Brennan: Trump Has ‘Toxic Influence And Impact On The Republican Party’


Flying under the radar is John Brennan peddling his latest lies in the form of a book. I won’t check Amazon to see how it is doing. Enough is known that he and his cohorts had the fix in to destroy Trump since the day he went down the elevator in Trump Tower.

“I couldn’t take it anymore. I felt physically nauseated watching and listening to him,” Brennan writes in his new memoir, Undaunted: My Fight Against America’s Enemies, At Home And Abroad. Brennan left home for the gym to blow off steam, only to see Trump’s remarks repeated on the television screens as he rode a stationary bike.

I find this exceptionally annoying as the DOJ and FBI and CIA are doing all they can to obfuscate the truth of what has to be the worst political scandal in our Nation’s history. John McCain? Oh he really was an American hero big time as he peddled the Russia Russia Russia dossier.

John Brennan, former Director of the CIA, tells Lawrence O’Donnell that Republican senators like Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham “continue to carry out Donald Trump’s wishes” as they betray “their obligations to their constituents and to this country,” making this election the most important of Brennan’s lifetime.



As for the debate? Lies lies and more lies from the Democrats. You are welcome to opine on it in the comment section.

Other than that, all is swell in the swamp.

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