Seattle charges on to create its Marxist Utopia – New taxes that exempt Gov. workers


Seattle Just Passed a New Tax on Jobs in the Middle of an Economic Crisis—But Exempted Government Workers.

So reads the headline. But we have seen this play before. Tax the rich and when they are gone, the rung of the ladder decreases finding lesser souls to tax. Government employees are exempt with this one. How quaint.

More concerning is that we are seeing a parade of characters winning elections in city councils across America with the avowed notion that the utopian dream is just a vote or two away. Before they hid their agenda and like a sheep in wolf’s clothes hid their wares of destruction. So here we go and take a look at this once upon a time jewel of a city, Seattle and its rush to the bottom:


Seattle saw the biggest spike in unemployment of any city in the country. The city’s economy continues to flounder amid the pandemic.

On top of all this, Seattle descended into chaos and controversy on June 8 when Antifa and other radical left-wing activists seized control of a neighborhood and declared themselves the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.” Like so many before it throughout history, this utopian social experiment sadly turned deadly and ended 24 days later after multiple shootings.

Nonetheless, the Seattle City Council has decided that now is the right time to impose a new tax burden on its residents. On July 6, the council passed the so-called “JumpStart” tax, which specifically targets middle-class jobs.

It’s not surprising to see Sawant leading this class-warfare charge. She’s an avowed socialist—and isn’t shy about it.

The city official recently railed against Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in a widely shared video where she promised that she and her supporters are “coming to dismantle the deeply racist, sexist, violent, utterly bankrupt system of capitalism” and replace it with “a socialist world.” Sawant has also promised to “take into public ownership the top 500 corporations and banks that dominate the US economy.”

According to, 601 city employees in Seattle earned $195,000 or more. Analysts found that “tree trimmers lopped off $160,604; the chief librarian made $197,704; electricians earned $271,070; electrical lineworkers made $307,387; and police officers earned up to $414,543.”

The new payroll tax will not apply to any of these government employees or their peers otherwise drowning in taxpayer cash.

So, no, the city council’s new tax is most certainly not a “victory for working people.” It’s a tax imposed on working people by politicians who made sure to spare the government class from sharing any of the burden.


Here is the above mentioned rant.


For a good read the full thing is at Foundation for Economic Education

Other than that all is well in the swamp.

For a refresher on how these councils are working out check an earlier post:

Meet the members of the Minneapolis City Council

34 Responses to “Seattle charges on to create its Marxist Utopia – New taxes that exempt Gov. workers”

  1. Steve Dennis Says:

    This is a great example of everything that is wrong with government today. The government was never supposed to be a full time job, people were supposed to go back to their real jobs when the government sessions were over and live under the laws they created. This system kept them honest but now that they have full time gigs and lifetime jobs they feel they can do whatever they want. And they can because the people keep voting them in.

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  2. Bill Heffner Says:

    Given the government’s proclivity for naming bills deceptively, just what does the “Tax On Jobs” amount to? Given the preposition “on,” it sounds like a tax levied on employers for each job they provide, and that has actually been tried in Washington state. The outcry against it was so enormous that it was withdrawn before it was implemented. You are obviously outraged, but I have no idea why. Bloggers today are outraged almost automatically. Perhaps the outrage is appropriate, but I’m not going to assume that it is.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      The link to the named bill gives the outline of the bill. It is not your assumption that it has been withdrawn.Nor what you think. They are against Amazon actually. I am sure there are plenty of good paying Amazon jobs there… and any job other than a government job apparently should be punished. It is hard to believe that the bill just passed July 6 and the outrage has already overturned it.


      • Bill Heffner Says:

        So it is a tax on employers on high paying jobs. It was withdrawn, not “since July 6,” but in 2018, because big employers said they would leave town. The linked article says that. Why the outrage about state and city being exempt? You think the city should tax itself? You think the city should tax the state? Good luck with that.

        Why the outrage at all? It’s not taxing workers. It’s not placing a burden on taxpayers. What, you think the big employers are actually going to leave town? You fell for that?


      • bunkerville Says:

        Seattle City Council passes ‘JumpStart’ tax on high salaries paid by big businesses
        July 6, 2020 at 5:15 pm Updated July 7, 2020 at 10:48 pm
        The council and Mayor Jenny Durkan passed a per-employee “head tax” on large corporations in 2018 that would have raise $47 million per year. But they repealed that measure less than a month later under pressure from Amazon, other businesses and many voters, with critics warning the tax could discourage job growth and raising concerns about inefficient spending.

        The political landscape has changed since then, and the JumpStart tax is improved legislation, proponents said leading up to Monday’s action.


  3. Linda Says:

    sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….I am often asking myself, “What is this world coming too?”

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  4. kidme37 Says:

    PS, Once again, these are all the little brats who never got any discipline as little brats, now in government, except for Minnesota where obammy deposited massive numbers of moslem savages.

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  5. markone1blog Says:

    So how quickly must the companies that remain in Seattle vacate the city before they get hit with this tax (or has that boat sailed a few years ago)?

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  6. kidme37 Says:

    I understood government workers were exempt form most of everything, like income tax. I’ve heard they file, they just don’t pay. True? Wouldn’t shock me.

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  7. Mustang Says:

    The only surprise for me is that on 15 July 2020, there is anyone with an ounce of brains still living in Washington, Oregon, and California. Beyond this, the tone and deportment of these radical nut jobs is quite similar to what occurred in revolutionary Russia and France at an earlier time. Conclusion: we cannot place idiocy on the endangered list.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      They seem to be replicating like crazy…. before the council candidates were picked in smoke filled back rooms…… now whoever got off the boat last year apparently are the candidates.

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      • peter3nj Says:

        …the grandchildren of The Swimmers immigration policies:

        Ted Kennedy’s immigration policies have destroyed the ability of the United States to be an environmentally sustainable nation in any decade soon because of the gigantic U.S. population growth that he has forced.

        And Ted Kennedy’s immigration policies have knocked hundreds of thousands of Americans out of the middle class as their occupations have collapsed and wages declined because of inundation with Kennedy’s favored foreign workers, or because they have directly lost their jobs to foreign competitors.
        -Roy Beck 9/02/2009

        And how can we ever thank Teddy for today’s emerging immigrant political class poised to remake america in the image of what ever shit-hole they came from.

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  8. markone1blog Says:

    So that is what the pigs from Animal Farm look like when they jump off of the page, is it?

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  9. peter3nj Says:

    Look familiar?
    Spoiled brats of the 60’s spawning today’s organized take down of the world’s last bastion of freedom.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      They taught the kiddies well didn’t they?

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    • markone1blog Says:

      Remember that this song was written in response to the National Guard opening fire on Kent State students (which, of course, was a half-truth — aka, a lie). In that instance, numerous college students were throwing some fairly large stones at the National Guard. Rather than totally pulling out, the National Guard did what they were trained to do: they returned fire.

      In contrast, today’s Antifa and BLM come to the streets with guns, Molotov cocktails, and other means of destruction — not the peaceful protesters that the press wants us to see.

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      • peter3nj Says:

        actually it was written by Stephen Stills, recorded and released in December, 1966 in response to the Sunset Boulevard curfew, The groups name came from a Buffalo-Springfield Company steamroller parked on the street.
        But who gives a crap.
        Ohio was written in response to the Kent State riots in 1970.

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      • markone1blog Says:

        That rings true.

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  10. Ed Bonderenka Says:

    Well, if it wasn’t Seattle it would have been Portlandia.
    Once again, there will probably be a pendulum swing.
    As for history rhyming, this is 1968.
    Hopefully the electorate will react similarly.
    If not, there’s always an armed reaction to the attempt to subject us.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Almost Ed… but I don’t recall having such a bevy of misfits running local governments, corrupt yes but ignorant as this no.. and more and more apparently are “first” generation of immigrants who want more of a “home like” atmosphere of mayhem in their living situation.

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