Who is the real Max Baucus former ambassador to China?


Max Baucus Despises Donald Trump…..

by Mustang

The headline is laughable.  It is certainly true that Max Baucus despises Trump (and all of those who voted for him in 2017) but the headline hardly constitutes the breaking story of the day.  Recently, Baucus criticized Trump for his open hostility toward China and in this context, compared Trump to Adolph Hitler.  Doing so isn’t news, either.  In a recent article, I read this insert to showcase Baucus’ bona fides:

[Snip] “Max Baucus, former Ambassador to China under President Barack Obama and a former US Senator from Montana, compared President Donald Trump to the 20th century Nazi leader Adolph for his rhetoric against China for the communist government’s unleashing of the COVID-19 Chinese Coronavirus on the US and the world.  Baucus also warned the US will ‘pay a price’ for criticizing China.”

[Snip] “In 2014, US President Barack Obama nominated Max Sieben Baucus to be Ambassador of the United States of America to the Peoples Republic of China.  He served as Ambassador from February 21, 2014 until January 19, 2017.  Ambassador Baucus formerly served as the senior US Senator from Montana.  He served in the US Senate from 1978 to 2014 and was Montana’s longest serving US Senator as well as the third longest tenure among those serving in the US Senate.”

[Snip] “While in the Senate, Ambassador Baucus was Chairman and Ranking Member of the powerful Senate Committee on Finance.  While Chairman, he was the chief architect of the Affordable Health Care Act signed into law by President Barack Obama on March 23, 2009.”

[Snip] “Ambassador Baucus has extensive experience in international trade.  As Chairman of the Senate Committee on Finance, he led passage and enactment of the Free Trade Agreements with 11 countries [countries listed].  He was also deeply involved in orchestrating the congressional approval of permanent normal trade relations with China in 2000 and in facilitating China’s entrance into the World Trade Organization in 2001.”

So, there you have it.  His official biography (on file with the US Chamber of Commerce) goes on to say that he’s also an expert and a leading hand in matters of taxation, agriculture, nutrition, forestry, farm subsidies, environment, public works, transportation, infrastructure and the US highway system.  Max Baucus is not only an expert in matters of foreign trade, he’s also an expert in matters of US-Chinese relations and the American health care system, which he helped to destroy.

Still, who is Max Baucus and what makes him such a multi-faceted expert, a go-to-guy in matters of US-Chinese relations?  Let’s peek:

Broken home, took his stepfather’s name, graduated from high school in 1959.  Attended Carleton College in Minnesota for a year and then transferred to Stanford University, graduating in 1964 with a degree in economics.  Attended Stanford Law School, graduating in 1967.  Worked for three years for the Securities and Exchange Commission, which is something lawyers do when they aren’t competitive or competent lawyers.  In 1972 he returned to Montana to serve as executive director of the state’s constitutional convention.

In that same year, he gained a seat in the Montana House of Representatives.  Two years later, the people of Montana elected him to the US House of Representatives, serving until his appointment to the US Senate in 1978.  He remained in the Senate for 36 years.

If Baucus is an expert in all the areas listed on the biographical data form on file with the US Chamber of Commerce, his only source of expertise is in his political affiliation in the US Senate.  Baucus never accomplished a single thing outside of the political arena, so one wonders how anyone can regard him as an “expert” in much beyond feeding from the public trough.  In my mind, claiming that Baucus is an expert in foreign trade is similar to the suggestion that a recently hung horse thief was an expert in hemp.

But wait … it gets better.

Max Baucus sits on the board of advisors to the Chinese company Alibaba Group.  We aren’t sure how long he has been sitting on that board, or even if this constitutes Baucus’ golden parachute from long government service.  We do know that Alibaba Group is a massive technology company specializing in retail e-commerce founded in 1994.  The company made its way into the US marketplace in 2014, which amazingly coincides with Baucus’ appointment as US Ambassador to China.

There are number of controversies surrounding Alibaba, of course, which began around 2011.  These include on-line fraud, sales of uranium to Iran, selling counterfeit retail items, and a class action suit alleging violations of the US Securities Act (where Baucus once served as a young lawyer).

While occupying a position on the board of Alibaba, Baucus also maintains an advisory position with the United States Central Intelligence Agency.

I’m sure there is nothing wrong with representing a foreign company while also advising the CIA and then berating the President of the United States for calling attention to China’s duplicity in the recent global pandemic.  Let’s be clear: Baucus isn’t the problem.  The problem is the corrupt nature of our elitist political system that permits treasonous associations with countries and interests that seek to destroy our nation.

Why do we allow US companies to employ Chinese-made drones that provide China with information about our electrical grid, transportation systems, and access to various US data bases, including Homeland Security?

Why do we allow the Chinese to own US companies?  By the way, here are a few US assets owned by Chinese companies: Smithfield Foods, Chicago Stock Exchange, AMC theaters, Legendary Entertainment Group, General Electric Appliances, The Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Strategic Hotels and Resorts, Riot Games, Ingram Micro (distributor of Apple products), and Motorola Mobility (phones).  There are over a hundred US companies now controlled by China.

No, Baucus isn’t the problem.  He’s only one of many who enrich themselves at the public’s expense and then lay claim to a golden parachute through their nefarious affiliations with nations that seek to destroy us.  Quite frankly, the only difference between Max Baucus and Bill and Hillary Clinton is that the Clinton’s are more adept in their duplicity.

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