California scrubs history of Kamala Harris arrest records


A redesign of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation website will make it harder for voters to inspect Sen. Kamala Harris’s controversial record as the state’s Attorney General. Flashback August 3, 2019:

Are we really surprised?

The department removed public access to a number of reports on incarceration in the state, including when presidential candidate Kamala Harris (D.) was California’s attorney general. Twice a year, the CDCR releases information about the number of new individuals incarcerated in the California prison system as part of its “Offender Data Points” series.

These reports provide important information on demographics, sentence length, offense type, and other figures relevant to criminal justice and incarceration.

Until recently, these reports were publicly available at the CDCR’s websiteA search using’s Wayback Machine reveals that as of April 25, 2019—the most recent indexed date—ODP reports were available dating back to the spring of 2009. As of August 2019, the same web page now serves only a single ODP report, the one for Spring 2019.

One particularly brutal attack came the night when Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D., Hi.) laid into Harris for her record on criminal justice. Gabbard cited a Washington Free Beacon analysis — based in part on the ODP reports — that found that more than 1,500 Californians were sent to prison for marijuana-related offenses while Harris was attorney general.

The data have been used in other Free Beacon reporting on Harris, specifically the finding that more than 120,000 black and Latino Californians were sent to prison while she was in the State A.G.’s office.

Keep reading at Free Beacon

Here Tucker Carlson opines on the matter last year-



Here we have a Tucker interview with Peter Schweizer and discusses Kamala Harris’s record prior to her presidential run done August 12, 2020. As they say, follow the money.



Other than that, all is well in the swamp

14 Responses to “California scrubs history of Kamala Harris arrest records”

  1. Steve Dennis Says:

    Biden is hiding in the basement and now they are hiding Kamala’s record, they really are shameless. It is right out of 1984, I wonder what they are going to replace it with…

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  2. Linda Says:

    Well…of course they did. Did you expect any less? grin

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  3. Mustang Says:

    Ah, for the good old days, when men were men and women were glad of it. And remember when crooks were sneaky, underhanded, backstabbing SOBs? Not any more. They don’t even try to hide their corruption. Dude, it’s like in the open, worn on the sleeve like a red badge of courage. See, this is what happens when you outlaw cigar smoking in back rooms with good Kentucky bourbon sitting on the serve-yourself bar.

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  4. peter3nj Says:

    Not that I pay much attention to the goings on of the elitist scabs running things but I haven’t heard Kameltoes name bandied about for several days. After her semi-disastrous debut as Biden’s stand in come November 4th, surely the left is working feverishly to remake her image and have her reemerge as America’s Breck girl. I mean look at the great job they’ve done ditching the Beast’s wheelchair.

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  5. markone1blog Says:

    First Wikipedia and then the state of California clean up Kamala’s record. You would think something is going on at the Left.

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