Foreign Scytl electronic voting systems used in election. Known flaws


Who is Scytl voting systems and why we should be afraid. The headline reads:

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Analysis of Election Night Data from All States Shows MILLIONS OF VOTES Either Switched from President Trump to Biden or Were Lost — Using Dominion and Other Systems

First the blurb from Scytl’s website so we know who is on first base:

78 million registered voters across the U.S. benefit from Scytl secure election technology during the 2020 General Election

Service Point Solutions, part of Paragon Group, announces the acquisition of Scytl, the Barcelona based company leader in digital voting and electoral modernization.

Service Point Solutions, a company quoted in the Spanish Stock Exchange and part of Paragon group, announced today the acquisition of Scytl, a Barcelona based company leader in digital voting and electoral modernization. The acquisition also includes Civiciti, the citizen participation platform launched by the software company in 2016, and Scytl subsidiaries in USA, Canada, Australia, France and Greece. This acquisition unveils Paragon’s group strategy to position Service Point Solutions as a pan-european platform for high-growth digital business.

See full details here.

78 million registered voters across the U.S. benefit from Scytl secure election technology during the 2020 General Election

78 million voters from more than 800 U.S. counties in states including Colorado, Georgia, New Jersey, California, and Texas benefited from Scytl secure election solutions.

Scytl award-winning technologies – including Online Election Worker Training, Online Voter Education, Election Night Reporting, and eBallot Delivery – helped election offices across the U.S. simplify their 2020 General Election and increase security, transparency, efficiency, and access to important election information before, during, and after the election.

So let’s take a spin as to what we here in Bunkerland warned about years ago….2018

I just read that it is Microsoft to the rescue in “saving” our election process, now that is a laugh. The very people that have their hand in the cookie jar….but wait. I am getting ahead. Let me retool a 2014 post. I am sure it is worse by now:

In what has to be one of the most troubling pieces of news, we learn that Scytl is on the move in taking control of many world-wide elections as well as increasing in U.S. elections via electronic means.

Now Microsoft’s Paul Allen has chipped into the pot. Here is the update from earlier posts you might want to check out. First the back story.

Foreign company owns U.S. election software-UPDATE

“Obama donor’s company funds controversial election firm” reads the headline. We now are turning over our election software to a foreign company that happens to support Obama.The Drudge Report yesterday ran a feature titled “Foreign company buys U.S. election results reporting firm.” The article documented that SCYTL, based in Barcelona, acquired 100 percent of SOE Software, the leading software provider of election management solutions in the United States. Drudge reports that the  best part is that the election results are redirected not to a USA server, but to a server overseas.

UPDATE:Save American Foundation:

SCYTL, the global leader in secure electronic voting technologies, announced today the acquisition of 100% of SOE Software, the leading software provider of election management solutions in the United States.

A foreign Company, based in Spain, with ties to Obama is the leading election software providers with their servers in Spain.

This is worse: This redirects results reporting to a centralized privately held server which is not just for Ohio, but national; not just USA-based, but global.

Your e-Government software experts. Why choose SOE Software for your communication, productivity and e-Learning solutions? Ask our customers in over 525 jurisdictions in 19 states that we currently work with (AL, AZ, CA, CO, DC, FL, KY, MI, KS, IL, IN, NC, NM, MN, NY, SC, TX, UT, WA). The answer you will hear again and again is unrivaled experience. SOE Staff members have worked in the public sector and understand your needs. SOE Software offers the solutions you need with the support you demand. From Soe Software

Why is a software company based in Barcelona Spain(SCYTL)  now in charge of counting our votes in the upcoming General Election on November 6th.  Did the Federal Elections Commission approve of this ?  (FEC) Did the Congress of the United States approve of this ?

The firm already provides balloting for overseas U.S. military and civilian voting in nine states along with elections technologies in several districts

With the purchase of SOE Software, meanwhile, SCYTL has increased its involvement in the U.S. elections process. SOE Software boasts a strong U.S. presence, providing results in over 900 jurisdictions.

In 2009, SCYTL formally registered with the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (AEC) as the first Internet voting manufacturer in the U.S. under the EAC Voting System Testing and Certification Program.

Project Vote noted that in 2008, the Florida Department of State commissioned a review of SCYTL’s remote voting software and concluded, in part, that:

  • The system is vulnerable to attack from insiders.
  • In a worst case scenario, the software could lead to (1) voters being unable to cast votes; (2) an election that does not accurately reflect the will of the voters; and (3) possible disclosure of confidential information, such as the votes cast by individual voters.
  • The system may be subject to attacks that could compromise the integrity of the votes cast.

Full story over at  WND

Check out Hacked D.C. election test site researcher testifies easy to do

University of Michigan professor who with his students hacked a prototype D.C. voting website and had it play the school’s fight song said today it will be decades, if ever, before voting can be performed safely over the Internet.

J. Alex Halderman, a computer science professor, has been participating in a test of Washington’s new “Digital Vote By Mail” system, which was supposed to allow some 900 D.C. overseas voters submit ballots over the Internet.

During the test, which began last week, not only was Halderman’s group able to get the site to play the fight song, they also changed cast votes to “evil science fiction robots” and gained access to video cameras monitoring a board of elections data center.

Halderman’s hack prompted election officials to take down the system for several days, but it went back up on Tuesday. Halderman said that on Thursday his group changed the password to part of the system to “InternetVotingIsDangerous!” and locked officials out. The test of the system was supposed to end today. Full story at Ann Arbor

Now back to the latest news:

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, a supporter of President Obama, is investing $40 million in Scytl, the Spain-based firm that in January 2012 acquired 100 percent of SOE Software, the leading software provider of election management solutions in the United States.

Allen made the investment via his Vulcan Capital, the investment management firm that oversees his multi-billion dollar portfolio.

Abhishek Agrawal, Vulcan Capital’s managing director, told the Wall Street Journal’s blog he expects countries to eventually become comfortable with digital-only elections.

“This is a very powerful global trend,” Agrawal added. “There is a pathway toward gradual modernization.”

Another of Allen’s charitable groups, the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, donated a total of $250,000 to the immigration-reform advocacy group Centro de la Raza.

The same foundation provided $450,000 to the Urban Institute.

The supposedly “nonpartisan” Urban Institute’s employees have a record of donating nearly 100 percent of their political contributions to Democrats. Officially, the Urban Institute advocates for socialized medicine, carbon taxes and amnesty for illegal aliens.

Scytl, meanwhile, is advancing worldwide. WND reported yesterday an entire municipality in Canada will utilize online-only voting in the next election, with all balloting to be run via Scytl.

WND reported in 2012 that Scytl announced the successful implementation of technology that allows ballots to be cast using Google and Apple smartphones and tablet computers

Read more at WND

B-Ville has been on the job: Earlier Daily Special Posts”

Sanders worried about Microsoft’s Apps involvement in Iowa caucus with good reason

Obama sues to restrict military voting

Everything A-OK here in the swamp.


39 Responses to “Foreign Scytl electronic voting systems used in election. Known flaws”

  1. America’s corrupt voting systems and the great reveal | BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades! Says:

    […] Foreign Scytl electronic voting systems used in election. Known flaws […]


  2. Skip Patel Says:

    Another of Allen’s charitable groups, the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, donated a total of $250,000 to the immigration-reform advocacy group Centro de la Raza.

    “Immigration-reform advocacy group”????
    They call themselves “America’s Palestinians” and they want us OUT!


  3. Steve Dennis Says:

    Technically they are not flaws if they are working exactly as they were intended to work… 😉

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  4. annie Says:

    There are many politicians involved in these companies too.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Denise Charmaine Says:

    Have you ever seen Robin Williams movie Man of the Year? I seen it for the 1st time the week before the election asking my husband and a friend, “Do you think they’re telling us something?”My answer now, post election, Yes! They were! They’re stealing the election. But…The Truth will prevail!! One Love! 🇺🇸🕊🦋

    Liked by 1 person

    • bunkerville Says:

      I don’t recall it but I saw many of his films.. I will look it up. Thanks for stopping by,


      • Denise Charmaine Says:

        Do that! It’s about how his character. A comedian decides he’s going to run for president. Due to a computer glitch he ends up winning. Then the cover-up that follows. The software company knowing it had a glitch. Love Robin Williams! Funny how I had never this movie until now when it is so relative!! Keep the Faith!!🇺🇸

        Liked by 1 person

  6. geeez2014 Says:

    One person; One ID card with a bar code….swipes into the voting machine…cannot be swiped again. This German format has been my dream for America but Republicans are itchy about the “BIG BROTHER ID CARD” for years, as if the internet doesn’t have so much on us an ID card’s info is irrelevant.
    Now, however, how would we know that electronic swipe registered correctly?

    Will there ever be a legal election again? And where is the media? (Stop laughing)

    NONE of this would bother me had we a media which hadn’t been taught in American universities that far leftism is the justifiable and righteous future of our country, making them not care a bit about anything but hating anything Conservative. investigations, no fight for honesty…nothing.
    I once asked a very well connected friend who worked directly under Reagan why young Cons. journalists don’t speak out “nobody will hire them”. mhm.

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  7. Linda Says:

    Great minds, I was just reading this very thing…sigh…

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  8. hocuspocus13 Says:

    Million MAGA March
    This Saturday November 14 thru DC
    12 noon will be there with cameras

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  9. hocuspocus13 Says:

    …and another thing these “tricky” little voting machines do

    They count our votes in percentages

    You think you have one “whole” vote

    Whole being the key word and something we voters don’t even think about

    But when you cast your vote at one of those “tricky” little voting machines

    Your vote tallies up as only half a vote or even a quarter of a vote

    So your candidate needs more votes to beat his opponent

    That being of course if your voting Republican

    We have come to the realization that the DemoKKKrat Party is not longer a Political Party but rather a Criminal Organization

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    • bunkerville Says:

      That is what we had…. you mentioned Syctl and I recall many posts on the topic….. fraud being exposed big time HP

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      • bunkerville Says:

        I read that there are whistle blowers from Dominion ready to sing…. would be something

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      • markone1blog Says:

        Yep. I read the same on Twitchy. Specifically:

        This woman is an IT tech for Dominion Voting Systems, sent to the polls to make sure the machines operate correctly and assist the workers.

        She was scheduled to be on FOX with Hannity and was canceled last minute.
        She is naming names. This took place in Detroit. Here is the synopsis.
        This lady is an IT tech for Dominion Voting Systems, sent to the polls to make sure the machines operate correctly and assist the workers.
        -While there observes anomalies in the counter on one of the tabulating machines, resulting in hundreds of votes being counted numerous times
        When reported to her boss Nick Ikonomakis (VP and co-owner) he took her aside and said “the last thing we need is a problem, we are only here to assist with IT, not help them run elections”
        There were 40 such machines running, she estimates thousands and thousands of anomalies like this, just in that one location
        If a reject ballot would not go thru the machine, the employee would get a blank ballot and fill it out, unsupervised, and then forge the voters signature. She witnessed this all day and all night.
        in a 24 hour shift, not a single ballot filled-in this way was for Trump. There was a table that they called “duplicate ballots” for these, which numbered in the thousands
        Two young guys in their 20s were responsible for inputting ALL the information from that location into the computer. There was no oversight of them. The two of them worked doubles, all day and all night, and were friendly with Nick.
        of all the workers there, this whistleblower lady was the ONLY republican, which she kept a secret. Every other worker was disparaging of Trump the entire time, and were wearing BLM stuff, ‘I can’t breathe’, etc.
        -Also implicated in the mis-handling was City of Detroit employees and supervisors, including Daniel Baxter, doing forbidden things such as going outside to smoke. It is supposed to be a contained building. They were in and out all through the shift, with boxes of ballots just sitting on tables.
        City was supposed to provide food for the workers, but didn’t have enough. Vans were brought in supposedly to bring food, but no food ever came out of the vans. They were completely unmarked vehicles. Whatever was being unloaded from the vans went out their back doors and up the stairs.


  10. Mustang Says:

    Besides drawing a nice fat paycheck issued from funds coerced from the American Taxpayer, I’m not sure what anyone in the Federal Elections Commission does for a living. It certainly isn’t anything to do with assuring us of fair and honest elections. Promoting confidence in our electoral process is one mission. Still, personally, I have no confidence in it, or them … as they seem to focus more on finance laws than process integrity. Hmmm. Maybe that’s the problem. And, if this is true, then what federal agency DOES have oversight of the voting process?

    Kid’s recent post is about “truckers” shutting down the US on 29 November. I’m not sure what good that will do to the election’s problem, and it does reek of French-ism … are we just adrift in this good ship? Would this suggest a “diversionary tactic,” and are American truckers working for Soros now?

    We are spiraling, Bunks …

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  11. markone1blog Says:

    At least we could laugh at Abbott & Costello. As for myself, I would like to jail Feinstein, Biden, et al.

    Liked by 2 people

  12. Ed Bonderenka Says:

    It’s not just the software. It’s the operators of the software.
    There are affidavits filed in Detroit of people scanning votes multiple times.

    Liked by 3 people

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