Surgeon General and WHO ‘mask’ position just comes out – lies, lies and more lies


They play us for fools….and this one takes me over the top. They insult our intelligence and are laughing at us.

We are wrapping rags around our mouths…rags that do nothing and are more likely to increase the risk of infection.

So Doctor Surgeon General, what happens when we put our rags around our mouth?

Follow the dates: First


Then they told us we should wear bandanas…. now we are to hunker down and make our own. How much more will Americans take of this total nonsense? Apparently plenty.

You want to talk about inept, we have gone from masks don’t work to everybody needs a mask in weeks. Thank you CDC, WHO, and Surgeon General. My confidence in you is off the Charts.

Meanwhile the world walks around not only with surgical masks but N95’s. Surgical masks protect OTHERS from you. You? Zip. N95’s protect YOU from others and others from you. Cloth masks don’t do squat except maybe make you sick. Tell me, which one would you chose?

If they protect doctors and nurses then why would they not protect citizens?

Tell me how is it we are not infecting ourselves putting on these rags?? Note how he touches all aspects of his material –



Now this past Monday WHO comes out with masks are bad. I swear they want to kill us. Guess Who is the head of WHO?



Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is NOT an actual medical doctor.

He’s not:  Tedros was elected as Director-General of the World Health Organization by the World Health Assembly on 23 May 2017,[becoming the first director-general who is not a medical doctor.[Wiki footnote #58].

Thanks go to David Drake for the info on Tedros.

Lots of luck with this.


World Health Organization: Monday April 6, 2020.

Advice on the use of masks in the context of COVID-19

Global health officials still insist that medical masks should be reserved for health-care workers, even as an increasing number of governments recommend the general public wear them to help slow the spread of coronavirus.

“There is currently no evidence that wearing a mask, whether medical or other types, by healthy persons in the wider community setting, including universal community masking, can prevent them from infection with respiratory viruses, including Covid-19,” a report released late Monday by the World Health Organization said.

Nevertheless, countries around the world are advising people to wear masks. Asian governments recommend them in crowded places, while eastern European countries have mandated wearing them in public. The U.S. last week recommended Americans wear nonmedical cloth masks in public, whether they’re infected or not.



This document provides advice on the use of masks in communities, during home care, and in health care settings in areas that have reported cases of COVID-19. It is intended for individuals in the community, public health and infection prevention and control (IPC) professionals, health care managers, health care workers (HCWs), and community health workers. This updated version includes a section on Advice to decision makers on the use of masks for healthy people in community settings.


As those jackass Docs of Trump at the daily briefing always start out.

“Looking at the granular data.” Well here is the so called granular data.

Okay, you want to get people back to work? Give them N-95’s.  That’s it folks…..the best of the swamp. I have had my say.

For more on masks see earlier posts:

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43 Responses to “Surgeon General and WHO ‘mask’ position just comes out – lies, lies and more lies”

  1. markone1blog Says:

    One other thing that is somewhat tangential to this discussion is the fact that most of the cases are occurring in Democrat-run states.


  2. Surgeon General and WHO ‘mask’ position just comes out – lies, lies and more lies – donshafi911 2019-nCoV Says:

    […] Surgeon General and WHO ‘mask’ position just comes out – lies, lies and more lies […]


  3. Samuel Patterson Says:

    There is a difference between making factual corrections / distinctions and intentionally, and deliberately tellin a LIE!.

    In early March, the World Health Organization said that 3.4 percent of coronavirus patients had died from the disease. “Globally, about 3.4% of reported COVID-19 (the disease spread by the virus) cases have died,” WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said at a briefing. “By comparison, seasonal flu generally kills far fewer than 1% of those infected.”

    Our President Donald Trump said this number was false, as the mortality rate was actually much less because their number didn’t take into account unreported cases. In an interview with Sean Hannity on March 4, Trump challenged WHO’s number. “Well, I think the 3.4% is really a false number,” Trump said, asserting that the actual mortality rate is “way under 1 percent.”

    And Trump was right. He wasn’t downplaying the mortality rate, as has been suggested. As testing in the United States has increased, the mortality rate has decreased. The same is true worldwide.

    Chalk this up as another case in which so called self proclaimed “expert” accusations. As we are seeing the Left’s “Facts” are NOT Facts at all, but only their own Fake News to make the President look bad, when he was right all alone.

    Two days after Trump declared the coronavirus a National Emergency, the Washington Post ran an opinion piece by Elizabeth Cameron, who ran the White House pandemic office under Obama, alleging that Trump had dissolved the office in 2018. She claimed because of this, “the federal government’s slow response to the coronavirus isn’t a surprise.”
    This claim spread like wildfire, even though it was COMPLETELY FALSE.

    Back in February both Joe Biden and Mike Bloomberg (who hadn’t dropped out of the Democratic primary yet) accused President Trump of cutting funding to critical health agencies during a primary debate. “
    According to an Associated Press fact-check, proposed budget cuts never happened, and funding increased.

    If you listen to Democrats, Trump didn’t act quickly enough and is botching the government response. Joe Biden has tried to perpetuate this falsehood by giving press briefings telling Trump what he should be doing.

    The big problem with that is that when Biden has offered his own plan, he simply took things that Trump had already done, said he should do those things, and pretended they were his own ideas.
    To this day the left (and the media) claim Trump called the coronavirus a hoax. He said no such thing. While the country was distracted by impeachment, the Trump administration was busy addressing the coronavirus outbreak, taking various measures to limit the spread of the virus in the United States. Impeachment quickly faded, so they decided to aggressively politicize his response to the coronavirus outbreak. Joe Biden even called Trump’s travel ban with China an overreaction, and accused him of trying to scare the public. “This is no time for Donald Trump’s record of hysteria and xenophobia ± hysterical xenophobia — and fearmongering to lead the way instead of science.”

    President Trump responded to these allegations during a rally in South Carolina, calling the Democrats’ politicization of the coronavirus “the new hoax.” The media jumped on this line, claiming that Trump called the virus, not the Democrats’ reactions to it, a hoax

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  4. Mustang Says:

    BTW … that picture of a cowboy stagecoach robber proves that Texans have been on top of the coronavirus since 1868.

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  5. dave drake Says:

    Bunk, Thank You for the mention – very much appreciated, very kind of you.

    Glad you liked the image of “Dr” Tedros. 😀

    Great post, as always. I am seeing more people wearing masks, but incorrectly. Some just have it covering their mouth, not their nose. And the spacing around their face is so loose they aren’t really protecting themselves much. I’ve joked that I’m going to wrap my face in duct tape leaving a small slit by my mouth so I can still have a cigarette.

    Everyone, take care; stay healthy!

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Love it Dave. a perfect picture…. The post was getting too long but I had a pic of Schumer wearing it half assed as always.


      • the unit Says:

        Yep, need some humor of wit with it wit of all. 🙂
        Little cotton pledglets stuffed up my nose. Not to too deep though. And a wipe of Campho-Phenique.


  6. Bill Heffner Says:

    I am going to get a tee shirt printed up that says in big letters, “Covid19 Survivor, Immune.” Then when I walk around not wearing a mask, as any sane, rational person would do, and someone challenges me, I can just point to my tee surt and tell them to shut the fuck up.

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  7. Mustang Says:

    Yesterday, I opined that every official connected to the virus has failed the test. Trump should consult with our country’s best experts, but it isn’t up to the experts to make decisions; that’s Trump’s job. I’m also disappointed that Trump hasn’t consulted with all 50 governors, to get their input to the problem as it affects their states, to ask them for their opinions. It shouldn’t take more than an hour or two to get this done. And then, in concert with experts and state governors, make an effing decision. That’s what he’s paid to do. Right, wrong, it doesn’t matter. Make. An. Effing. Decision.

    Final thought: I wouldn’t consult with WHO about something as simple as heat rash. The WHO and UN is completely irrelevant, IMO.

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    • bunkerville Says:

      I am with you… somehow Trump got swindled into believing these fools and he seems stuck with them. I guess when you feel human life is in your hands it is tough…. open up the country.. those of us at risk stay home and out of the way…..
      This is nature’s way…. sad but true… it will have to run its course sooner or later.. Just putting off what is to be.

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      • kidme37 Says:

        I would say DJT has to recognize the fact that much of the population are complete morons. The very definition of “it’s politics”. Can’t please everyone all the time.

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      • Mustang Says:

        True, Kid … if the federal government is playing us like fools, it is because they know we are just that. It’s a bureaucratic turkey shoot, and we’re the turkey.

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      • kidme37 Says:

        The democrats absotively posolutely believe at least half the population are knuckle dragging pornhub subscribing tree bark addicted masturbating drunken idiots of the highest order. How else could they think how they speak and act in public would be the least bit acceptable ?

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      • bunkerville Says:

        This mask business is the height of stupidity… why I keep harping on it. If they can’t see through the total nonsense of this then they cannot see nothing. All in six weeks…a total change and where is the press might I add?

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      • Mustang Says:

        Where is the press? Given the fact that “science writers” aren’t scientists, that they simply take talking points prepared by someone else (such as John Holdren) and run with it, it is probably just as well that we aren’t hearing from the press. I haven’t seen any “journalists” who aren’t also paid up members of Morons of America and I pay about as much attention to them as I do anything that comes out of the mouth of Porky Pelosi.

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  8. Linda Says:

    I had to laugh yesterday…had to go pick up prescriptions…listen folks, it does no good to wear a mask and not cover your noses. ALSO, masks are inadept if your healthy. Then, I saw the funniest thing; a guy with a full blown gas mask on. Oh and lets not get going on the gloves or no gloves issue. Geeze, the lies these folks are telling…and I happen to like the presidents answer when he was questioned why he wouldn’t he wear one; “why would I? I am not comfortable doing so.” See, he knows the truth. wink

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Be careful thats all…. but I trust none of these fools and what they are up to…. people are dropping all around me…just saying.. it happens quick, not like the flu at all.

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      • kidme37 Says:

        I contend people are not taking this seriously. There are vaccines for “the flu”. How many who die didn’t get the vaccine? There is no vaccine for this. I have no problem with the precautions being taken other than restricting people very unlikely to suffer serious consequences from it. Let them loose while those in harms’ way self-isolate (or not)

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      • bunkerville Says:

        Agree totally…

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      • Mustang Says:

        @ Kid …

        The truth about annual Flu shots is that they are based on last year’s strain, having nothing at all to do with this year’s strain. Their only purpose is to build up immunization from a flu virus, which sometimes works for some people, and sometimes doesn’t. It’s all part of “Life is a crapshoot.” Personally, this kind of underscores my contention that most of us are sheep. Here’s the conversation: “Pardon me while I inject you with a virus that may or may not work, could kill you, and that’ll be $25.00 please.” Answering patient, “Doh … “

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      • bunkerville Says:

        yea, and the strains always come out of the far east… isn’t that interesting…. Hong Kong flu, etc….Now of course we dare not mention the origin,

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      • Linda Says:

        yes. I know…understand…I keep saying this…but SOMETHING was around last spring, very similar to the Wuhan virus… and it nearly killed me. All I am saying is, I don’t trust anyone, not even the dr.’s. I have been reading they are no longer rescuitating (sp. sorry) folks, how scary is that. All this is being crammed down our throats at a fast pace. Why?


      • kidme37 Says:

        @Linda. Two possibilities imo.
        – They’ve discovered even with the best equipment and drugs they cannot save certain patients.
        – They’ve been directed to allow the older folks to die off thereby saving “The environment” and $$$ relating to medical costs.

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      • kidme37 Says:

        @Linda – PS – I have read and believe many patients in Italy are DNRs. Also read lots of doctors and nurses in Italy have died. Seems to me like a no win situation in some cases. Beyond some system’s ability to deal with.

        I don’t believe much of this at all but who believes more people have died in NYC vs CHINA for example.

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    • kidme37 Says:

      Mustang. True. I’ve had a couple times and thought I was gonna die both times. So… I take a shot at it.


      • bunkerville Says:

        1957 I thought I was a goner….. out of school for over a month and in the hospital for two weeks with pneumonia…..12 years old…will never forget –so even if one is in good health it could be one heck of a bad trip especially this one….

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  9. peter3nj Says:

    Surgeon General? Didn’t we see him on the cooking channel folding pastry?

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  10. hocuspocus13 Says:

    Masks ok but I think the most important part to cover up is your hands

    I see people wearing masks with their hands exposed to the virus which lives on objects for a number of hours or days

    When I go out to the store I wear leather gloves and I don’t take them off till I get home and I still wash my hands

    WHO … Last night Hannity did a phone interview with Trump

    Trump is reevaluating WHO after all the USA is the number 1 money giver with something around $58 million

    WHO Director General (not a DR) has signatures adding up requesting his resignation

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  11. kidme37 Says:

    Imo, masks protect other people from you (if you are likely to put virus elements into the air) rather than protect you from other people. So, bottom line there is Some value there. Also, there are people, particularly in Cincinnati that I’d appreciate seeing less of.

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