Vote Biden and get “crooked” Hillary – Proposes massive defense jobs cuts plans


If we thought the question of the day is whether Biden will pack the Supreme court, the better question is what is the plan for a Hillary Clinton in a Biden administration. Hillary pens a piece in Foreign affairs entitled:

A National Security Reckoning

How Washington Should Think About Power

The questions should now be asked of the Biden campaign:

  1. Do you intend to appoint Hillary Clinton to the role of Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State, or a similar high-level cabinet posiiton?
  2. Does Hillary’s admission of major jobs cuts in the defense sector reflect the Biden campaign’s priorities?
  3. Has Joe Biden spoken with Hillary Clinton over her prospective role in a Biden administration, or on national security matters?

Here is where Clinton raises her bona fides lest we forget she is still rattling around, wandering the woods with her Chardonnay. She proposes massive military layoffs.


The Trump campaign will surely see the audition by the very unpopular Hillary Clinton as a gift in the final days of the U.S. Presidential campaign. The idea of voting for Joe Biden and waking up with Hillary Clinton will send chills up the spine of even many Democrats, to whom both Clinton and Biden represent an old, tired, globalist worldview at odds with a “progressive” or even populist Democrat trajectory

Her article contains a number of veiled mea culpas over globalism, though she repeatedly lumps the blame at Donald Trump’s door for many of the problems caused – in a national security sense – by his predecessors:


And while also appearing to lambast her own side’s heartlessness over job losses – she calls the left’s “learn to code” mantra “fanciful and condescending” – she also gives away that a Democratic plan for the “modernization” of the U.S. military would lead to massive job losses:

“No one should pretend that every defense job can be saved or replaced. Cutting hundreds of billions of dollars in military spending over the next decade will inevitably inflict a painful toll on families and communities across the country.”

…….”Myopia about national security also manifests in the simplistic frames applied to complex challenges, such as insisting on seeing competition with China through the lens of the Cold War. In a speech in July, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo offered this pearl of wisdom: “I grew up and served my time in the army during the Cold War. And if there is one thing I learned, Communists almost always lie.”

That’s a remarkably unhelpful way of approaching the challenge. Huffing and puffing about Communists may rile up the Fox News audience, but it obscures the fact that China—along with Russia—poses an altogether different threat from the one the Soviet Union did. Today’s competition is not a traditional global military contest of force and firepower. Dusting off the Cold War playbook will do little to prepare the United States for adversaries that use new tools to fight in the gray zone between war and peace, exploit its open Internet and economy to undermine American democracy, and expose the vulnerability of many of its legacy weapons systems. Nor will such an anachronistic approach build the global cooperation needed to take on shared challenges such as climate change and pandemics.”

The admission will further serve as a boon to the Trump campaign seeking to bolster its support amongst military families after a fake news onslaught wherein The Atlantic magazine invented sources in order to drive a wedge between the President and his traditional base.

For the full  Clinton “try out” go to Foreign Affairs

H/T and more commentary: National Pulse

18 Responses to “Vote Biden and get “crooked” Hillary – Proposes massive defense jobs cuts plans”

  1. Steve Dennis Says:

    Every time we think we have seen the last of her she pops up again!

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  2. Baysider Says:

    The left loves to portray themselves as understanding shades of complexity, a la the Hildebeast’s comments about China policy. Yet they never practice it. If they did, and were honest, they would have a very different narrative on the orange man, for one.

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  3. Terri D. Says:

    My first thought… God, please help us!

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  4. Mustang Says:

    Indeed, let us return to offering free crumbs of bread and circuses to the people, thus encouraging them to destroy themselves and the Republic. History cannot teach stupid people anything at all. There was no one less qualified to serve as Secretary of State than HRC (with the possible exception of John Kerry, of course), and to now imagine that the American people would vote for a man like Biden, whose personal and professional attributes are at least vile and corrupt and at best profane, who would take with him to the White House, a Marxian racist, is enough to drive a Baptist to manic-depressive drinking.

    What are the ramifications of presidential appointments? Consider these two: Louis A. Johnson, serving as Assistant Secretary of War (1937-1940) and Secretary of Defense (1949-1950), and Secretary of State Dean Acheson, serving 1949-1953 —both of whom directly contributed to the death of 38,000 American servicemen and over a million civilian casualties on the Korean Peninsula. Hey, America … you elect Joe Biden, and people will die. Maybe even your son or daughter. It’s time to get your uneducated heads out of your asses. If Biden is the best your conscience will allow you to do, then stay the hell home on election day.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Great Britain was more than happy to dispense with Churchill soon after WWII forgetting the long hard slog of keeping them from speaking German. Why should we expect anything more this century? As I commented to Peter, she mourns the loss of Kerry’s Iran deal… that should work in sending off the next generation to war. She always had a hankering for stirring up the Middle East.

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  5. markone1blog Says:

    Surely Mr. Dementia has enough brains left to steer clear of this woman.


  6. peter3nj Says:

    Along with the Beast running the Pentagon prepare for Kerry who as Secretary of State will bring Iran back into the fold of most favored nations and once again load up the pallets with cold hard cash. Then there will be Mooch as secretary of travel taking her half billion $$$ junkets and Barry as secretary of golf and basketball and sexual confusion. Ah the possibilities are endless.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Indeed a shiver down the spine… in the piece by Hillary she mourns the loss of the Kerry Iran deal… the post was getting too long to include it, but it will be back to square one with China Iran and the rest of the total nonsense. I cannot imagine Biden/Harris in the WH… the things nightmares are made of..

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