Biden asks crowd if anyone benefitted from the tax cuts, one says yes, Biden pledges to take his money


The clown show’s top star, good ole Joe, out on the stump with his latest.

Today at a rally in South Carolina Joe Biden asked if anyone benefited from the Trump tax cuts. When one man raised his hand, Joe Biden immediately pledged to raise his taxes.

Joe Biden: Well, you did. That’s good. I’m glad to see you’re doing well already. But guess what? If you elect me you’re not going to have it, your taxes are going to be raised not cut.

And the Democrats in the audience apparently thought that was just terrific.
What stupid people.

H/T:  Gateway Pundit

Even better:

Daily Caller:

Dozens of Democratic superdelegates say they’re willing to sacrifice party cohesion to prevent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders from becoming their party’s nominee at the Democratic National Convention in July.

The New York Times spoke with 93 superdelegates following Sanders’s victory in the Nevada caucuses on Feb. 22, the vast majority of which said they believe the Democratic Party is headed toward a contested convention. Of the superdelegates interviewed, 84 said Sanders does not deserve to become the party’s nominee based solely on having secured the most, but not over 50%, of the delegates during the primaries and caucuses.

All in all I would say the democrats are in for a rousing good time. All the voters have to do is pick their poison. How in the world did they ever come to this?

All is vey well in the swamp.


14 Responses to “Biden asks crowd if anyone benefitted from the tax cuts, one says yes, Biden pledges to take his money”

  1. Steve Dennis Says:

    It will be sad when Biden drops out because it sure is entertaining to listen to him at times! Did you ever think you would see a day when a candidate would promise to take your money away from you and the crowd would cheer him on?! These people all believe only the rich will pay more taxes and they won’t pay more taxes but this should be a warning to them that taxes are going to go up for everybody.

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  2. geeez2014 Says:

    “oh BOY! Higher Taxes…THIS is the guy I’M voting for!”….and some Americans think that’s great!
    What is GOING ON? And are Democrats that stupid that only ONE raised his hand? Or is it a typical Biden event and only 5 fans were there, anyway? :=-) God help us.

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  3. Mustang Says:

    There is no “shortlist” of taxes. If the federal government isn’t taxing us (income, excise, schedules, and fees), then the state steps in to levy on income, property, and purchases, and then the counties, and then the larger cities. I knew a fellow who lived in Columbus, Ohio who told me that he pays city income taxes. I thought, “Holy cow … so who lives in Columbus, Ohio?” A booming voice from the sky answered, “Morons.”

    I would certainly never suggest, not even for a split second, that Democrats are capable of thinking … and this would go a long way to explain Joe Biden’s or Bernie Sanders’ popularity. I once heard Biden tell a news reporter that paying exorbitant taxes is an act of patriotism. I rather thought it was more like suicide.

    Here’s the truth. For every one dollar a citizen pays in taxes (federal, state, local), that is one dollar less that he or she has to put into savings, or use to purchase something needed or wanted. I use one dollar in my example because most Democrats are digitally challenged, but the same is certainly true of larger amounts. $10,000.00 paid in taxes is $10,000.00 that you’ll never see again. Pffft. Gone.

    Maybe Biden supporters have a better understanding of, or an appreciation for, where all this tax money goes. Well, let’s see … we spend billions of our coerced money in foreign countries. How does that help us, again? If people are too stupid not to know to boil their water before they drink it in deepest, darkest Africa, do we really need to provide them with health care? We also spend billions in a failed education system —one capable of one thing: produce people capable of performing minimum wage jobs. We spend billions protecting one inconsequential fish at a remote location in California. We spend tens of millions paying for travel junkets, salaries, retirement benefits, and other perks for members of Congress. Nancy Pelosi’s bar bill aboard Air Force Three is $10,000 a year. And, if we find ourselves with too much excess revenue, we can always find our way into another very expensive war. How any of this helps John Q. Citizen is beyond me. I’d like to hear an adoring Biden-supporting-Democrat explain it in terms that make sense. Given the number of idiots we have serving in America’s bureaucracies, all of whom are college-educated, most of whom adore Marxism, none of whom ever had a clue, I’d have to suggest that “free college” is probably the last thing America needs.

    Here’s my guess. Democrats support tax increases in the same way workers support a pay raise, and for the same reason.

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  4. hocuspocus13 Says:

    I believe Bernie Sanders admitting his love for Fidel was a planned set up so Bernie would/could drop out without anyone noticing he was put up to it … and the 💰💰💰 awaits him!!!

    If you have any information please add

    Someone told me that Bill Gates wanted the FBI to investigate the Clinton Foundation but the DOJ stopped it

    Gates donated $200 million to the Clinton Foundation to learn most of it went into the Clinton’s pockets

    Gates also donated $ millions to other “charities” then those “charities” gave the Clinton’s a kick back of $25 million each without Gates knowledge

    Apparently Jeff Bezo dumped $1.8 million of his own stock in Amazon just 1 day before the market dropped … interesting don’t you think!!!

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    • bunkerville Says:

      Wow….HP.. you covered a lot of territory.. I have read bits and pieces of many of your point. My thought on the stock market is a lot of it is short selling..for those who don’t know how it works one can sell stock one doesn’t own, buy it back at some point and either make or lose the difference.. my guess once the market starts up it will be the mother of all stock increases.. They changed the uptick rule whereby one could only sell short if it had gone up a tick….bring it back. I wonder if Bezo did a short…

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    • Mustang Says:

      I’m trying to imagine what a State of the Union address would be like with Bernie Sanders at the podium … could any red-blooded American weather that? Pharmacy sales would go through the roof.

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