Anderson Cooper calls Trump an Obese Turtle

Anderson Cooper is a class act. Sums up the Democrat view of illegal voting. OK in my backyard.

How is the vote going in Lancaster County PA ?

The Associated Press has called 15 of the 18 seats up for election · Learn more

Pennsylvania · US House

How does this work?

Republican Party
Democratic Party6
Other parties0

And where are the GOPers in support of our President?

Republican lawmakers and officials are pushing back against President Donald Trump’s series of false claims Thursday night about the presidential election, although many did not mention him by name.

Yet all of the GOP House members made it back to congress and it looks like at least 8 to as many as 15 were added. Local and State GOP had similar results. How is it that the all theses republicans were supported with a yes and not the President?

Other than that all is well in the swamp?

27 Responses to “Anderson Cooper calls Trump an Obese Turtle”

  1. Linda Says:

    A lot of sheninagians going on. Keep the faith. smiles

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  2. Bill Heffner Says:

    I think the chart you show is using the numbers of registered voters from 2018. I know Wisconsin is, and overall turnout in Wisconsin was only about 90% or so of 2020 registered voters. Still, for the state total to be 90%, some districts have to be higher, and indeed some are, In Milwaukee some precincts are as high as 200% voter turnout, and it will not surprise you to hear that those precincts are 100% Biden.

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  3. annie Says:

    Cooper has little room to call names given what he really is and his decayed family background! The swamp is in the majority sadly.

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  4. Always On Watch Says:

    An obese turtle?

    God! Anderson Cooper makes we wanna puke!

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  5. hocuspocus13 Says:

    Mike Roman

    Trump’s Election Day Operation Director put a video out of a usps mailman still collecting ballots from mailboxes after Nov 3

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  6. Mustang Says:

    Anyone who claims to be a conservative and then rejects a conservative president based on his “rough” demeanor isn’t a conservative. Someone should tell him/her that … otherwise, they’ll go the rest of their lives deluding themselves. More than this, anyone who will vote for Biden is no true American; there is nothing about his or the DNC’s platforms that even remotely embrace true American values.

    Any time a state tallies a voting percentage above 100% of legal (registered) voters, it should trigger a massive investigation of the state elections commissioner and the entire voting apparatus. There can be NO greater indication of voting fraud than that …

    It wasn’t the Huns who destroyed Rome; it was the Romans themselves. In every single measure you care to consider, social issues, political issues, financial transactions, the courts, religion—all of it had become utterly corrupt. Rome lasted 1,176 years … a good run by any measure, but ended abruptly in 426 AD. Today, the United States is but 244 years old … about .41% of the number of years Rome existed and flourished … and we are ten times more corrupt than Rome was on its last day. Brace yourselves … our end is coming sooner than you think, and it won’t be pretty. America’s Republic won’t be making a comeback. It won’t be anyone’s fault but our own.


  7. hocuspocus13 Says:

    Project Veritas has 3 undercover videos of USPS workers back dating ballots to Nov 3 … go watch

    Quite a few months back I was hearing about a Trump patent on BlockChain that will be used Nov 3 election

    The Patent was Feb 2020

    No explanation of what it was till now

    BlockChain is a water mark Trump put on all legal ballots for registered voters

    Trump also signed an executive order in 2018 so DHS could help all the States with elections as well as 1000 jurisdictions

    The States had to get Gov authorization of what printing company they were going to use to print ballots

    Thus water marks on ballots

    What you are witnessing is a Sting Operation

    You can’t convict someone for a crime until they commit the crime

    Don’t let the main stream media pull you in the direction they want to

    Trump is not just putting out a fire or 2 he’s bringing the entire cabal down once and for all and it ain’t going to be pretty

    Keep the faith 😇✌😇✌😇

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  8. Ed Bonderenka Says:

    You, are of course, correct about all the downticket wins with a “loss” at the top.
    I said as much on FB yesterday and one conservative replied that she felt many rejected Trump specifically for his demeanor.
    I find that hard to believe. But I know she fears Covid deeply and she herself may have done as she described.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      I can’t recall any Presidential election where the down ballot did better than the top…. Here in Lancaster you can see how the counting went…. I agree with the COVID… I do think he had been too caviler and not sympathetic about it, still hard to imagine a Biden/Harris world.

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  9. Ed Bonderenka Says:

    Off Topic Alert!
    My FaceBook Group of conservatives and many others have been put on moderation until Jan 4th.
    Every post to the group must be approved by a moderator or admin.
    So I approved a number of moderators so they could approve posts.
    They have basically locked up conservative groups.
    But blogs remain free.

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  10. Steve Dennis Says:

    The swamp is going to be a little bit deeper when all is said and done…

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