my finger was shattered by a foul ball while umpiring behind the plate the ER doctor asked if an x-ray was needed. But then I sir am no Joe Biden.
      They should have CT’ed Joe’s brain while they had him.

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  6. Ed Bonderenka Says:

    I got some hate speech for you.

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