Bombshell Leaked Phone conversations – Biden, Kerry with Petro Proroshenko

The sleeper report put out by the Senate of the Biden malfeasance has been out for almost a month. As Newt Gingrich keeps saying, read the report. Even better yet, let me include the audio of taped phone conversations that include Kerry and Biden which make clear that corruption was the order of the day with Ukraine.

WASHINGTON — U.S. Senators Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, and Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, released a report that revealed millions of dollars in questionable financial transactions between Hunter Biden and his associates and foreign individuals, including the wife of the former mayor of Moscow and individuals with ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

Read the report- link below to overview:

Johnson, Grassley Release Report on Conflicts-of-Interest Investigation

Hunter Biden, Burisma, and Corruption: The Impact on U.S. Government Policy and Related Concerns

Hunter Biden

A copy of the full report is available here.

Copies of the investigation’s interview transcripts and exhibits are available here.

The Bidens have denied any wrongdoing, however depositions from former Ukrainian officials  who were directly involved, as well as leaked recordings between Joe Biden and former Ukrainian President Petro Proroshenko have painted a picture of textbook corruption. Notably, Ukrainian parliamentarian Andriy Derkach was sanctioned by the Treasury Department for “spreading disinformation to ‘undermine’ the former vice president” when he leaked several recordings of “voices similar to Poroshenko and Biden” discussing the quid-pro-quo, which Derkach says a journalist gave to him.

Bombshell Leaked Phone conversations – Biden, Kerry.

Note about half way through is an ad to subscribe. Wait a few seconds and the report continues.

Sources from an earlier post:

It would be great if the media could bother reading the reports and exhibits. Just saying. Other than that all is well in the swamp.


17 Responses to “Bombshell Leaked Phone conversations – Biden, Kerry with Petro Proroshenko”

  1. Steve Dennis Says:

    Move along, nothing to see here…

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  2. Mustang Says:

    It would be great if the media could bother reading the reports and exhibits.

    How the Media Works

    There are presently 115 schools of journalism in the United States. In 2013, there were 198,000 students enrolled in undergraduate classes in these schools. The four year average of enrollments is just above 200,000 (per year). At the master’s level, around 1,270 per year. Assuming that a quarter of the undergraduates are college seniors, then at every graduation, there are 50,000 crisp, brand new college graduates looking for a job in their chosen field of expertise (journalism/mass communications). The concept of expertise is somewhat tongue-in-cheek since journalists have no expertise beyond writing copy (or if in the field of televised journalism, a pretty face, and a willingness to sleep their way to the top) and sucking up to their professors (later, editors).

    Fifty-thousand people looking for a position in journalism/mass communications each and every year has the effect of driving down entry-level salaries. As with most corporate structures, most people start out in scut work, “learning the ropes.” Starting annual income for a newspaper is $23,000/annually ($1,916/month). Try living on that in NYC. Entry-level television staffers do a little better at $30,000/annually ($2,500/month). The only college-aged people working at the major networks are unpaid interns.

    So, congratulations … young graduate, you’ve found a job. Would you like to keep it? You have to learn to do what you’re told. Forget all that nonsense you learned in class about the thrill and excitement of investigative journalism or combat reporting. You don’t need that anyway for writing obituaries or marketing for or templating advertisements. Do you want to move up someday, in about five years? Well, in that case, take care never to discuss any of the taboo subjects with your “friends.” You won’t have any friends in the cut-throat world of journalism/mass communications. Don’t let your mouth run away with you at the after-hours drinking hole. And if you do end up sleeping with your rabid liberal boss, make it count.

    Eventually, though, two things will happen. First, you’ll realize that either because of your personality, your looks, or your unwillingness to play ball with the hierarchy, you won’t be moving up. You’re in a dead-end job. There has to be a better way of making money —more money. You begin looking around for a real job. You may have to go back to school for a master’s in accounting, corporate public affairs, or education where you end up teaching high school journalism. Master’s programs are expensive, though —so you may need to get another (part-time) job. Or, two, you move up to the third floor.

    Now, you’re a real journalist … except that your editor gives you assignments, a deadline, and makes a lot of nasty red markings on your copy. You didn’t write what he/she wanted. Your conclusions were faulty … they weren’t “left enough.” Don’t worry; you’ll eventually figure it out. You’ll have to figure it out if you want to keep your job or if you expect to move further up the ladder and cover something more than flooding in Houston.

    And you’ll also learn that having any expertise in the subject you’re writing about isn’t necessary. Not even senior journalists bother with that. Not even the senior veterans of journalism understand half of the subjects they write about in domestic policy, world affairs, psychology, sociology, history, or the economy. Knowing this stuff is a waste of time because the editors will tell you what they are looking for in your final product. He or she will also tell you what the “acceptable facts” are, the ones you should use to lead you to your concluding paragraph —not those other facts. They’re probably immaterial, anyway.

    Congratulations again for “making it” to your ten-year pin. Now you’re a bona fide journalist. You’re making good money, and isn’t that the most important thing? And you’re now convinced that you know more than anyone else, you’ve learned that Christians are bad, throat-cutting Moslems are good, Orange Man is a plague upon the earth, Kamala Harris is the hope of the nation, that we need a more liberal immigration policy with Mexico, that illegals should vote in US elections because they’re people, too, and that no one with compassion for the human spirit can support maintaining a viable police force. Also, burning cities makes good copy if you can somehow pin it on the … ugh, conservative agenda.

    The only question remaining, assuming that you ever do any introspection at all, is this: how do you live with yourself?

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Sadly you are right on point. There was a time before news was categorized as entertainment by the networks, there were news bureaus all over the world. Senior, mostly men who had an understanding of the politics of their regions and could opine intelligently.
      After the episode that I witnessed first hand here in PA with Peter Doocy covering Biden for Fox I concluded there were no reporters as we knew them decades ago.. It was absurd coverage and false.
      If I could spend a couple of hours putting together some research as do you for your posts, why can’t kids learn the enjoyment of putting together pieces together and form a story? But as you point out…. it must fit the agenda now.

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    • peter3nj Says:

      Now we have get a better understanding as to why these cub reporters with a masters degree relate so wholeheartedly with Lunch Pail: They too, not unlike Biden, live in a basement; though Biden without his mommy and daddy.

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      • Mustang Says:

        I think there is also another aspect to this, Peter. Our “children” today never fail at anything; they get blue ribbons for showing up, even if disheveled. Suddenly, they’re in an environment where they can fail (e.g., if they refuse to give in to their leftist editor’s bull tacos), and so they will sell their souls to avoid being canned. Few young people have the principles routinely exhibited by our generation. There are no more up-and-coming Teddy Roosevelts among us. This is a disturbing observation, but I believe very accurate.

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  3. peter3nj Says:

    Sad to contemplate but in the end we may once again be forced to accept the magic word NEXT !!!!
    While FIB oops FBI sat on this what were Grassley & Co. doing besides courting contributors? He may have issued a report but seems to have done a hell of a job keeping it out of the spotlight; unless we missed something., Flip this around and had Donald Jr won and not reported winning $50 in Vegas the sound and fury from the media would be deafening. The stench of corruption is leaking both sides of the aisle.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      As you know doubt have figured this is the second round of trying to get some attention on this… Only 87 pages…to read……. Before its news picked it up so maybe someone of consequence will decide its worthy of a report…. Newt keeps bringing it up… other than that is has gone into a very dark hole…

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  4. markone1blog Says:

    Wray needs to answer for why Joe hasn’t been brought up on charges for taking money from foreign entities. Wray needs to answer for why Hunter hasn’t been brought up on charges for having sex with minors, sex trafficking, and organized crime.

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  5. Linda Says:

    The swamp is deep my friend…deep. I think the whole government needs an enema. lol

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  6. markone1blog Says:

    Biden can deny all he wants. The press will help him and Schiff will scream “Russian collusion.” Still, golf outing photos with the guys you are denying having met, 26K emails to and from them, and Hunter’s drug addled escapades tell another story.

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  7. Ed Bonderenka Says:

    It seems that the entire operation was exposed by the action of a drug addled pervert.
    He had a choice of where to take that laptop for repair.
    He took it to a patriot, the son of a decorated patriot.
    And the walls came tumbling down.
    I see the Hand of God in this.

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