Facebook adviser on “election policy” was VP Biden’s adviser to Ukraine

Now we learn who is in charge of Facebook’s “election integrity on the platform” – no less than someone who was a policy adviser to Biden.

Anna Makanju is currently blocking all of the negative evidence of Hunter and Joe Biden’s corrupt activity in Ukraine and is the same person who was coordinating the corrupt activity between the Biden family payoffs and Ukraine. She was born and raised in the Soviet Union.

The swamp is very deep indeed. First a refresher:

Earlier I posted Joe Biden’s super PAC head run by a foreign ageny.  which identified more money connections with the Ukraine and Bursima.“

A former Joe Biden aide has filed paperwork to form a super PAC, called Unite the Country, that is set to boost the former vice president with millions of dollars in spending in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary,” Politico reported.

The firm worked for the party, the Bangladesh Nationalist Party, as a subcontractor to Blue Star Strategies, a Washington lobbying shop run by two veterans of the Clinton administration.

Blue Star has another connection to the Bidens: The firm advised the Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings while Hunter Biden served on its board, according to The Times.

Now the latest with our good friends-

Anna Makanju is the Facebook executive in charge of “election integrity on the platform”; and guess what her job was before that position… “Previously, she was the special policy adviser for Europe and Eurasia to former US Vice President Joe Biden”. (citation)

Source: Conservative Tree House

16 Responses to “Facebook adviser on “election policy” was VP Biden’s adviser to Ukraine”

  1. Steve Dennis Says:

    There is just no way to get around the swamp, so disheartening!

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  2. markone1blog Says:

    The problem with posting to Twitter and Facebook is that they dial it down. State Senator Paul Bettencourt posted voter suppression data (where he found 9 of the 10 drive-through voting locations in Harris County were set up in Democrat areas and none of the Democrat polling locations had waiting while Republican areas had at least a 40-minute wait.

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    • markone1blog Says:

      That report can hardly be found on Facebook, though it has been there for weeks. You have to know the specifics of the account to find it.

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      • markone1blog Says:

        If any of you search Facebook for “Harris County drive-through voting,” I would like to know if you are able to find Senator Bettencourt’s report. I went to his account just because I know he is a good source of conservative information regarding the Houston area (without knowing about his multiple reports, since they had not cracked into the local “news”).

        Let me know if Facebook has loosened the vice grip on conservative information like what the senator releases.


      • bunkerville Says:

        I find I can make fewer retweets of Trump— especially size and places of rallies…. few if any of non Biden supporters.

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  3. Linda Says:

    HA!!!! BUNK!!! You and I must be thinking the same thing. I just posted this exact thing on FB!!!! I have had enough of being silenced, the era of silence is upon us my friend.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Twitter just blocked clips of Trump supporters in CA…. they are bearing down big time now.

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      • geeez2014 Says:

        Yup, they’ve been having tons of demonstrations for Trump even in Beverly Hills….and cars going by are honking in agreement…….amazing. Too bad only Conservatives even know about it. But what else is new?
        Only Conservatives are even considering the Hunter Biden scandal. I am hoping and praying Trump hands that with civility and decorum…very matter of fact, very smart……because if he starts the yelling again, ol’ Joe’ll be allowed to yell back; no answer. And that’s what Biden’s people are hoping for. If Trump’s calm and factual……Joe will become the bad witch of Oz and melt into a puddle on the floor. Please, Trump…….


      • Linda Says:

        yeah, its going to get worse before the election…but you know, I believe the people are way smarter than giving credit too.

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