Meacham On Trump Voters: Trump Appeals To ‘Lizard Brain’ ‘White Guys’


How about some nuggets from the trail to start off a Monday. For some reason I don’t think Jon Meacham has much respect for us Trump supporters. Here is the first nugget.



Here is one to think about. Doesn’t sound good to me.


This is what happens when Gramps starts to sundown with dementia. Sounds like its time to go back to the basement.



Biden Says America Is ‘An Idea’ That ‘We Never Lived Up To’ – and Here’s Why He’s Wrong

An ad no less from Biden.

I will end with a feel good moment.



That’s it folks.  The best of the swamp.



17 Responses to “Meacham On Trump Voters: Trump Appeals To ‘Lizard Brain’ ‘White Guys’”

  1. peter3nj Says:

    Jews for Trump attacked (also posted over at GEEEZ)

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  2. Linda Says:

    Swampy nasty creatures, the dems and rinos, I mean. smiles

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  3. Mustang Says:

    To people like Joe Biden, America will only reach its potential when America becomes the identical twin of Soviet Russia. In Soviet Russia (and all its Union states), everyone was treated exactly the same (except for the political hierarchy, of course). And it was quite easy for the Soviets to achieve absolute parity because everyone had nothing. This is where Joe wants to take America. There is nothing (NOTHING) American about the Democratic Platform. It is as foreign to the enlightened ideals established by our founding fathers as one can possibly get. Here’s another thought, for all those minority folks out there who think Biden/Harris is a good idea. Recall that no one was more discriminatory toward the Jews than Soviet Russia. Not even Hitler. Change “Jew” to “Black/Hispanic/Indian/Muslim/Door Knob” and that’s what Biden/Harris has in store for American minorities. To see the truth in this, how did Obama improve the lives of black Americans? In fact, black communities were WORSE off in 2016 than they were in 2008. And for all those liberal Jews out there, chomping at the bits to reelect Obama, do yourselves and everyone else a favor … don’t vote in 2020. You aren’t up to the challenge.

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  4. peter3nj Says:

    As the late great Bob Grant was fond of saying”Its sick out there and getting sicker.”

    Doctors for Joe Kamal

    Trump Voters

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  5. hocuspocus13 Says:

    Can you imagine…
    Quid Pro Joe was the BEST the DemoKKKrats had to put forth
    If it was anyone else running for President that came along with all that baggage (blackmail) the media would be screaming for the candidate to drop out of the race

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  6. markone1blog Says:

    I suppose we should copy the location of the video so that, when Twitter shadow bans it, we can still re-create it.

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  7. markone1blog Says:

    It is odd how serendipitous Twitter is (considering that they block and censor the conservative side). I just found that tweet on the dumping of tar across the BLM “mural” in front of Trump tower. That is great and will not clean up easily nor will it be easy to paint over.

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