Soros Demanded Fox Ban DiGenova and Victoria Toensing


Some clever whistleblower needs to disseminate the secret recording of the meeting where the managers and editors at Foxnews put the employees and affiliates on notice that no mention of George Soros name can be made on air or in print going forward.

So much for the Harris Faulkner apology regarding shutting off Newt Gingrich. Here we set the stage:


DiGenova Touches a Nerve Revealing Soros’s Evil Power

Lou Dobbs Tonight – 13 November 2019

Joseph DiGenova and Victoria Toensing explain George Soros’s meddling in Ukraine and his illicit influence in the US State Department. Following these statements, Soros contacted Fox News demanding they ban DiGenova from the network.

Here is the appearance on the Lou Dobbs show in question:

”The president of the philanthropic organization founded by billionaire investor George Soros, Patrick Gaspard, president of the Open Society Foundations and former U.S. Ambassador to South Africa, posted a letter to Twitter Thursday addressed to Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott, in which he said Fox News “gave air time to McCarthyism.”

“I request an on-air retraction and request that you bar Mr. diGenova as a guest on your network,” Gaspard wrote.“This is beyond rhetorical ugliness, beyond fiction, beyond ludicrous,” Gaspard wrote of diGenova’s comments.
“It’s patently untrue; It is not even possible. This is McCarthyite.”Noting he had written to Fox News before about the network’s “pattern of false information” regarding Soros.
Gaspard pointed to Fox’s ban of Judicial Watch official Chris Farrell following him floating a conspiracy about George Soros in 2018 on an episode of Lou Dobbs Tonight, saying the situation with diGenova “demands no less.”“It’s bad enough that commentators on your air regularly engage in the most grotesque anti-Semitic slurs against Mr. Soros,” Gaspard wrote.Gaspard also CC’d high profile media correspondents like CNN’s Brian Stelter and The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple in his tweet.
Others, such as ADL President Jonathan Greenblatt, suggested diGenova was using an ‘anti-Semitic trope’ against Soros, who is Jewish.

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Just more facts from Tom Fitton who has been doing all the heavy lifting.

Other than that, all is swell in the swamp. For the apology and earlier kerfuffle with Newt:

For those who want a refresher, our stalwart Mustang several years ago created a post

The “Open Society” and George Soros – Just what is it?

22 Responses to “Soros Demanded Fox Ban DiGenova and Victoria Toensing”

  1. Steve Dennis Says:

    You are right about Tom Fitton and JW doing all the heavy lifting, if it was not for them we would not know any of what we know.

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  2. geeez2014 Says:

    Harris Faulkner apologized? I didn’t see that….

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  3. Mustang Says:

    The thing that bugs me about Judicial Watch is that we always receive an invitation to the opening statement, but hardly (if ever) get to watch the trial or know the results of JW’s many lawsuits. It gives one the idea that there is a lot of hoopla at the beginning, and then it all goes away, quietly into the night … hence, no justice for America. Remember years ago when a PA attorney sued the government because, he claimed, Obama was not a citizen of the United States and not eligible therefore to serve as president? The judge ruled that this attorney had no standing in such a lawsuit and dismissed the case. So then, how does JW have “standing” in cases in which it is not a party? Someone please throw me a bone.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      I agree. Though much of the good stuff he gets is FOIA requests which take years and bucking the government. As you indicate, what happens is zilch and I get to say that the above mentioned chatterboxes were right about Soros and really no one gives a damn but perhaps you and me. We already know the script. In truth everyone should care.

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    • kidme37 Says:

      Mustang, I’ve forwarded your comment to Lindsey Graham who is head of some judicial thingamabob in the Senate. I will advise you when he gets back to me.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      I add that anyone can file a Freedom of information request. The press does it all the time. You don’t need standing for that action. If they don’t comply then it takes bucks to go to court. They will try and claim security issue. Most of the time they are complied with


  4. Linda Says:

    I wondered what happened to Toensing and her husband. Shameful FOX. But we know why…I did mention yesterday that Melissa Francis’ husband works for a Soros funded company. It goes deep.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      I checked out his fund… Do you have a link to the Soros connection?

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    • Mustang Says:

      What amazes me is the lack of independent thought on the left. Take for example HRC’s fascination with and acceptance of everything Saul Alinsky espoused, how “in line” she is with Soros’ Open Society foundation (and I wonder how much Soros money found its way inside the Clinton bank accounts). Think about this … how much of a money laundering operation is involved between Soros’ money managers and the Clinton’s “speaking tours.”

      And when you examine the octopus of the Soros operations (Media Matters, hub offices in Washington (2), Baltimore, New York, London, Berlin, Brussels, 12 in Africa, 4 in East Asia, 11 in Eastern Europe, and 4 in Central/South America, Universities, Alliance for Open Society, Institutes, DOAJ blogs/journals, New America, Best for Britain, European Movement, Scientists for EU, Center for Public Integrity, Human Rights Watch, Priorities USA Action, American Bridge, America Votes, Millennium Promise, Tides Center and Foundation, Wikimedia Endowments), would it even be possible for conservative organizations to counter such an operation? Note: Someone who donates millions to US Universities has something to say about what their curriculum entails. Folks … this is massive.

      So, I think we can see who’s running the show on the left. Biden may be running for president, but he’s only the puppet. Biden isn’t alone in his treason … start thinking of all the Democrats in Congress who are on the Soros payroll, including more than a few “Republicans.” Given what I know (and suspect) about Soros, it’s hard to remain optimistic. Finally, ask why Soros has never been audited by the IRS or investigated by the FBI.

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  5. hocuspocus13 Says:

    Now it becomes clear how the State Department was rockin’ and rollin’ when Crooked Hillary was running the show

    I was reading comments on CTH yesterday about the DiGenovas not on FOX anymore

    The SWAMP is soooooo much deeper then most of us realized 🐍🐍🐍

    And now I read about some organization Soros has funded with the goal of removing Trump from office even when he’s duly reelected

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  6. markone1blog Says:

    No apologies needed. Just fire Harf and warn the rest. Give Carlson another hour (if he wants it).

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