Median age of death from Covid is 78 years. Median age of death is 78 years anyway


Do you realize how many of the 210,000 deaths would have died regardless of COVID? 7,800+ people die in the US each day, every day. That’s 240,000 month, 1,680,000 the past 7 months. Median age of C19 deaths are over average US life expectancy.

We have been played by China big time.  First recall how this whole thing started and the Chinese tried to scare the hell out of us with these pictures? People keeling over in the street out of nowhere. Then we learn that it was they who sent the virus our way.



WHAT?! We’ve literally known the disease kills 1-2 out of 1000 people, almost ALL of them elderly with multiple co-morbidities, and the average number expected to die this year anyway, with a median age of death of 80, and virtually zero children. In fact more kids die from influenza than Covid for the age 0-24 as confirmed on the Laura Ingraham show last night. This isn’t new info. We’ve known since March.

Seriously, 99.96% of people survive this. Even the CDC has admitted 6% of people died without major existing health condition. Median death age is in the 80’s. Are you paying attention at all?

It’s dangerous to be an old person. It’s a unfortunate reality of life. Still the survival rate over 70+ is 94.6%. Under 49 it’s 99.98%. Most will take odds.

40% of those deaths came from 5 States. Most in those 5 States were in nursing homes Those 5 States were ran by Democrats.

The median age of death for corona virus in this country is 78 years old.. As it happens 78 is also the life expectancy for ALL people in this country.. Strange that isn’t it?

 It’s also interesting how disinterested “journalists” are in actuarial science showing years lost to Covid are far less than years lost to lockdowns.


This tweet is for Dr. Samadi who is censored once again. Not the first time.



Joe Biden is a con man. Catch phrase is “listen to the science” though he never tells you what the science says because if he did, you may not be so fearful! Median age #Covid19 deaths 78. Recovery rate age 70+ 94.6%

Recovery rate age 0-69 is 99.5%+ Their median age was 84; and 94% had pre-existing conditions. Case rates hit their peak in July and Death rates have hit their peak in April.

And by the way, if you support Medicare for all, get used to calculating the value of life. That’s what they do in socialist countries (even England )

Sweden has had about 6k Covid deaths out of a population of 10 million. That doesn’t seem to me like a catastrophe. Especially given that the median age of death is about 80. Think about life years lost… Sweden stayed rational while the rest of the world lost its mind.

No question that we need to protect and care for our elderly and those at increased risk from this virus that is deadly for so many of them. But to destroy the  economy and general health of the society is a crime.



Bonus for anyone who missed yesterday’s post:

Other than that, all is well in the swamp.

20 Responses to “Median age of death from Covid is 78 years. Median age of death is 78 years anyway”

  1. geeez2014 Says:

    AND just before the VP DEBATE where Pence could clean the floor with Harris’ objections of what the Admin did against COVID in early days, THIS is released 🙂 SURPRISE!! (not)

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  2. geeez2014 Says:

    And remember all the awful photos of NYC at first, in March? Showing so many people on guerneys coming out of ambulances rushed to the hospital? SO many on ventilators, dying, etc…………I think you’re right; the China images and ours really resonated and scared people and they seem not to have moved on …it’s NOT the case anymore.

    Am SO SO hoping Harris’ questioning Pence on COVID goes as well as I suspect it will for Pence. Just too many arguments against all the stupid objections of Biden and his henchwoman.

    THanks for this post…so important to know the truth……..I will, however, say that it bothers me that doctors tell us to just stay home if we have COVID and get over it,unless you become very ill, because it’s the early days of COVID during which the meds work. Reassure me, please 🙂

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  3. peter3nj Says:

    Have no fear Lunch Pail is here. Not only did he create 100 million jobs, give affordable health care at incredibly reduced premiums to12 billion Americans now he is going to repair every bridge, fill every pothole and trot out his secret recipe to defeat Covid 19. Who in their right mind wouldn’t vote for Scranton Joe? The polls, if one believes them, has Plugs up by nearly 15 points so his message must be getting out to cerebral Americans everywhere.

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  4. Bill Heffner Says:

    The media counters reality with headlines like, “18-year-old with no previous health issues dies from Civid-19.” The “no previous” part allows them to avoid mentioning that he was hit by a truck.

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  5. Mustang Says:

    Nearly all scientists are academicians. They develop hypotheses and theories and such, usually the beneficiaries of federal grants paid for by people who work for a living. To scientists, everything is an experiment —including mainstream society, which is kind of like a laboratory where you don’t have to clean up the beakers after your experiment. Related to these teaching and scientific investigation fellows are research scientists. Same gig, really, except their share of the grant pie is larger. And related to research scientists are medical doctors, who for the past few thousands of years have been “practicing” medicine. They haven’t figured it out yet, which is why they’re still practicing —on us. And given these circumstances, which I believe is a fair assessment of scientists and medical doctors, we’re supposed to swallow everything they tell us? Let’s see … humans used to be monkeys. Chickens were dinosaurs. Covid-19 is killing tens of millions of people every second. Good grief. So, I do remain skeptical. God will know when I’ve completed my mission on earth. When that happens, I’ll move on (as will everyone in their time) … so why worry about it? How much of the joy of life are we missing out on by being stressed over one thing or another?

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    • bunkerville Says:

      I would prefer to postpone the end as long as possible…. thus I appreciate a rational approach to living this thing… I know walking down the middle of the highway is an unreasonable risk even though I might find it the easiest path.. I appreciate a decent analysis of risk reward…

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  6. markone1blog Says:

    While the numbers of people who died with COVID-19 (including car accident victims and people who had been degenerating into the depths of cancer) have been reported to be around 200,000 — I have read that the numbers attributable only</b to death by COVID-19 are at 8,000.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Now we learn that the tests are far from accurate and many classified didn’t even have a test but would claim Covid to get the extra $39,000 more if classified thus.

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    • peter3nj Says:

      Mark I agree: I have two RN nieces one in California and one here, a step daughter in law here who is a geriatric RN, (no Covid deaths among patients at that office) and all say the same that a hang nail patient coming through the ER miraculously converts to a Chicom Virus patient. In early April while driving for LYFT I picked up two ER RNs from Holy Name Hospital in Teaneck, NJ. One was recruited from Arkansas the other from Mississippi. They said the same thing about ER admittance. It was about money. If my memory serves me correctly they said a bed for a “regular’ admittance was $5,000 and a bed for a Covid admittance was compensated at $13,000. While it may be hearsay it is the same story heard over and over. Here in America a grilled cheese sandwich can become a political football.

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  7. Always On Watch Says:

    At my age, I’m more interested in what recovery looks like.

    Mr. AOW is considered recovered from his stroke of 11 years ago, but recovery “looks like” a hospital bed in the living room along with a bedside potty there and a mobility scooter, to which he can just barely walk.

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  8. Ed Bonderenka Says:

    “Listen to the science” is the same as “Listen to the Scientists”, which is the same as “Let the scientists rule us”.
    This is the heart of the Administrative State. the Progressive Dream.
    Vote for your representative government? Only if the candidates are scientists, or “experts”. But certified certified by who?
    Or WHO.

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