Chicago Mayor Lightfoot looking forward to Biden’s science


It’s been a rough week so I thought I would throw in the bizarre and absurd.

Mayor Lightfoot has her priorities. I am sure Chicagoans will be pleased to know the Mayor is worried about the health of her city. She might want to think about what to do about her killing fields but what the heck…oh, and the science? Let’s check in with Dr. Fauci.



Yes…. it’s all about the science.


That is the best of the swamp…other than this……

21 Responses to “Chicago Mayor Lightfoot looking forward to Biden’s science”

  1. Always On Watch Says:

    Lightfoot is in the realm of the surreal in that video. Just sayin’.

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  2. Adrienne Says:

    Science is back, baby??? Someone needs to tell that ugly little squid the number one purpose of sex is procreation. Her having sex with her big assed white “wife” will not produce any offspring. That, my dear friends, is science.

    Not a very nice thing to say? Too bad. I am so finished with “nice.”

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  3. peter3nj Says:

    Anyone with a scientific bent knows darn well those Chitown killing fields are a result of climate change. The warming trends in Chicago cause gangs to cruise depressed neighborhoods in their low rider automobiles and shoot at women, children and enemy drug dealers. But now wit Biden in da White House we all be cool ya cuz he be giving out free Biden air conditioners like Obama phones be givened out.

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  4. Mustang Says:

    People, or so it seems, always make momentous decisions based on their perception of what’s good for them. We refer to this as “self-interest.” The expression is probably far more relevant than such nebulous terms as “national interests” since no one really understands what that means. Our involvement in Afghanistan, for example, is often described by highly placed government officials as being in the “national interests.” I fail to see how that could be true, but then I’m not a government official and my parents were married.

    I have heard politicians claim that Americans vote with their pocketbooks. I fail to see evidence of that when (if it’s true) Americans overwhelmingly and somewhat consistently vote for politicians who tax and spend American voters into oblivion. How is voting for high taxes, open borders, welfare systems, lack of transparency, or an entire range of Marxist-inspired programs in anyone’s self-interest?

    It only makes sense (to me) when we add the qualifier “perceived self-interest”. If people think they will personally benefit from higher taxes (make rich people and corporations pay most of the costs of government), to pay for open borders, welfare systems, and other Marxist-inspired programs, they’ll vote for the politicians who espouse them. What they do not (and perhaps, are incapable of) perceiving, is that the cost of a tube of toothpaste goes up proportional to the amount of increase in taxes imposed upon the manufacturer by dim-witted politicians. For those who graduated at the head of their class in America’s public school system, it isn’t just the cost of toothpaste that goes up … it’s also cars, refrigerators, utility bills, and everything in your pantry or clothes closet. For those who graduated from Columbia, Brown, or Harvard, that means that rich people and corporations pay no additional taxes because consumers pay them — in terms of the increased costs of material goods. Dopes.

    As an aside, to what extent has the American education system contributed to this apparent lack of common sense? I know the answer.

    And there are some who believe that America 2020 is involved in another civil war. I’m one of those people. As in any war, to the victor goes the spoils. But the truth is that Americans have always been at war with each other, from the earliest “founding” days to 1850, 1861, 1877, 1960, 1990, and today. The only difference between today and the early 1860s is that we are (mostly) NOT shooting at each other. Everything else is the same—including the presence in our society of carpetbaggers and scalawags.

    There was a time when Democrats kept blacks on a tight leash. This is still mostly true. If a Democratic politician is able to convince stupid people that they’re the Messiah and that the best course of action within black communities is to “get over on whitey” by supporting their candidacy, then all I can say is, “Welcome back to the plantation, Bozo.” To help open those gates to Tara, Democrats have unleashed a small percentage of dumb-ass black politicians — The modern version of pied (paid) pipers who will lead the mostly-ignorant mass of black humanity back to the plantation. It all be good.

    Lightfoot is one of those modern-day scalawags; what she’s doing to her black constituents is criminal, but they’re lapping it up and I feel no sympathy for them. If they want to continue living in the cesspool of Southside Chicago, under the thumb of a black Marxist, who am I to stand in their way?

    Between 1791 — 1804, black slaves of Haiti rebelled against their French masters. By 1804, black Haitians managed to exterminate all Frenchmen, their wives, and all their children, (mostly with machetes). Apparently, then, Haitian blacks in 1804 were about a thousand times smarter than their modern-day American counterparts. If this were not true, NO Democrats would be left alive in America today. This would seem to prove several propositions: (1) American Democrats are smarter than the French slave owners in 1804; (2) It is clearly in the “perceived self-interest” of American blacks to keep themselves in chains on the Democratic plantation; (3) If the federal government doesn’t sort out these massive voting irregularities, soon, then there is no reason for any honest civic-minded person to bother to vote in any subsequent election — we will see an exponential increase in the number of “Lightfoots” in Democratic politics.

    Can you gives me an amen?

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  5. hocuspocus13 Says:

    FYI… ☔

    a Trump supporter by the name of Truman Black did a forensic report on each State and the amount of Trump votes switched to Biden

    Findings can be found on
    Report any voting “irregularities” to
    Saturday November 14th

    Million MAGA March thru DC will be there with cameras and can be live streamed
    Rumor has it…

    After Trump won NC Biden put a LID on it … perhaps the fact BLM has sent Biden a letter with their demands after “getting the vote out” 🤔 might have something to do with Biden’s MIA

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  6. markone1blog Says:

    My first reaction was, “Is this a Beetlejuice sequel?” When the lab coat lady (and that is stretching it) came out, I asked, “Is this a Bride of Frankenstein sequel?”

    Which is it?

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