Sunday – Ode to the Ocean


Nothing could be better to end this week then taking a few moments to de-compress from all that has happened this week.

My selection: Artist: Saxcean edit. Song: Law Of Thr3e – Ode To the Ocean

From the notes:

My good friends, you want to immerse yourself in the world and remind yourself what a beautiful universe you live in… This video is as charming as the music of “Ode to the Ocean” itself.

Sit back, relax, watch the video and get real pleasure from what is happening on the display. I wish you a good rest and gain new strength. Always remember that there is nothing more beautiful on earth than to enjoy life, because its the best protection against negativity – it is primarily a positive in the soul and in relation to the world around you. Tune in to a good mood.


I suggest watching it in full screen.



Wishing you a wonderful day with much Peace.

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