2 plus 2 equals 4 only because of ‘Western Imperialism’


Brittany Marshall’s tweet went viral after she claimed during the course of a discussion about racism, “Nope the idea of 2 + 2 equaling 4 is cultural and because of western imperialism/colonization, we think of it as the only way of knowing.”

Brittany Marshall



Marshall, who includes her pronouns in her bio, lists her occupation as “teacher, scholar, social justice change agent” and apparently is studying for a PhD at Rutgers.

 wannabe math person,”

Zero Hedge

In this case, Marshall appears to be arguing that maths itself is racist, an argument that has been made by numerous social justice warriors down the years, some of whom question why ‘Western Math’ is in common use and not other methods such as the way Aborigines count (maybe because we’re western and not Aborigine).

The notion that 2+2 might not = 4 is of course lifted from George Orwell’s 1984, when the one party state was able to torture dissidents into believing it could equal 5.



Notes from clip:

This video proves that 2+2=5 (two plus two equals five) with two different methods. And you can certainly impress your maths teacher with these tricks. Although each method has a mistake but it’s your task to identify the mistake. When you show this amazing trick to your friends and teachers, they will be stunned, because it’s generally difficult to identify which step is done wrong, although it’s a simple mathematics.


Other than that all is well in the swamp.

15 Responses to “2 plus 2 equals 4 only because of ‘Western Imperialism’”

  1. hocuspocus13 Says:

    …and PS

    Black Lives Matter NOW has its own School Curriculum that will be implemented this coming school year in NY

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  2. Steve Dennis Says:

    I wish you could see me shaking my head because I just don’t know what to say about this!

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  3. Linda Says:

    I can tell you, having to take the new fangdangled math—ugh…I was going to say something about Orwell, but I see you did. ANYWAYS…I am telling you the next big thing will be the USA is under attack by aliens. Mark my words and oh, that Maxwell madam chick will contact Covid on July 11 (not trying to be funny, but the BBC already posted this –lucky, folks took a snap shot of it BEFORE they took it down; Maxwell). All part of the Deep State brainwashing.

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  4. Mustang Says:

    Apparently the moron thinks that Hindu-Arabic numerals originated in the west. Dope.

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  5. markone1blog Says:

    At work (of course, I am a technical writer and have had — in the distant past — to have my manuals printed in a female-dominated copy shop), I have been told that citing science and math were sexist.

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