Lawyer for Atlanta cop disputes prosecutor’s account of Brooks’ death


Lance Lorusso, attorney for Garrett Rolfe, weighs in on murder charge against his client. He appeared on the Laura Ingraham show last night.

Then we have the the D.A. Paul Howard and his rush to wringing out all the emotion he can from the situation. Not waiting for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to conclude their investigation. But he too has his problems.

In recent months, three women have leveled sexual harassment and discrimination allegations against the 68-year-old DA, who is seeking his seventh term.

And to make things worse — for him — the GBI is investigating whether Howard was padding his six-figure salary with $170,000 in Atlanta funds that passed through a nonprofit that was set up to reduce youth violence.

The GBI probe and the ethics complaint followed a report by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Channel 2 Action News about discrepancies between financial disclosures Howard filed with the state and tax filings submitted to the IRS by the nonprofit he heads as CEO.

He also faces ethics charges on failing to document those payments in state financial disclosure forms. To be sure, it’s never good to be investigated by the GBI or ethics probers when an election is just a couple of weeks away.

…..Noah Pines, a former prosecutor who is supporting Willis, told me, “If there’s ever a time that Paul Howard is in trouble, it’s now. The only question is whether the public is paying attention.” More at AJc

There is plenty of information about this fine fellow Paul Howard out there and clearly he has his own agenda. Anyone who was watching T.V. yesterday as this played out knows we are very deep in the swamp on this one.


30 Responses to “Lawyer for Atlanta cop disputes prosecutor’s account of Brooks’ death”

  1. dennis winebrinner Says:

    if brooks had put his hands behind his back, allowed himself to be handcuffed and set down in the back of the police car, he would be alive today.
    prove me wrong

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  2. geeez2014 Says:

    I wondered when I listed to the D.A. yesterday why he lied about the ‘lump’ in Brooks’ pocket not having been inquired about by the cops. “There was a lump but when they patted him down, they didn’t ask about it…and it was just money!”
    Really? (i.e.; they knew he had no gun, I guess was the message)
    When I saw my first video of the situation, I saw a cop asking Rayshard why he had so much money on him, flipping through it like the cop was a teller in a bank…….I SAW IT. And D.A. Howard says the cops didn’t ask him about that……
    That really makes me curious.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      It was a set up by the DA… and now the cop is in jail with the Grand Jury not hearing the case until next January or February according to a question asked of the DA yesterday.. Does not seem fair when the so called victim was out because of Covid.

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  3. Mustang Says:

    There is nothing untoward about conducting coroner’s inquests, which evaluate the facts and render conclusions about whether the shooting was justified. Neither is it unusual for politicians (DA’s) to make hay from prosecuting high visibility cases. Both have been going on for a very long time in this country. The net effect, of course, is the pollution of our legal system. My question is who in their right mind would want to wear a badge in Atlanta, Detroit, Baltimore, NYC, Chicago, or Washington DC? My solution is that if the “black community” is okay with blacks killing other tribal members, why stand in their way? After all, aren’t we all on a quest for a more just society?

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    • bunkerville Says:

      While I agree that everyone wants to make hay, I can say I have never ever heard a D.A. present clearly lies about the evidence he supposedly has…I listened to the whole morbid presentation where he himself reverses what he said just two weeks previously… that a taser was a deadly weapon… then trot out the family who by the way… the victim was out of jail because of Covid…..he was in jail for beating up the family who now treasures him and intends to make plenty off of it… I agree….. they don’t want police? Give it to them.

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  4. Adrienne Says:

    A DA is supposed to be neutral. Trying a case in the media is 100% unethical – but when have ethics mattered to this POS?

    Time for a bit of realism here. Fifty years ago Atlanta was a lovely southern city. It is now black run with a black majority population. Things are not going well.

    Any white person contemplating moving there needs his head examined.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      The worse of it that the DA presented false facts to effect the jury….. Agree totally…. Checking out the history of his office, it has been plagued with controversy for decades. But he is the right color so they keep him in.

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  5. Linda Says:

    The cops are going to walk. Overcharging. I stand with my thought. It was justifiable shooting. The DA is just pandering and the very thought he didnt wait for the GBI to finish its investigation is just wrong.

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  6. greg46107 Says:

    And the entire Atlanta Police Department called in sick today. I’m absolutely proud of the APD for standing with Officer Rolfe.

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  7. markone1blog Says:

    One more question. If this had been a Black officer having to defend himself against a drunk White victim, would we be enduring these riots? How about if it were five black hoodlums beating down a White guy who told them to not cut in line? More riots?

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  8. markone1blog Says:

    A few easy questions for this idiot prosecutor: if the victim wrestled away the officer’s stun gun (or taser or whatever scary term you want to use to slant the jury), is there any way the officer can tell whether the victim might not also have another weapon? Is the officer the only person in danger when the “victim” wrestles away a stun gun or other weapon?

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Apparently he has a checkered record and was bound to the big house once again….. and you can be shot in the back as the same time he reaches back and shoots… one covering this AM on Fox much… and Laura had the full interview… disappointed bu why should I be?

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      • geeez2014 Says:

        He was apparently one of those released from prison due to COVID, from what I’ve read…..And I believe that the 20 minutes perfectly polite discussion between the cops and him went bad ONLY because when they brought the cuffs out he realized he’s publicly drunk AND is going to be arrested …both of which would have slammed him behind bars again, no doubt about it.
        I guess I’m the only person here who believes they could have NOT shot him…could have let him run instead of killing him…they had his car, his address, ……And a taser can only shoot twice and the cops could have seen it had been exhausted and he was weaponless because of the pat down ………and because the taser couldn’t shoot anymore. Plus, a taser from that distance is pretty unlethal…Technically, it’s considered a “less lethal” weapon.
        Weird two cops couldn’t get him down on the ground…….and not great that the other cop stood on his shoulder after he’d died for quite a while.
        I’m 100% on the side of law enforcement, but this shooting doesn’t seem so easy to explain. At least not to me.

        Having said that; If ATLANTA PD is all home in protest to Rolfe’s charges, I’m with them. They know this better than I.

        ALSO: As I wrote today; even LIBERAL BLACK LEO TERRELL’s on the cop’s side on this, so there’s that!
        But his point was that Rolfe is charged with FELONY MURDER and that’s RIDICULOUS….maybe that’s what APD is protesting……… should have, at most, been MANSLAUGHTER because FELONY MURDER means INTENT TO KILL…and there is NO WAY that is the case…………………..

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      • bunkerville Says:

        These guys are hopped up on all kinds of stuff…. shoulda coulda woulda…. Don’t resist arrest and it all works out a-ok…

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      • Ed Bonderenka Says:

        A tasers distance to target does not limit it’s effectiveness, only its accuracy.
        It’s just as incapacitating at short as well as longer distances.

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  9. markone1blog Says:

    I hear that a horrible round of the Blue Flu is making the rounds at the Atlanta Police Department. I would rather the whole department have to stay at home rather than more idiocy like this occur. Just saying.

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  10. peter3nj Says:

    If this Negro DA is a democrat what are the chances he will face charges, should they be found to be true, for which he is now under investigation?

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