Archbishop of Canterbury wants to ‘rethink’ a ‘white Jesus’


More Christian churches are falling into the trap of “Black Lives Matter” which includes the attack on a “white” Jesus. Next step of course is to remove and replace depictions of Jesus who doesn’t pass muster. We saw this coming didn’t we? Here tis:

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby

The Archbishop of Canterbury wants us to rethink the Western notion that Jesus was white and is wondering whether to remove monuments and memorials in Church of England buildings lest they offend someone.

“So I’m not really concerned with bringing down and breaking the statues. I know this is controversial but, you know, we need to have the memory and some of those symbols remind us, and they make the memory still valid.”

On the other, he said that he would be looking at the monuments in Canterbury Cathedral “very carefully” to see if they all “should be there”. Which doesn’t sound to me like a man committed to keeping the fabric of his churches intact but rather like someone who is more than happy to surrender the pass to appease the forces of woke.


Then we have the white advantage to atone to:

The Archbishop of Canterbury was speaking ahead of a vote by the Church’s General Synod to “lament, on behalf of Christ’s Church, and apologises for, the conscious and unconscious racism experienced by countless black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) Anglicans in 1948 and subsequent years”.

“I am almost beyond words. Personally, I am sorry and ashamed. I’m ashamed of our history and I’m ashamed of our failure,” Welby said of his Church’s “conscious and unconscious racism”.

“It’s shaming as well as shocking. It is shocking, but it’s profoundly shaming,” he continued, somewhat redundantly, in a speech which even he described as “incoherent”.

“I have white advantage. Educational advantage. Straight advantage. Male advantage… I’m not ashamed of those advantages; I’m ashamed of not knowing I had them,” Welby said.

“[T]here is no doubt when we look at our own Church that we are still deeply institutionally racist. Let’s just be clear about that. I said it to the College of Bishops a couple of years ago and it’s true,” he added, as part of a long harangue on what he sees as an excess of white people in England’s established church.


Other than that all is well in the swamp.

19 Responses to “Archbishop of Canterbury wants to ‘rethink’ a ‘white Jesus’”

  1. Steve Dennis Says:

    The way all these organizations are caving there has to be some heavy duty extortion going on by powerful people behind the scenes, it is the only way any of this makes any sense. We did know this was coming and soon enough it will be all images of Jesus are offensive and in violation of the freedom of religion. We need to stop this before it goes much further.

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  2. the unit Says:

    Seniors getting woke. Can’t show it Unit…

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  3. Adrienne Says:

    We just chatted about what is going on and were thankful for having a sane FSSP traditional Latin Mass parish to attend.

    If the crazies like soi boy Welby, Poop Francis, and the rest of “woke” minions in the churches think we “rad-trads” are going away I have message for them. We are not going away and we will win.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Another set back by that heathen Roberts this AM with the abortion issue. Ten years ago he ruled differently.. Many churches have now become nothing more than social indoctrination centers with their misguided notion of what Jesus was all about.. I cannot tell you how many churches I have gone through…


  4. geeez2014 Says:

    And here’s the REALLY CLEVER part….if anybody really fights this new push to make Jesus Black, you are a racist. Otherwise, why fight it? 🙂 That’s it! if you argued against anything Obama said, YOU WERE A RACIST. If you fight the violence BLM is encouraging, YOU are a racist because you’re going against a group that says Black Lives MATTER!
    It’s so beautifully planned, isn’t it?
    It’s Saul Alinksy….with Black Face. But it’s ok for him.

    When I think of all the beautiful statues of Jesus throughout the world and know they could be gone soon…….well, I can’t think about it.

    And I am afraid to think of the displeasure of God, who sat through taking any Christianity out of schools, who sat through homosexual priests in spite of Leviticus, etc., (not that He would not welcome a gay priest who was not involved in sexual relations with another man), who sits through the myriad insults to any representation of the Christian God…………….
    When will His patience end? God forbid.
    By the way, since when did ‘White’ (actually Mediterranean) Jesus EVER not welcome ALL COLORS in Scripture AND in daily life in churches and other situations?

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    • bunkerville Says:

      And in fact, color has nothing to do with it at all…. but then apparently they have lost what christianity is all about and what Jesus was all about.


      • geeez2014 Says:

        that’s exactly right…what was racist or discriminatory about anything Jesus said or did? Nothing.
        Funny, Black America was so beautifully Christian, and many still are, even that BLM guy HAWK did a Ted Talk 2 years ago talking about the Bible, etc….and LOVE and not hurting people…..He was raised with that heart….and now says he’d never want anyone hurt……..but he’s clearly feeling a lot of power and adulation from those who get a kick out of destruction and putting down anything NOT BLACK.

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  5. Mustang Says:

    Re-thinking a white Jesus may be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Jesus was a Jew. No amount of political correctness or perceived social justice is going to change that, but the statement is about as un-Christian as it could be since in Christianity, we care far less about the color of a man’s skin than we do the content of his character. I’ve seen paintings of Jesus in Japan, and in Japan, he looks Japanese. In Africa, Jesus is presented as black skinned. In Mexico, he drives a lawn tractor. But if Justin wants to know why fewer and fewer people attend services in the Anglican Church, he only needs to look in the mirror. It is idiots like him that causes people to find other ways of kneeling with our Lord. So Justin, by hammering yet another nail in the coffin of western civilization, is a blithering moron. Good grief …

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    • bunkerville Says:

      My church does not have an online service since the virus so I found another church of the same denomination that was online and have been watching for several months. She always had a good message..fairly short and to the point which I appreciated.. Everything was fine until this Sunday when she had to go off on her confession of her “whiteness” advantage and you know the drill.. I suppose she was intending to set the example of self flagellation that we all were suppose to follow. Click..and she was gone. I had even thought of sending them a few bills as I know times are hard for churches these days…. on second thought… I intended to write her but then I would simply be classified as a one of the great unwashed… so much for that.

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  6. markone1blog Says:

    This again proves the validity of Luke 18:16, where Christ said “Permit the children to come to me … ”

    Obviously this guy has been too deeply involved in liberal programs and has not thought through the concept that, if Jesus was considered “the son of the carpenter” and not “the Italian” or “the European,” HE PROBABLY LOOKED JUST LIKE ALL THE OTHER MIDDLE EASTERN JEWS OF THE AREA.

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  7. peter3nj Says:

    With record numbers of members leaving the catholic church worldwide its only a matter of time before the commie pope Francis leads the church down the yellow brick road to BLM land to recruit and fill the baskets at Sunday mass. As for the Archbishop of Canterbury should we expect anything less? Follow the money…Its nothing personal its business. Where have we heard that before…

    The Church of England’s head of investments earned £515,000 last year, more than six times the Archbishop of Canterbury’s pay and an increase of more than £50,000 on 2016.

    The Church Commissioners, who control £8.3 billion of assets and follow a policy of ethical investment, achieved returns of 7.1 per cent, two percentage points under their target and well below their record returns of 17.1 per cent the year before.
    *Is the Anglican Church looking to the BLM industry to make up the shortfall?

    Tom Joy, the commissioners’ director of investments and their highest paid executive, received more than half a million pounds for the first time, increasing from £461,000 in 2016 to £515,000.

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