Biden’s hard hitting interview with Cardi B


Joe Biden does hard hitting interview with Cardi B. He’s not a serious candidate! This is not a serious campaign for President of the United States of America.

This is the kind of “interview” that Biden is capable of, no more no less.

Where is the interview with Chris Wallace on Fox news? Crickets.



Questions but no answers. I want, I want, I want. Free College but of course.

Notes from clip:

Cardi B covers the September issue of Elle and in an accompanying feature, the ‘WAP’ rapper has a Zoom chat with presidential candidate Joe Biden. During the candid conversation, Cardi advocates for racial equality, free education and free healthcare. She also slams President Donald Trump for his leadership amid the coronavirus pandemic.




Just who is Cardi B? Warning extremely rough language.



It is a disgrace. Period. Full stop.

This is our full stop.



All is well in the swamp.

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23 Responses to “Biden’s hard hitting interview with Cardi B”

  1. Steve Dennis Says:

    He’s trying to show the young kids he is hep to their jive. 🙂 Seriously though this is disgusting and beneath the office he is seeking, but I think you are right and this is the most hard hitting interview he can handle.

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  2. peter3nj Says:

    Again, let’s give credit where credit is due. While Biden unabashedly gives an interview with an unrepentant proud as can be swamp hooker which will undoubtedly increase his popularity with wannabe suburban housewives. Bubba on the other hand not only gets to drain the main vain with underage hookers on Fantasy Island but is serviced in the Oval Office by a star struck intern 30 years his junior. Plugs is purely amateur hour.

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  3. Bill Heffner Says:

    Make no mistake about it, this pandemic is very, very good for some business – the ones classified by Governor Newsom as “essential” business. I needed a plumber to replace a kitchen sink faucet last month.

    The plumbing company I have been using for several years came out and told me they work from a price list now and would have to charge me $555 to replace the faucet. That’s just labor, about one hour, as I had already purchased the faucet. He charged $93 for the “service call” to look at the faucet and quote me the price. I finally found a freelance guy who did it for $85.

    Today I called the air conditioner service company whose rates last year were $85 per hour and $35 for a service call, and the $35 was deducted from the bill if the service was performed. Today they charge $136/hour with a one hour minimum, and the $95 service call charge is not deducted from the bill for work performed. They are getting those rates, too, in this hot weather, as they have a 12 day wait for service. The service lady was not the least bit apologetic about the wait.

    Profiteering during an emergency is illegal in California, but apparently these prices do not legally count as profiteering.

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  4. peter3nj Says:

    Re the video and masks:
    Masks are a hoax, masks will be instrumental in defeating not only Trump/Pence but the GOP in city, state, congressional elections.
    My son and my daughter in law both teach at the same private school for special ed students where all day five days a week classes are scheduled to begin the first week of September, my grandson attends public school which had initially scheduled three full days and two half days beginning September 10th, no problem. This past Tuesday the school board in my son’s town held an unannounced meeting where it’s members voted to go all virtual classroom teaching. The residents, blindsided, have nowhere to appeal this outrage as NJ’s anti-Trump left wing democrat governor advocates for all schools being closed. The teachers fallback is that they’re not to be guinea pigs or lab rats; they’re rats continuing to be paid for teaching in their pajamas from home. So now my son’s only choice is to send my six year old grandson to private school to the tune of $18,000; for first grade!
    No justice no peace. Oh snap, conservative lambs being led to slaughter aren’t allowed to use the mantras of the left. What was I thinking?

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  5. Mustang Says:

    If you want a beautiful garden, you must remove the weeds. It is confounding to me that we aren’t doing any weeding in our garden, which is bad. What is worse, we seem to be applying weed killer to our beautiful plants. Soon, our once-beautiful landscape will become an utter wasteland. Are we not smart enough to see this? In 20, 30, or 50 years, when all the vermin are long dead, their work will continue to impact yet unborn generations. It doesn’t get any more serious than that. Better wake up, America.

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  6. Always On Watch Says:

    I just watched that Cardi B video. Good Lord! Beyond vulgar. 😦

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Who ever thought that this interview could possibly be appropriate? I debated about posting it, but let people know what his capacity of an interview is…. of course no ansewrs.


  7. Linda Says:

    I will not dignify Cardi B by making a comment about her. Nasty, nasty, nasty.

    Fully backing what that young man stated…I have to find that video on YouTube.

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  8. Righteinger Frankie Says:

    So, Lets take a look at that so called Convention… We have TWO Terror Groups, Black Lives Matter, and Antifa who are CURRENTLY TERRORIZING OUR COUNTRY and not a single word, not a mention of it during the Maoist Democratic, fake hate convention??
    Not a word from MOOCHIE who they dragged in from the pasture, who would rather tell us how wonderful Senile Joe is and conveniently forgets to even mention his running mate Kamala who supports abortion to the 9th month! The same Kamala who will take over at some point for Dementia Joe!
    we have a Old EX- President who has been caught getting a BJ in the Oval Office for a Intern as young as his own daughter, and who raped 2-4 women who have been working for m, and has lately spent his time paling around with a convicted Pedofile on his private Island SCHTUPING under-aged girls. But no one tells us about the CHAOS, and the HAPPENING IN THE Democratic Cities, where the DEMOCRATIC Governors, and the DEMOCRATIC Mayors are hold back the Police from doing their jobs, and who are DE-FUNDING these Hard Working police Offices that are having Bricks, and Frozen Water Bottles thrown at them And are ambushing them to KILL them! Oh Yes, the Dem’s are doing Great Jobs out there! The Are A Total Disgrace!

    WHAT Are They So Afraid Of? We got some real idiots here in these Cities, and States. Do they not hear their own words? Have in the world can they stand there and call ALL this CRAP “Peaceful”????
    And how do any of YOU Democrats out there believe any of this DRIVEL ?
    The people on this ticket will turn America into Venezuela should Biden win.. That’s the real DNC platform don’t believe the Circus On Parade here every night.

    Socialism IS a form of Communism It is all Cancer, it’s irrelevant whether Cancer of the Brain or Cancer on the Lungs. It’s still Cancer. That’s what AOC, and her “Squad” wants, that’s what Pelosi wants and that’s EXACTLY what the Obama’s want!

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    • peter3nj Says:

      Agreed RF in all points. What you left out is that over half the country would vote for Satan if he was running with a D next to his-oops- it’s name. The pervading ignorance and denial is beyond belief. I still maintain the Democrat encouraged and backed violence and chaos in the streets, the failure and bankrupt democrat run cities will have little to no impact on the popular vote on November 3rd. I firmly believe and maintain the Biden/Camel Toes ticket will prevail. Merely the idea that thinking political astute people on the right feel Trump has a snowball’s chance in hell of re-election despite the ongoing tearing down of our republic, despite all the good this administration has accomplished is in itself incredible.

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  9. markone1blog Says:

    I look forward to the awakening of the guys that are in the last video (especially if they vote).

    As far as Cardi goes, at least James Woods used the euphemism of “Lady.” I thought another word (considering what her rap advocates and her puff piece with Hidin’ Biden showed).

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  10. chip eligibility pa Says:

    I really love the content you posted, it is always super helpful and informative. Keep posting such an amazing article, I love reading all your blogs.

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  11. Ed Bonderenka Says:

    Full stop!
    Preach it brother.
    It is almost time. I can’t (must) wait.

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