MSNBC wants Biden to set up shadow government


We don’t do “shadow governments” in this country. But there is a way your guy Biden can have his own legit Covid clown show everyday if he wants to and it’s called winning the election. He might want to figuring out where he is…. those sorts of things for a starter. I will conclude with a couple of his finer moments….


The Washington Times reports:

Biden should consider ‘shadow government’ to combat Trump, MSNBC’s Ruhle says

MSNBC‘S Stephanie Ruhle said Wednesday that Joseph R. Biden may want to consider forming a “shadow government” if he wants to defeat President Trump’s reelection bid.

The “MSNBC Live” anchor told former White House Deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina that Mr. Biden needs to think “bigger” when it comes to “counter-programming” the Trump administration’s ability to speak directly to the American people via coronavirus press briefings.

Mr. Messina suggested getting former President Obama and high-profile Democrats should paint a stark “contrast” between the two men moments before Ms. Ruhle mulled various “shadow” options — including a “shadow SWAT team.”

“Do they need to do it in a bigger way?” Ms. Ruhle asked Wednesday. “What did you just call it? The president’s daily clown show? That’s his press briefing. Should Joe Biden be counter-programming that? Should he be creating his own shadow government, shadow cabinet, shadow SWAT team and getting up there at a podium every night saying, ‘here’s the crisis we’re in, here’s what we need to do to address this’?”

Here is an example of a true clown show. A couple of moments lost in space. He keeps trying to read his Cliff Notes to no avail. I can’t wait for the debates with Trump.





That sure is the best of the swamp today..

33 Responses to “MSNBC wants Biden to set up shadow government”

  1. Steve Dennis Says:

    So they have gone from wanting Trump impeached for talking to foreign leaders after he was elected but before he was inaugurated to wanting Biden to undermine the President before the election? They really cannot keep track of their positions any more, and I am having trouble keeping up with all their flip flops.

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  2. Ed Bonderenka Says:

    We already have a shadow government. Why would we need another?
    Besides wasn’t Obama supposed to set one up in his D.C. redoubt?

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  3. dave drake Says:

    My (negative 2 cents) prediction is that Joe will drop out due to “health reasons” and another candidate will step in. Who will replace him, I don’t know. Doubt it will be Moochie, she’s too happy with book tours and their new wealth. That leaves a possible as yet “unknown” (name recognition only) or – – – – – – Mrs. RodHAM Clinton. I won’t ever underestimate the pure evil and political power of them. The sweet part would be watching her lose to Trump AGAIN !!!

    OT: Did you read where Mittens (Romney) is the only “Republican” not included in Trump’s “re-open America task force”? Oh, sweet, delicious, tasty, calorie-laden karma! Every time I see photos of Mittens looking sad, with pouty little frown the dopamine and serotonin floods my brain!!! 😀

    Take care, one and all!

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  4. Terri D. Says:

    God help us.

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  5. Bill Heffner Says:

    Well, Biden is a product of the Democratic Party, which is populated entirely by idiots. Just a couple of examples, but there is an almost endless list.

    Democrats laud the extraordinary intelligence of Barack Obama, who said repeatedly that we are fighting in Afghanistan to “deny them space in which to plan their attacks.” But 9/11 was planned in Germany and training for it was carried out in Florida and Southern California. The “shoe bomber” was in Yemen, and the Pan American bomb was attributed to Libya.

    Democrats demonize George W. Bush to this day, and yet a common defense for criticism of actions by Barack Obama was, “Well, George Bush did it too.” So the fact that someone you regard as evil did something makes it okay for your guy to do it too.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      I suggest that Biden’s time is limited…whether in office or not, even if elected there will be those willing to move him along.
      Only to be replaced by the shadow government that already exists.


      • Bill Heffner Says:

        Well, no, Democrats are planning to do something really slimy. Biden is going to pick a “diversity” VP who would never have a chance of election; Kamela Harris, probably, or Elizabeth Warren. Maybe even Stacey Abrams. Hillary Clinton is a long shot, but don’t rule her out. Then once he wins the White House, he will resign for health reasons.

        They could even pull what is called in billiards a “three cushion shot.” He picks some innocuous dweeb, then he reveals dementia and resigns. Dweeb becomes president and picks Hillary Clinton to replace him as VP. Then Dweeb is killed in a car accident and Clinton becomes president.

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      • bunkerville Says:

        Bill I think you have pretty much covered the bases as many of us are thinking about the same thing…. seems Hillary isn’t out of the picture entirely… the very least she will shine in the cabinet no doubt.


  6. Mustang.Koji Says:

    Dad lived to be 99 years of age. He was in his nineties before he got to where #DementiaJoe is now. By that time, he could only remember his happy childhood days in Hiroshima with his younger brother who was KIA as a Japanese soldier (They were both Seattle born.). Man, he could remember playing leap frog but he would forget that he ate ten minutes earlier.

    #DementiaNoe is where he is at now due to moronic citizens who see him as a money handout. They don’t care if he babbles, says “AR-14”, sniffs and fondles little girls or his son made millions of his time as VP.

    That, folks, is what we’re up against. Stupidity, emotions and TDS. Combined, they make for one helluva anti-America weapon.

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  7. Mustang.Koji Says:

    Reblogged this on Masako and Spam Musubi and commented:
    Just passing this along… What do you say about his state or mind?

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  8. Mustang Says:

    Biden offers us undeniable proof that the Democratic Party has been in a deep spiral for the past seventy years. It gets worse every election cycle. I haven’t heard any common sense from Democrats since the days of JFK, and he was marginal. Does anyone listen to what they are saying? It is total babble. Talking points, and no one saying them even knows what they’re saying. Besides, we already had a shadow government … we remember it as the Obama administration. No pun intended, of course. Come on America … you’re better than this–or not.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      The only thing Biden has going are his cheat sheets that he can gaze down on when doing is interviews and of course most of the time is wife Dr. of whatever who no doubts kicks his chins when he needs to stop making a fool of himself… right ,… we need one more shadow government.


    • Mustang Says:

      Life must be hell for Biden … all those years of pushing against doors that say pull.

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  9. Linda Says:

    Each of these people who are expounding the nonsense (shadow government etc.) need to be arrested, just saying. They are not Patriots.

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  10. kidme37 Says:

    Talk about a clown show. Biden couldn’t set up 3 bowling pins correctly. Hey, Imagine being a commie/libtard and have to pin all your hopes on a guy that can’t even put on his own underwear. Lol.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Good one Kid… I can’t wait to learn who he chooses for VP…. apparently a woman… I say the one from Michigan or the one who lost in GA…. should be a hoot.

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      • kidme37 Says:

        I thought Abrams for a little while but am convinced now it’s gonna be the hildebeast. Too much money and power. The plan will be Joey resigns some months in from dementia and the beast takes over if he actually manages to get elected.

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      • Ed Bonderenka Says:

        Like I said earlier. He’d lose Michigan if he chose her.
        Grassroots would be off the charts!


  11. hocuspocus13 Says:

    Clown Show…right!!!

    Because Obama handled the H1N1 Epidemic so well

    With 60 million Americans getting sick from it

    Obama and Biden handled it with a broomstick and swept the vital information under the nearest rug

    To keep the American People uninformed

    So the H1N1 Epidemic viciously spread

    The contrast between the 2 Administrations Trump and Obama absolutely are/were completely different in how the Epidemic was handled

    At least with Trump We The People are kept in the realm of knowledge to be able to protect ourselves and our families

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    • bunkerville Says:

      I am with you HP… I was still working in healthcare with H1N1.
      There were shortages of Masks, etc the same as today…… I recall I had to travel to 5 different hospitals and was a nervous wreck.

      It’s been a little over a decade since the world experienced its last pandemic, the 2009 H1N1 swine flu. Between the spring of 2009 and the spring of 2010, the virus infected as many as 1.4 billion people across the globe and killed between 151,700 and 575,400 people, according to the Centers for Disease Protection and Control.

      President Barack Obama there were 60.8 million U.S. cases of H1N1 and 12,469 deaths, with a “totally chill” level of response
      And they were not padding the deaths back then…

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      • hocuspocus13 Says:

        …and those shortages you speak of were never replenished by the Obama Administration which left the Trump Administration to restock

        I caught the H1N1 in 2010 it was not pleasant to say the least

        And Thank You for your service 🌹


      • bunkerville Says:

        Thanks… I had the 1957 flu that just about did me in….. Hope you are doing OK in NJ….. No check yet here…
        Putting good wishes for you into the ether…..

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