Senator Kennedy pins back James Comey at House hearing


Anyone who managed yesterday to find their way over to C-Span 3 got a break from the campaign in the form of one James Comey. Yes, one did need to wade through four hours of nonsense and the “doesn’t ring a bell,” and “not to my recollection” but there were about 30 minutes worthy of attention.

The GOP senators were poorly prepared and one had to figure Lindsey who chairs the committee needed a free promo for his upcoming re-election. His plea of “please send money they hate my guts” chorus is getting old. He sat on his hands for years after promising that “any day now” he was going to hold hearings and get to the bottom of things.

But Senator Kennedy never disappoints.  I chose this for a refresher that there are a couple of the old timers that still can spin a tale and be enjoyable listening to them.

Kennedy questions former FBI Director Comey during Senate Judiciary hearing



For a refresher on this fine fellow and his history:

Flashback Saturday – Looking back at James Comey and why he was so dangerous

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