Victor Davis Hanson With Dobbs: Will The Generals Attempt A Coup When Trump Wins In November?


Am I the only one who has been wondering what is going on with the top echelon of the military brass opining about Trump, both former and present, unsure if Trump is the Commander in Chief? Not sure if they want to be present at certain events and happy to voice publicly their opinion. Then we have Biden talking about the military possible actions.

Lou Dobbs sums the matter up with Victor Davis Hanson. Well worth the time. Am I the only one that recalls what happened to MacArthur?

(CNN)Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden sounded an alarm Wednesday about GOP moves to limit voting access, saying his “single greatest concern” is that President Donald Trump will “try to steal this election.”

But, the former vice president said, he is “absolutely convinced” the military would escort Trump from the White House if he loses the election but refuses to leave office.

Asked by Trevor Noah on “The Daily Show” if he’s ever considered what would happen if Trump would not leave the White House if he loses, Biden responded,
“Yes, I have.”
Biden pointed to Trump’s history of spreading false conspiracy theories about voter fraud, including a recent series of lies about mail-in voting leading to widespread voter fraud — which Republican and Democratic-led states are increasingly embracing amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Move it up to about 4:45 to miss the setup in the interview.


In his distinguished army career, General MacArthur has known defeat as well as victory. Now, he is stripped of his commands – and the President says why


Other than that all is well in the swamp.


21 Responses to “Victor Davis Hanson With Dobbs: Will The Generals Attempt A Coup When Trump Wins In November?”

  1. Steve Dennis Says:

    I remember when they were saying Trump would not accept the results of the 2016 election and then themselves went on a four year attempt at trying to undo the election and now they are trying to spread that fear again. It is the same old playbook but yes, I do think it is odd the military is speaking out against him.

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  2. geeez2014 Says:

    I hate to say this, but a wonderful, strong conservative friend suddenly said “I won’t vote for Trump this time!” the other day, during the protests. I was horrified (and am tired of hearing this but knew it couldn’t be agenda because she’s 100% him there)…”WHY?” I asked…she said “Because of what could happen in our streets if he wins!”

    I reminded her a little insurgence would be better than losing capitalism, losing our Constitution’s values, etc.

    She said “That’s true.” oy!!!

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  3. peter3nj Says:

    Off Topic:Why Biden wins in November:
    Biden’s side-
    Wall Street
    Billionaire/Millionaire Elites US and Worldwide
    The Clintons
    The Obamas
    Federal/State/Local Bureaucracies
    Anarchists and their Useful Idiots
    Sports World
    Universities administrations and faculties
    University students and Alumni
    High School Students of Voting Age
    United Focused House of Representatives
    97% Plantation Vote
    Mail In Ballots
    Guilty Whites
    Ignorant and self hating self loathing Whites
    Latino Vote
    Illegal Aliens
    Entitlement Nation
    Joint Chiefs of Staff
    The Military?
    Blind Hatred of POTUS
    Communist/Marxist/Socialist groups throughout America

    Trump’s Side:
    Conservative Americans
    Lukewarm Senate majority on the fence
    A few Cubans
    A few other Latinos
    Eastern European Immigrants
    A sprinkling of Blacks
    Conservative bloggers

    Did I miss anyone or anything?

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  4. Linda Says:

    I have no doubt the generals are planning something. Alot of traitors in the midst. That-Lou Dobbs was a good show last night.

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  5. Mustang Says:

    The problem we have with the senior military leadership is (and has always been) that they are politicians and administrators than they are warriors. They take the oath of allegiance to the Constitution upon advancement in grade because they must, not because they are dedicated to our founding principles. And they know how to kiss the asses of Congress. I’m disgusted with the lot of them above the rank of rear admiral and major general. But as to a coup d’etate, no worry. None of the senior most officers are competent enough to pull it off.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      No doubt you are right… then again, I had thought that what the Obama administration in almost being successful in a coup and ousting Trump was not possible as well.. The deep state apparently is very deep. The issue remains if Biden is elected we are toast.

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  6. peter3nj Says:

    Follow the money?

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