Anti-Trump debate moderator Kristen Welker compilation trashing Trump


One can only wonder how in the world did the GOP ever agree to the moderators of the so-called debates? Chris Wallace was a disaster. We know the story of Scully. Now we have this piece of work on tap for this week’s debate. Best thing now they add a mute button. Gateway Pundit snagged a couple of her best moments.

Why would President Trump subject himself to a moderator Kristen Welker who has said he needed Stone to help him “cheat his way into the” White House? It’s outrageous that the debates are a stacked deck against him.


Here we go:

A week ago the third official anti-Trump debate moderator Kristen Welker deleted her Twitter account.

Too bad for Kristen Welker the internet lasts forever and a couple of her anti-Trump tweets were later brought to light.

Here is a video compilation of Kristen Welker trashing President Trump and pushing the Russia hoax.




H/T: Gateway Pundit

Other than that all is swell in the swamp.

23 Responses to “Anti-Trump debate moderator Kristen Welker compilation trashing Trump”

  1. donmatthewspoetry Says:

    I hear there’s a late contender for the presidency. Do you think he has a chance?


  2. Steve Dennis Says:

    She is a professional so I am sure she will be right down the middle. 🙂 This really is a joke and I think the Republicans don’t object to it because they really would rather work with a swamp creature like Biden than an outside like Trump. Why Trump agreed to it I can only guess, he knows if he doesn’t then the left will say he is ducking Biden.

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  3. peter3 Says:

    Off topic: As the TV airwaves are inundated with the widow McCain shilling for her dead husband’s best bud the logical conclusion is that Crash was just as corrupt as Lunch Pail. just sayin’

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    • bunkerville Says:

      We here in PA are getting inundated with loser McCain ad. For sure… part he was peddling Russia Russia Russia.


    • Mustang Says:

      Everyone who thinks that McCain was a conservative, raise your hand. No one? No one? Right again, Bunksters. The man was as corrupt as you could get and still remain outside of a federal penitentiary. Not only that, his scheme to sell Al Qaeda US weapons placed our servicemen in grave danger. A pox on him and his entire family. And Senator Graham can piss off, too.

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      • bunkerville Says:

        So glad you added Graham… once again he stymies getting Twitter and FB on the record with a hearing. If I didn’t think we need every senator to keep our majority I would wish him farewell.


  4. Mustang Says:

    The behavior of the political/progressive/communist left in this country is deplorable; the lack of action on the political/conservative/republican right is just as bad. There are so many clowns in our society today; you need a program to sort them out. I’d like to be White House Press Secretary for a few weeks.

    Me: Yes?

    Journalist: Stupid question.

    Me: That was a stupid question and a waste of valuable oxygen. Sit down. After the meeting, today, turn in your White House Press badge.

    Okay, maybe a single week would do it.

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  5. peter3nj Says:

    The burning question: what will be Lunch Pail’s favorite flavor of ice cream 🍦 be come this Thursday?

    So Mr Vice President how do you take your coffee? “I like it like my running mate, black and sweet.”

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  6. Linda Says:

    If I were the President, I wouldn’t do this debate. Just saying.

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    • markone1blog Says:

      I wish that the President would answer the moderator’s questions with one-word answers and then pepper either Biden or the moderator with questions.

      For example, he might hit Biden with “Why did you sell out America for millions from China, Iraq, and Ukraine?”

      Or he might hit the moderator with “When did you drop your ‘registered Democrat’ label?”

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  7. markone1blog Says:

    So, I don’t suppose there is a possibility that Ms. Welker will pick up the current line of Schiff and start repeating the Democrat catch word, is there?

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